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Credit Solutions
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Low Interest Singapore Personal Loan

A personal loan is a loan disbursed on a short term basis for a personal requirement. This facility is available for any qualifying citizen of Singapore with a steady income. You can also apply for a personal loan if you are a foreigner with a valid pass to work and live in Singapore. Accredit provides easy personal loan with quick approvals and reasonable interest rates. We also enable you to choose an appropriate reimbursement plan for your loan to make the repayment a stress-free and hassle-free process.

Fast Processing Business Loan

Looking for funding for your business venture can be a tedious task. Especially, if you are starting a fresh business with a zero profits to fall back on. While you may not be earning a salary out of the new business immediately, you still need to pay your employees and keep the business running. Accredit Money Lender supports such entrepreneurs and provides a comfortable safety net of business loan solutions for our ambitious business owners. We provide short-term, mid-term and long-term loans based on your needs.

Easy Short Term Loans

The need for money is not always planned. Sometimes you may need a large amount of money immediately for an emergency. Not everyone is prepared with a huge savings for such times. Accredit is here for such people who may need quick loans on a short term basis. These needs could be as simple as a cash crunch due to a delay in your salary. For such customers, we have an expedited loan processing, with simple terms and conditions along with simple repayment plans to make sure you get your cash in the shortest time possible. You could also use our short term loans for a little leisure if your salary is not able to cover that trip you long to take.

Credit Score impact loan application

When you applying loan from a former bank the checking your personal credit score is the main process. When focusing on a bad credit score, there’s absolutely no fast resolve. It’s the type of like handling excess weight. It’s effortless to put on fat over a short time frame with bad health behavior. Shedding the pounds is another story. It sometimes requires 2-3 times more to shed weight compared to it took to achieve it. 

Talk to Trusted Moneylenders for solutions

Should you face a strict financial state, the credit rating might work for you to locate a possible way out of aid you repay the financial debt without defaulting. Not speaking with the lender as well as defaulting on a credit card might imply you may be contacted by a debt collectors company, as well as your credit rating will be afflicted.

Have your understanding of your credit rating on time and make sure you know if you want to focus on reconstructing or perhaps keeping it. In Accredit have numbers of credit solutions such as personal loan, business loan, and short term loan.  Our credit solutions can solve your financial issues instantly. 

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