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You work hard to earn enough money to fulfil all your basic needs. But times have changed and so has the economy.
Inflation has taken over, and the cost of living has increased considerably. We at Accredit Money Lender understand this and hence have a set of credit solutions to accommodate these specific needs and help you live a fulfilled life.
We believe that we have a duty to protect every borrower and offer them options to eventually reduce the overall effective cost of credit extended to them.
We offer a wide range of credit solutions to help you finance any purpose you may require

Lifestyle Financing

Not every monetary need is driven by an emergency or a crucial requirement. Sometimes you want to just spend a little extra on yourself and your loved ones. Now, this wish of yours is not always feasible with your monthly income or savings.

To take care of such needs, Accredit Money Lender now has special lifestyle financing plans that ensure you do not settle just because you cannot afford something at that moment. If you have such specific needs, then do not think twice and opt for lifestyle financing and make your dreams come true.

Debt Consolidation

We believe a loan should not be a burden, but rather a tool for people to get relief help as and when they need it. The idea of owing a large sum of money that you are unable to service is not a good one. But sometimes even after trying hard to clear debts, you can fall back into it. When this happens, panic is never a solution. What you need is constructive assistance in planning how to clear the debt by managing your finances better. Accredit Money Lender has an experienced group of financial advisors who specialise in debt assistance to help our customers get out of debt and return to a burden-free life.

FAQ – Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Yes! Accredit Money Lender’s online application is open to anyone and everyone. Whether you are a Singaporean, Work Permit Holder, or any other permit holders, Accredit Money Lender welcomes you to apply


Accredit Money Lender provides personal loans with different rates of Administrative Fees and Interests charges depending on the borrower. To find out what you qualify for, apply today!


Accredit Money Lender offers same day approval for all our customers. If you apply and qualify for a loan, you will be able to receive your cash on the very same day!


Documents required will be based on a case to case basis. Please submit an application online and our experienced officers will contact you to advise you further.

True to what they have said, there is no hidden fee and their interest rate is the lowest. Excellent in their services, if in need of money can go and try it out. Immediate cash and the processing time is not long. They will understand what is your need and consider your every aspect and then come up with an affordable repayment plan for you

Satisfied Customer

Staff is efficient and get you in and out. I am always greeted with a smile and staff acknowledge everyone who walk through the door. I will continue to borrow with this money lender if I require a loan.

Satisfied Customer

Very professional and friendly staffs that provide good customer service. Would definitely recommend my friends here. Had a pleasant experience with this moneylender

Satisfied Customer

Why Choose Accredit Money Lender?

Attractive Interest Rates

  • Our proprietary credit system ensures you get the best interest rate possible
  • Same day approval means you get your cash as soon as possible
  • Experienced staff will advise you on your best credit options
  • Highly Reviewed and Rated as the Best Money Lender in Singapore

Customized Solutions

  • Professional hotline and support answers any questions you have
  • Variety of payment options for easy and convenient repayment
  • Convenient cross island branches brings you amazing ease of access
  • Flexible repayment terms for a product that suits you

Loan Products we Offer

Loan Application Mistakes You Must Avoid

An individual may choose to secure himself financially with loans of different kinds for various reasons. But during the process of applying for a personal loan, people end up making various mistakes that results in denial or delay of loans. Here are seven mistakes you must avoid if you are applying for loans of any kind.

1.   Concealing Financial Records

Transparency is the primary key to receiving a loan from a lender. Before approaching a lender for a loan, you must check if all your financial records are in place. They would need you to provide enough financial documents with collateral records that would suffice the loan amount you require. Concealing financial records may harm your chances of bagging a loan. Banks and money lenders are adept in gathering information of customers they need. So, it is advisable to not conceal financial records and make available all the necessary instruments and documents required to secure a loan.

2.   Dealing With Too Many Money Lenders

Contacting many money lenders for comparing options is recommended but confirming the deal with many of them for the loan is not. Dealing with too many money lenders can be cumbersome and give a negative picture of your finances. When a loan application is made, the lender refers to your credit report by contacting the credit bureaus for information. An added number of credit report inquiries affects its score. There are chances of your credit score declining because of continuous inquiries about your credit report.

3.   Borrow Unaffordable Money

Before you fill out a loan application, ask yourself if you have the capacity to pay back the money you’re planning to borrow. It is easy for lenders to lure you into borrow money. With technology at the forefront in today’s period, it seems like an easy option to apply for loans. But, you need to make sure not to borrow more than you require. Instead, make use of tools and websites that can help you retrieve the exact amount you require and can borrow from the money lender.

4.   Choosing Loans for Longer Term

Loans vary in duration from long term to short term. There may be suggestions for accepting personal loans for a longer term by lenders. Various banks offer these services with the thought of maximum association with the customer. Loans opted for longer terms would also accumulate a higher repayable amount. Payment of EMI may seem convenient on the long term but it will squeeze out more funds from your pocket for reimbursing the loan. A short term loan, on the other hand, would collect a comparatively lesser amount to be payable.

5.   Fineprint Reading

You may take a quick glance at a document and take the next big step of signing and accepting specified conditions mentioned to save time and also, because of your trust in the fine print of the document. But is that a wise step to take?

Loan applications come with different terms and conditions depending on the lender. You must choose to take an informed judgment of examining the agreement carefully. The different applicable charges and interest rates should be known to you. This would help avoid any kind of discrepancy that may occur at the next level of the loan application. It is common practice to follow the guidelines iterated by the financial representative and sign the marked spot of the forms to get done with the process. With haste can come mishaps caused by not understanding the details, which may include the processing charges or prepayment penalty or any other hidden charges. You must understand that an agreement once signed cannot help you plead ignorance. However, in Accredit licensed money lender it’s won’t happen, our contract is transparent and our staff will explain all in details.

6.   Unattended Credit Report

Lenders run thorough checks on your credit report before approving your loan. This means that your loan application’s approval depends on the credit score on your credit report. Before applying for a loan, make sure to check the ratings on your credit report as it may require corrections. A low credit score can be unfavorable and attract rejections from most the money lenders. Rejection can also be a reason for a low score when you apply for a loan. Hence, it is necessary to evaluate your credit report before you plan on applying for a loan. Here is the best article to help you how to improve your credit score ​.

Thus, make sure to make informed decisions when you have to apply for loans. By following these tips, there are very few chances of making any blunders that can be an obstacle in your loan application process.

Accredit licensed money lender is the responsible money lender that give you the best credit solutions.

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