7 Things to Do in Djitsun Mall Bedok Singapore

Eh! Are you looking for a chill place in Bedok where memories meet modernity? Then there’s no need to look no further than Djitsun Mall Bedok! 

You may have passed this mall countless times, but have you ever discovered what’s in store for you? Have you dug deeper into the plentiful encounters it has to offer you?

From its historic roots to the vibrant atmosphere, there’s more to this mall than meets the eye. Are you ready to jalan jalan inside and find out more? Go in in now!

About Djitsun Mall Bedok

Do you remember the Princess Theatre? Those are the good old days! Yes, that iconic cinema was a staple for movie lovers.

From the echoes of its cinematic past, the Djitsun Mall Bedok stands proud today. It may not screen that many films anymore, but it’s now a retail paradise many Singaporeans love.

Officially opened in 2013, the mall has fast become the go-to place for many Bedok residents and visitors. But before chatting away all about its fame, here are the key details you must know first:

Address445 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 469661
Operating HoursOpen every day from 1 PM to 3 AM.
Contact Number+65 6241 6631
Best ServicesConcierge services, accessible parking, and kid-friendly zones

1. Learning Enrichment

Ah, the quest for knowledge never truly ends, does it? And in Djitsun Mall Bedok, that pursuit has a special place. This mall is more than a shopping mall for parents and young learners. It’s a hub filled with enrichment.

Education is not solely about textbooks and exams; it’s about enrichment and exploring one’s passions. And in this mall, you get just that.

Here’s where you and your kids can indulge your knowledge further:

  • Cristofori Music School: From the classics to contemporary, hone your musical skills here. With well-trained instructors, it’s a harmonious journey waiting for you.
  • I Can Read: Unlock the world of literature. Whether for the little ones taking their first reading steps or those looking to polish their language skills, it’s a true brilliant trove.
  • Leap Learning Centre: Customised learning solutions, experienced tutors, and a friendly environment. What more can a student ask for?

2. Entertainment Fun:

All work and no play? No, that’s not the Singaporean way! And that’s especially not in Bedok’s favourite mall. 

Entertainment isn’t primarily about fun; it’s about feeling rejuvenated with excitement, and Djitsun Mall Bedok Promises loads of it.

Leisure is crucial. Because amidst the busy schedules and daily grind, everyone needs a bit of downtime. And what better place than the energetic halls of this mall? 

Here’s the spotlight:

  • Golden Village: The legacy of Princess Theatre lives on! It’s the world of cinematic affairs, buttery popcorn, and immersive stories right here!

3. Beauty & Wellness!

Look good, feel great, right? After enriching the mind and getting entertained, why not give some love to our skin and soul? Djitsun Mall Bedok is more than a collection of stores; it’s where beauty meets wellness in perfect harmony.

So, it’s always a good time to treat yourself, and here are the notable beauty & wellness stores:

  • Caring Skin: Specialising in personalised facial treatments, Caring Skin uses scientifically formulated plant-based products. Here, it’s more than facials, but a genuine rejuvenating experience for your skin!

4. Opticians and Eyewear

Eyes are the windows to the soul, but sometimes, that window needs some sprucing up or protection. And where better to do that than Djitsun Mall Bedok? 

As vision is precious, and taking care of your peeper is essential. It isn’t simply about seeing clearly; it’s about protecting your eyes from the strain of harmful lights and ensuring you are always on point regarding fashion.

A pair of chic glasses? That’s like the icing on the cake! And here’s where you can get prime opticians and eyewear stores:

  • Trendy Eyes: Whether searching for new prescription glasses, stylish sunglasses, or just want a check-up, Trendy Eyes has got you covered. You are in for an eye-catching encounter with a vast collection of expert optometrists.

5. Dining In

Hungry ah? After all that shopping, enrichment, and eye care, your tummy’s probably doing a little Merlion impression. It’s a good thing Djitsun Mall Bedok is also a food paradise.

If there’s one thing most people love as much as a good bargain, it’s makan time!

And here’s where you can satisfy your hunger:

Local Savours
  • Ayam Penyet President: Known for its mouthwatering smashed chicken. Indeed, the president in the world of crispy delights!
  • Mr Kopi: Nothing beats a classic kopi after a long day. Their traditional coffee and kaya toast are a must-try.
Western Goodness
  • Eighteen Chefs: Offering an array of Western dishes with a twist. Their Cheese Baked Rices? Legendary.
  • Buddy Hoagies: It’s the world of juicy steaks and tempting plates of pasta.
  • Texas Chicken: It’s because sometimes, only a good old fried chicken will do.
Cafes & Bites
  • Deliz Cafe & So Green: The go-to for health-conscious folks. Delicious and nutritious.
  • Campur & 82bunsik: It’s the perfect fusion of flavours to make your tastebuds dance.
  • Chapayom: Quench your thirst with their refreshing Thai teas.

6. Fitness

Sweat it out, lah! After indulging in culinary delights, maybe it’s time to think about balancing the calories. This mall has got your back, or rather, your abs?

Here’s the fit spot you must check out:

  • Anytime Fitness: Pop in any time! From cardio to strength training, they’ve got all the equipment you need for a comprehensive workout.

7. Night Club & Music Lounge:

You must keep the party going. Whether you are in the mood for some soulful tunes or want to dance the night away, this mall delivers what you need.

Here’s where you can hear the right beat and rhythm and dance your stress away:

  • Cash Studio: Not your regular karaoke; it’s an affair! With pulsating beats and a vibrant ambience, it promises nights you won’t easily forget. So gather your gang, grab a mic, and let loose!

Getting to Djitsun Mall Bedok

Face it: In the fast-paced world of Singapore, time’s the real currency. Why waste it getting lost when you could go straight into all this mall has awesomeness? So, these are the ways to zoom quickly to the mall’s doorstep.

  • Alight at Bedok MRT Station. From there, it’s a breezy 10-minute walk, or you could catch a bus to speed things up.
  • Routes 16, 168, 30, 60, 67, 7, 87, 137, 225G, 137A, 225W, 17, 45, 17A, BSB 1, 14, 69, 155, 168, 222, 228, 14A, 222A, MANDAI Express, 69, 87, and 2 stop by the mall. Just ring the bell when you spot the mall’s grandeur.
  • Punch in “Djitsun Mall Bedok” on your GPS, and it’ll lead you there. Parking? Oh, they’ve got ample of it. Just follow the signs.

You can also ride a taxi and tell a friendly and reliable driver to drop you off at this mall.

Tips for Maximising Djitsun Mall Bedok

You know, it’s one thing to visit a mall and another to encounter it truly. Do not just window shop; dive deep, and Djitsun Mall Bedok’s secrets will unfold. Here are some fun yet practical tips to take your mall outing up a notch:

  1. Grab a mall directory or download the Djitsun Mall app. Yup, they’ve gone digital.
  2. They’ve always got something happening, from fashion shows to pop-up sales.
  3. Perks, discounts, and some freebies? Sign up now for the loyalty program.
  4. Dress comfortably and wear those comfy shoes.
  5. Bring a power bank. Perfect for those Insta-worthy moments!

Need More Cash for Djitsun Mall Bedok?

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