Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a process in which we help you acquire a new loan in order to repay smaller unsecured loans and liabilities. This product is helpful if you are unable to clear payday loans, credit card debts or other such smaller liabilities. In this process, we combine all your smaller liabilities and loans into a single loan that can help you clear it with ease. Our experienced loan advisors will be helpful and offer you advice in every step of debt consolidation to make sure it happens smoothly.

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Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring is one of the methods of getting out of debt is. It is an agreement between the debtor and the creditor in which either the debtor is given an extension on the repayment due date or the amount of the debt or fees is reduced a little to let the debtor maintain his liquidity. Choosing to opt for debt restructuring is often considered to be a better option than bankruptcy. Such a process requires immense planning and strategising on our part to ensure that our customers do not feel helpless. We welcome you to negotiate for debt restructuring if you have having difficulty with your repayment.

VWO Helpline

Debt is a serious matter which is taken care of with utmost importance by the Singapore government. For the safety of both the debtor and creditor, many Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWO) act as a mediators to debt resolution. Here at Accredit, we have strong partnerships with several VWOs to ensure that fair judgments are made on our part and the debtors are assisted. Many beneficiaries from VWOs have benefitted from our debt restructuring scheme, ensuring that the debt repayment process is carried out smoothly without further confusion.

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Credit Counseling

Finding it difficult to manage your debt? In need of some help to relieve your debt burden? Our experienced credit counselling officers will be able to help you. From helping you plan your expenses to coming up with a rigorous debt repayment plan, we can help you plan out a structured way to get yourself out of debt. We will teach you about proper financial planning and cutting out the unnecessary, so that you can return to your debt-free life in the shortest time possible. Find out more by making an appointment at our offices today!