3 Things to Do in Balestier Hill Shopping Centre Singapore

Balestier Hill Shopping Centre – if you have heard of it, where have you been? It’s a shopping oasis that has been the talk of the town, serving as a convenient haven for shopaholics and casual buyers alike.

Do you yearn for that mundane break? Are you curious to see what the buzz is all about?

Well, hold on to your wallet and credit cards! By the end of this guide, you will be itching to hop over and immerse yourself in a shopping experience unlike any other.

So come along and discover the must-dos in this shopping centre!

About Balestier Hill Shopping Centre Singapore

Ah, Balestier Hill Shopping Centre, where modernity meets nostalgia. It’s beyond the mall concept and is a rich tapestry of Singapore’s vibrant shopping centre.

Established in 1977, the centre quickly stamped its significance on Singapore’s retail map. Here’s a quick low down to start:

AddressBlocks 1 & 2, Thomson Road, Balestier Road, Singapore 300001
Operating HoursOpen daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.
Contact NumberN/A
Official Website:https://www.hdb.gov.sg/residential/where2shop/explore/kallang-whampoa/balestier-hill-shopping-centre
Best ServicesSpacious parking, customer assistance

1. Shopping in Balestier Hill Shopping Centre


Shopping in Balestier Hill Shopping Centre is not only about splashing your cash. It’s about rediscovering gems, old and new. 

There’s this astounding feeling when you walk around; each corner seems to whisper a story about how Singaporeans and visitors love your retail indulgence.

Now, why do you have to shop? Some would say it’s therapeutic, others believe it’s for the joy of unearthing treasures, but to keep it real – sometimes, you need stuff! At this shopping centre, they cater precisely to all your whims and fancies:

Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Yasheng (SG) Pte Ltd: Your go-to for contemporary fashion picks.
  • Qian Chen Trading Pte Ltd: It’s the world of unique accessories and statement pieces.
  • Petit Tots: Little treasures for your little treasures!
  • Mufee Parfums: A fragrant journey awaits with premium perfumes.
Home & Living
  • L&K Easy Home: Spice up your living space with stylish yet affordable decor.
  • Kuks: Discover innovative solutions for a more brilliant home experience.
  • Feathers & Fur Petmart: Everything your furry or feathery friends may require.
Electronics & Gadgets
  • Powertech: Get your tech fix with the latest gadgets and electronics.
  • Oneshopp Biz: They have everything from headphones to mobile cases.
Welding Needs
  • Yew Cheong (AsiaPac) Pte Ltd: This is where you can meet all your welding needs.

2. Dining In Balestier Hill Shopping Centre


Alamak! So, you have shopped till you dropped, and now your stomach is doing that little “feed me” grumble? Good news! The Balestier Hill Shopping Centre transcends the notion of a shopping paradise; it’s a food enthusiast’s dream come true!

If shopping is the heartbeat, then dining is the soul. Think about it. What makes a day or retail fun genuinely complete?

An epicurean delight to satiate those hunger pangs! There’s just something about good food that turns any regular day into an unforgettable memory. Step towards this culinary adventure and check out the top places to refuel:

Local Flavours
  • W501 New Generation Restaurant LLP: Craving that local flavour. Get their best seller.
  • Xian Fong Si Ji Pte Ltd: A name synonymous with heaven.
  • Jiu Food Court: Variety is the spice of life; this food court brings together the best of Singapore’s rich food choices.
International Wonders
  • United Signature Food: Bring your taste buds on a global expedition.
  • XRG Food Chain: Experience food nirvana like never before.
Cafes & Bakeries
  • Red Durian: Forget about your regular fruit; it’s all about their delicious menu.
  • Mai Zhi Wei Bakery: Freshly baked goodness that will make you go “Shiok ah!”
  • Mister Coffee: Do you need that caffeine boost? It is the spot you have to go to. They’ll get you the brew to make your body and mind fantastic.
Quick Bites
  • Lai Lai Dumplings: Dumplings will make you say there’s nothing as good as this.

3. Beauty and Wellness in Balestier Hill Shopping Centre


So you have had your fair share of food and shopping and are now looking to pamper yourself or for a check-up? Aiyah, no need to stress – Balestier Hill Shopping Centre will take good care of you how you deserve it.

Taking care of your body is not merely about looking good; it’s about feeling excellent. Every part deserves attention, from your skin to your inner health.

After all, when you look after yourself, you are not simply adding years to your life, but life to your years. Whether you are seeking a fresh facial, a therapeutic massage, or a regular doctor’s visit, here’s where you can do it all:

Beauty & Aesthetics
  • Xuan Yue Beauty And Health Care
  • Vera Beauty Centre
  • True Aesthetics 
  • Imperial Beauty Care
  • iDERM Aesthetics
  • Leng’s Salon
Wellness & Body Care
  • Kohong Body Care
Healthcare & Veterinary Services
  • Nam Sang Veterinary Clinic
  • Family Health Clinic & Surgery

Getting to Balestier Hill Shopping Centre

Are you lost? No, you shouldn’t be, especially if you rush to grab that limited-time sale or meet your friends. Knowing the ins and outs of your routes saves you time, energy, and embarrassment.

Get to Balestier Hill Shopping Centre without any detours.

  • Alight at North-South Line, and it’s a short step away or a quick bus ride away.
  • The following bus numbers are 143, 186, 166, 54, 5, 851, 980, 21, 129, 130, 131, 139, 145, 186, 139A, 131A, 56, 57, 141, 162, 166, 167, and 640 will get you right to the doorstep.
  • There’s ample parking accessible at the centre. Pop the address into your GPS, and you are all set.
  • Tell the dependable uncle or auntie to head to Balestier Hill Shopping Centre; they will know the way. Or better yet, use a ride-hailing app if that’s your style.

Tips for Maximising Balestier Hill Shopping Centre

Ah, heading to a shopping mall is not only about purchasing things; it’s about the encounter, the adventure, and, admit it, the food! Here are some fantastic tips to get the most out of your trip:

  1. Know which shops or restaurants you want to hit to avoid aimlessly wandering.
  2. To avoid the crowds, consider heading there on weekday mornings in the early afternoons.
  3. Wear the best and most comfortable shoes you can find. Your feet will love you for it later.
  4. Join the loyalty program if there’s one; sign up! You may score some deals or discounts.
  5. With all the walking and shopping, you must stay hydrated.

Need More Cash for Balestier Hill Shopping Centre?

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