7 Things to Do in Roxy Square Singapore

Hey there! Have you heard about the Roxy Square? 

It is not the loud and flashy kind. But it’s the place that has got its magnetic charm that even Marina Bay Sands would envy. Tucked in Katong, this mall may not be on every influencer’s gram, but it has secrets that will make even the Easties wonder if they genuinely know their hood.

If curiosity has not bitten you yet, you have to get ready. Why? It’s because, by the end of this, you will be sprinting to uncover the treasures of this mall for yourself.

About Roxy Square Singapore

Roxy Square is not the usual “walk in, buy something, walk out” mall. That’s indeed not it. It’s, in truth, a place of legacy.

Serving the Katong folks and visitors since 2000, it has seen the progressive landscape of the beautiful Lion City. It has become the symbol of adaptability and resilience, a testament to the Little Red Dot’s hustle and vibe.

Can you feel the weight of history yet? To experience history first-hand, here are the details you should not miss:

Address50 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428769
Operating HoursOpen Monday to Saturday from 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM. Closed on Sunday.
Contact NumberN/A
Official Websitehttps://roxysquare.com/index.html
Best ServicesCustomer Service Desk, Free Wi-Fi, Ample Parking Space

1. Shopping

Now to the part that everyone silently or not-so-silently loves – shopping! Why? It goes beyond the activity narrative; it’s a rite of passage.

Scientifically, it’s therapeutic – the thrill of finding the correct item, anticipating weaning it, and the compliments that follow. 

Roxy is a hub where a blend of cultures and fashions come alive. And here are the shops where you can come alive:

Fashion & Clothing
  • Angel Lynsee, 3388 Boutique, G&T Boutique: These are your one-stop for the freshest fashion threads.
  • Basic Moda Boutique, Nee Mee Ladies Dressmaker: Where traditional meets contemporary.
  • Sonata Rainbow Dancewear Pte Ltd: When you need to groove in style.
Jewellery & Timepieces
  • Lydia’s Jewellery & Zancan Italian Jewellery Pte Ltd: For those moments when you need to sparkle just a bit more.
Electronics & Essentials
  • Eng Chai Electric (s E) Pte Ltd: Have you got that tech itch? Scratch it here.
Stamp & Stationery Needs
  • A-One Stationery & Stamp Maker: For all those official documents and art projects.

2. Dining In

Aiyo, shopping can tire one out. But there’s nothing a good meal can’t fix. Dining is not merely about filling up your belly but filling your soul. 

And Roxy Square, with its exceptionally splendid eateries, is the culinary temple every Singaporean prays to.

Are you feeling the munchies? Here’s what you can savour at this mall:

Japanese Temptations
  • Wahiro Pte Ltd: Think sashimi. Fresh, succulent, perfect. Enough said.
Pinoy Treats
  • Kusina De Pinoy: Homey, authentic, and downright finger-licking satisfying. Relish the essence of the Philippines right here in Singapore.

3. Beauty, Spa, Health & Wellness

Who says you can’t have a spa day after a shopping day? You won’t read that here, and not Roxy Square! From snazzy nails to relaxing massages, Roxy Square guarantees you are dressed to impress and glowing from head to toe.

Why do you need to indulge in some spa or beauty treatment? Because self-care does not equal vanity. It’s a necessity for your sanity.

It’s about taking a much-deserved pause from your daily grind, pampering yourself, and feeling the zen. So this mall is the place to be, whether getting those nails looking good, unwinding with a massage, or having that needed check-up. 

Here’s a snippet of what awaits you:

Nail Care
  • Jin Qian Fu Beauty Nail: The perfect nails are a girl’s best accessory.
Let Your Hair Down or Style It Up
  • Karen’s Hai Fashion & Beauty Salon
  • Se’fong Hairdressing Saloon
  • Julina Beauty Saloon
  • Mepo Salon
  • Mode Hairstyling Team Pte Ltd
  • Two-Step Hairstyling Salon
Wellness Spas
  • Sensational Spa & Wellness Pte Ltd: It’s the perfect place to get lost in tranquillity and find yourself again.
General Wellness
  • Zheng Fong Hung Chinese Medical Treatment Centre, Medic Supply Pte Ltd: Health is wealth, and these are the guardians of it.

4. Entertainment

When you think Roxy Square has spilt all its secrets, it throws another curveball – Entertainment. While shopping and dining are fantastic therapy, sometimes, the soul craves a beat, a melody, or a tune.

And here’s an essential breath of fresh air after a long day!

Karaoke Sessions
  • Mei La Family Karaoke
Music Lovers’ Paradise
  • Thomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Tomas Music Centre
Guitar Enthusiasts
  • Niibori Guitar S’pore

5. Automotive Assistance

Vroom-vroom! Roxy Square does not revolve around leisure. It is your spot for those who need speed or a trusty ride to get around the Little Red Dot.

Here’s where you can acquire reliable mechanical services, fix your vehicle, get the right parts, or snag a new ride:

Automobile Deals
  • Oasis Cars Pte Ltd
  • Twj Autocarz
  • Le Motor Enterprise

6. Employment & Consultancy Services

Ah, adulting. It’s not about chasing paper, but the hustle is real. And when it comes to obtaining the right job or hiring the perfect candidate, Roxy Square is more than only shops and eateries.

In today’s dynamic world, securing the right job or finding the best consultancy services is a good plate of chicken rice. Whether you are starting, making a mid-career switch, or require advice on complex matters, these agencies guarantee you are well taken care of.

Employment Agencies
  • Spring Helper Consultancy Pr
  • Sophie & Derek Employment Agency
  • Regent Employment Services Pte Ltd
  • Ej Recruitment Agency
  • Jms Management & Resources
  • Manpower Services Agency Pte Ltd
  • Passion Maid & Employment Agency Pte Ltd
  • Alpha Plus Employment Services Pte Ltd
Consultancy Services
  • Dorgan Connect Private Ltd
  • Btc Consultants

7. Business Access

And do not forget, amidst the busy and teeming buzz; this mall pulses a heartbeat of commerce with energy. Do you need a specific service? There are ideal chances you will find right here.

General Services
  • Madya Enterprise
  • Toh Jit Hong
  • Ventree S’pore Pte Ltd
  • Jun Heng Trading
  • Ng Bay Koon
  • P & Q Services
  • My Maid
  • Clean Living
  • Tan Lian Hock
  • Goh Swar Teck
  • Cang Le Xuan Gallery
  • Toh Leng Lie

Getting to Roxy Square

Alright, you have been there. You are excited to visit a place, but where is it? Getting the direction game strong is not about being punctual; it’s about swaggering into a place, not panting and sweaty from taking a wrong turn six times.

So, here’s to set your course straight to this mall.

  • Hop onto the East-West Line and alight at Eunos MRT. From there, a short bus ride will land you at this mall’s steps.
  • Several buses ferry you directly to this mall’s entrance. Look out for buses 33, 15, 155, and 55.
Car & Taxi
  • If you prefer to cruise on your four wheels, set your GPS or ask friendly taxi drivers to ‘Roxy Square’ and enjoy a smooth ride. There’s ample parking, so you have got that sorted.

You can also be more eco-friendly and ride a bicycle to the mall or an e-scooter instead.

Tips for Maximising Roxy Square

Ah, malls. Aren’t they similar to oversized board games? Each store has a square to explore. But, like all games, there’s a way to master it!

You are equipping yourself with these winning tactics before you roll the dice and walk through those gleaming doors.

  1. When you arrive early, ensure the best parking spots, fresher stocks in stores, and shorter queues at eateries.
  2. Many stores offer special promotions via their apps or loyalty programs. Download, sign up, and save!
  3. Wear only comfortable shoes because this is not a fashion runway; you will be doing a lot of walking. So, choose comfort over glam.
  4. If you have specific stores in mind, head there first. Remember, the goal is to enjoy, not rush!

Need More Cash for Roxy Square?

Ah, Roxy Square – an oasis of fashion, food, and fantastic finds. But wait! Did that limited-edition gadget or must-have handbag push your budget to the brink?

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