Money Lender Tampines

Moneylender in Tampines, Singapore
Moneylender in Tampines, Singapore

Loan in Tampines, Singapore

Accredit Money Lender has opened its inaugural branch at 503 Tampines Central 1, #01-315, Singapore 520503. 

Our first regional branch will serve the residential areas of Tampines, Bedok, Changi, Pasir Ris, and all residents living in the East of Singapore. As the Best Moneylender in Tampines, the branch is located a short walk away from the Tampines Bus Interchange. At the junction of the East-West Line and Downtown Line, our location is more convenient than ever.

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    Accredit @ Yishun

    743 Yishun Ave 5, #01-548, Singapore 760743

    Accredit @ Tampines

    503 Tampines Central 1, #01-315, Singapore 520503

    Accredit @ Hougang

    1187 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-15 The Midtown, Singapore 533971

    Accredit @ Clementi

    442 Clementi Ave 3, #01-109, Singapore 120442


    6219 2662 (Yishun)
    6226 2662 (Tampines)
    6245 2662 (Hougang)
    6261 2662 (Clementi)

    Walking Directions from Tampines MRT Station.

    Walk about 3 min , 190 m

    1. Take Tampines MRT exit D
    2. Head east on Tampines Central 3 toward Tampines Central 1
    3. Turn left to stay on Tampines Central 3
    4. Turn right onto Tampines Central 1
    5. Destination will be on the left

    Accredit Money Lender promises a high standard of quality for all customers that come to us. We will always try to work out a loan repayment plan that suits your needs. Together with our low interest and affordable loan plans, we are your number 1 Personal Loan Choice.

    For all our friends looking for a Loan in Tampines Singapore, please visit our new branch today! 

    Phone : +65 6226 2662
    Email : [email protected]

    Find us at:

    503 Tampines Central 1, #01-315, Singapore 520503

    Our Hours
    Monday-Friday: 11 am to  9 pm
    Saturday-Sunday: 10 am to  5 pm

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    A new Moneylender in Tampines, Accredit is located in the East of Singapore

    • Nearby to Pasir Ris.
    • Nearby to Kembangan.
    • Nearby to Paya Lebar.
    • Nearby to Eunos.

    A Moneylender nearby Changi, we bring a fast cash personal loan near you at Changi

    Directions from from Changi Airport MRT Station.

    1. From Changi Airport MRT Station CG2
      70 Airport Boulevard, 819661.
    2. Take the MRT to Tanah Merah
      11 min (2 stops) · Stop ID: CG2
    3. Take the MRT to Pasir Ris
      5 min (2 stops) · Stop ID: EW4
    4. Alight at Tampines MRT Station

    A Moneylender nearby Bedok, we bring a fast cash personal loan near you at Bedok

    1. From Bedok MRT Station
      315 New Upper Changi Road, 467347
    2. Take the train towards Pasir Ris MRT Station 8 min (3 stops) · Stop ID: EW5
    3. Pass by Tanah Merah MRT Station and Simei MRT Station.
    4. Alight at Tampines MRT Station

    Offering low interest loan

    Read what our customers have to say about us!

    Our testimonials

    The staff here is very nice and friendly. Very outgoing when you talk to them. First time taking loan with them and I like how responsible and detailed they are. Keep up the good work. Thank you for helping me.
    Satisfied Borrower
    Excellent and the location for this moneylender is very convenient!
    Satisfied Borrower

    Why wait any longer? Come on down to our branch and find out what makes us the BEST

    There are countless reasons why people in Singapore fail to clear their loan. The most common reason is that people don’t have enough funds at the right time to repay their loan and the amount gets accumulated to become a significant debt. But we will share some amazing hacks with you that will help you get out of your debt this year. Here’s how you need to get started.

    Be Ready

    The significant step towards tackling your debt is by accepting that you have a loan problem. To get away from the problem, you will have to sacrifice a bit and put a lot of efforts. Hence, be ready to cut down on your expenses. If you continue living a posh life with all the major expenses, you will have a tough time in tackling outstanding loan. So, start comparing goods and services available in the market and opt for the less expensive ones without compromising on the quality or features. Also, reduce spending on non-essentials like going out and entertainment until you have your finances back in control. These minor steps will leave you with more money in hand at the end of every month, that you can use to pay off your loan amount.

    Pay Off Whenever Possible

    It is very easy to have extra cash in hand when you get bonuses, incentives, or insurance money. Rather than using this amount for living a luxurious life or buying something big, you can use it to pay off your loan. You can ask your bank or creditor about their terms for early repayments. And as you know, when you get your bonus, pay the loan which has the highest interest first.

    In another scenario, if your salary has increased, you can consider paying more every month. You can ask your creditor if it’s possible to make the monthly installments larger so you can pay it off faster and save on the unnecessary interests.

    Prioritize Debts with Highest Interest Rate

    It is common sense that if you have multiple debts in your name, you should clear the one with the highest interest rate. You must know that now or later, you will have to clear the debts if you want to have a good credit score. Debts with a higher rate of interest will only add up to your pain as you will end up paying much more money every month. If insufficient cash money to clear all your debts at once, leave the ones with the lesser interest rate for later. That way, lesser money will be accumulated that you will have to pay off later.

    In most cases, your credit card repayments will have the highest interest rate. Think about clearing it first with cash. Also, try controlling your purchases card to avoid higher debt accumulation.

    Talk to us at Accredit to see how we can help.

    As you can see, there are several ways to get out of your debt. You need to have the mindset that getting out of debt is simple but not easy, so you cannot afford to slack. So just think smartly, prioritize the debts, do a little cash planning, and you will be able to tackle the debt without worrying much. It is easier than you think!

    Accredit Moneylender promises to help you in whatever way we can. That includes credit counselling from our very experienced staffs. We can advise you on financial planning and how to manage your expenses. Financial planning is a very important part of managing your debt. To get out of debt, first you have to learn how to do proper financial planning. If you would like to learn more, please contact us and we will be glad to advise you further.

    Accredit also offers low interest loans with a longer repayment period. This allows you to manage your Debt-Servicing Ration more easily. Since our inception, we have managed to help many borrowers with their debt problems. Our borrowers are very satisfied with our product and with our service. This can be seen from the numerous excellent reviews we have received from our customers.

    Accredit pledges to be a responsible lender. We will never lend you cash that you can’t repay. We firmly believe that a loan should never be a burden, but rather, a loan should be a way to provide you with relief as and when you need it.

    We also work closely with various Voluntary Welfare Organisations, or VWOs. Our partners include Arise2Care, Adullam Life Counselling, Silver Linings and Blessed Grace Social Services. Our good work over the years have managed to help many beneficiaries with their problems.

    For more information, read more about us. Apply for our fast processing loan here.

    Accredit Money Lender

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    Awarded by Ministry of Law to operate a new Pilot Programme, we have been providing transparent and quality service since 2002.


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    (+65 6226 2662)
    Yishun Branch
    (+65 6219 2662)
    Hougang Branch
    (+65 6245 2662)
    Clementi Branch
    (+65 6261 2662)

    Accredit @ Yishun

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    Operating Hours:
    Mon to Fri  : 10am – 8pm
    Sat and Sun: 10am – 5pm

    Accredit @ Tampines

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    Operating Hours:
    Mon to Fri  : 10am – 8pm
    Sat and Sun: 10am – 5pm

    Accredit @ Hougang

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    Operating Hours:
    Mon to Fri  : 10am – 8pm
    Sat and Sun: 10am – 5pm

    Accredit @ Clementi

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    Operating Hours:
    Mon to Fri  : 10am – 8pm
    Sat and Sun: 10am – 5pm