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Accredit Licensed Money Lender has been hearing feedback from our customers and now, we are bring our services to West Side Singapore! For all our customers that stay in the West of Singapore, such as Jurong, Jurong East, Jurong West, Clementi, Chinese Garden and even Bukit Batok

We are now poised to serve you even better, bringing our top quality customer service and expertise to wherever you are. 

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Address: 442 Clementi Ave 3, #01-109, Singapore 120442

Phone : +65 6261 2662
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    Accredit @ Yishun

    743 Yishun Ave 5, #01-548, Singapore 760743

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    503 Tampines Central 1, #01-315, Singapore 520503

    Accredit @ Hougang

    1187 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-15 The Midtown, Singapore 533971

    Accredit @ Clementi

    442 Clementi Ave 3, #01-109, Singapore 120442


    6219 2662 (Yishun)
    6226 2662 (Tampines)
    6245 2662 (Hougang)
    6261 2662 (Clementi)

    Walking Directions from Clementi MRT Station

    Head Southwest towards Commonwealth Ave W, we are located only 60m away from Clementi MRT Station!

    Reasons to Choose a Monthly Loan in Singapore

    If you are an expat, a Singaporean, or a permanent resident, you would be earning a ‘said amount’ every month. Just like anyone else, you will use the income towards funding daily activities, buying groceries, leisure, vacation, wedding, home and repair, etc. It goes without saying, unless you have sufficient savings, sudden or even planned activities with a large sum require additional income sources. Perhaps, personal loans have become prominent in Singapore due to the increasing standard of living, inflation rate, and people’s quench for financial requirements. Of all the various types of loans, we have found that a monthly loan with fixed repayment periods in Singapore offers peace of mind. Let’s dive into the multiple reasons you should choose a monthly loan.

    You get a fixed repayment instalment

    When you take out a personal loan, you are adding it to your liability as you will have to repay it in a said tenure. However, a loan with monthly fixed instalments can be a great stress reliever as you exactly know how much and when the repayment date will be. If it is a $200/month loan repayment on every 5th of the month, that’s all you need to know. As long as you have a sufficient amount in your bank account on the day of debit, you are good to go.

    Monthly instalments give you peace of mind as no variable interest rate is attached to your loan. You won’t be paying $200 this month and $210 next month due to the change in interest rate because that component is fixed. You can create a monthly budget to include the fixed monthly repayment amount and adjust every lever and knob to balance out your monthly expenses.      

    You no longer require a collateral

    Personal loans are unsecured and don’t need collateral to get a disbursement. Once you seek a loan, you can use it to repair your car, visit the Eiffel Tower or go skydiving somewhere in Dubai. As long as you pay the dues, you are good to go. There’s no collateral or guarantor required for smaller amounts, which eases the approval process. It also keeps your mind free from the constant follow-ups, should you have collateral with the bank or moneylender, and the fear that you might lose it.      

    You can understand the loan, repayment, and other details properly

    Pick out a business loan or some different debt with a variable or compounded interest, collateral and further details. It will be challenging to understand for a new debtor. Perhaps, monthly loans in Singapore are simplified with no guarantor and no complex variable or compounded interest components.

    All you have to know is the terms and conditions that your moneylender will make you go through before signing up for a loan. The Registry of Moneylenders and the Ministry of Law have made it a requirement for licensed money lender to inform borrowers about the details of a loan in a language that they would understand. It creates a manageable financial risk that you can take with monthly loans instead of diving into complicated debt options available elsewhere.

    You don’t need too much paperwork

    Sign up for a loan amount with any licensed moneylender and you won’t need collateral. That’s a lot less paperwork, to begin with. Apart from that, lenders in Singapore that offer monthly loans don’t press for too many documents unless it is a bank and your requirement is huge. Less paperwork translates into speedy loan approval and disbursement, which means you can get the capital in your hands much faster than a traditional loan from a bank. It is possibly one of the biggest reasons to consider a monthly personal loan in Singapore.

    You get a lot of options to choose from

    There are already a lot of players in Singapore that offer monthly loans, fast cash and other types of personal loans. You can knock at several doors, ask for a quotation and take the best deal you get with any bank or lender out there.

    It is a win-win situation for you as you don’t just get the loan but you get it in terms and conditions that you can justify in the months of repayments. Doing this undoubtedly gives you an immense boost in financial oversight as you will be able to make well-informed decisions based on the quotes and other factors.

    Bonus tip to pay your monthly loans faster

    There are a lot of pros and cons of choosing a fixed monthly loan repayment in Singapore. However, one of the bonus tips you must follow is paying at least something extra over the usual amount you repay each month. Repaying an additional sum towards a monthly instalment goes directly towards paying the outstanding principal amount. Now the principal amount has decreased by an amount of ‘x Singapore dollars,’ the interest levied on it will reduce, and thus, the total amount you need to pay at the end of the tenure decreases too.

     You aren’t just saving a lot in terms of repayment but the essential time and effort you would need during those additional five months. However, you will need to inform your bank or licensed moneylender well before going forth.

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