Most frequently asked questions and answers

Yes! Accredit Money Lender’s online application is open to anyone and everyone. Whether you are a Singaporean, Work Permit Holder, or any other permit holders, Accredit Money Lender welcomes you to apply.

Accredit Money Lender provides personal loans with different rates of Administrative Fees and Interests charges depending on the borrower. To find out what you qualify for, apply today!

Accredit Money Lender offers same day approval for all our customers. If you apply and qualify for a loan, you will be able to receive your cash on the very same day!

Documents required will be based on a case to case basis. Please submit an application online and our experienced officers will contact you to advise you further.

Customers Reviews

True to what they have said, there is no hidden fee and their interest rate is the lowest. Excellent in their services, if in need of money can go and try it out. Immediate cash and the processing time is not long. They will understand what is your need and consider your every aspect and then come up with an affordable repayment plan for you
Satisfied Customer
Staff is efficient and get you in and out. I am always greeted with a smile and staff acknowledge everyone who walk through the door. I will continue to borrow with this money lender if I require a loan.
Satisfied Customer
Very professional and friendly staffs that provide good customer service. Would definitely recommend my friends here. Had a pleasant experience with this moneylender
Satisfied Customer


  • Our proprietary credit system ensures you get the best interest rate possible
  • Same day approval means you get your cash as soon as possible
  • Experienced staff will advise you on your best credit options
  • Highly Reviewed and Rated as the Best Money Lender in Singapore


  • Professional hotline and support answers any questions you have
  • Variety of payment options for easy and convenient repayment
  • Convenient cross island branches brings you amazing ease of access
  • Flexible repayment terms for a product that suits you