Business Loan

Business Loan

Low Interest Singapore Business Loan

Funding for your own business venture can be a tedious task. Especially, if you are starting afresh with a zero economic profit margin to fall back on. While you may not be earning a salary out of the new business immediately, you still need to pay your employees and keep the system running. Accredit supports such entrepreneurs and provides a comfortable mattress of business loan solutions for our ambitious business owners. We provide short-term, mid-term and long-term loans based on your needs.

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Loan Eligibility


Borrower’s Annual Income Singapore/Permanent Residents Foreigners
Less than $10,000 $3000 $500
Between $10,000 to $20,000 $3000 $3000
Greater than $20,000 6X monthly income 6X monthly income

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Longer Tenures

We offer personal loans with longer tenures to help borrowers manage their repayment schedules. We firmly believe that loans and financing should help borrowers with their problems rather than becoming a financial burden. Longer tenures will greatly relieve borrowers from their monthly debt obligations.

Competitive Pricing

Our Competitive Pricing model will allow borrowers with good repayment behavior to benefit from lower interest rates and fees. By offering cross-branch repayment and various repayment channels to maximize convenience, we encourage all borrowers to make timely repayments to enjoy our Competitive Pricing.


A loan is not a permanent solution to your cash flow problems. Accredit Moneylender offers you short term solutions to your cash management. We advise you to engage in proper financial planning to make sure you do not become debt-ridden.


You are legally obligated to repay the amount that you borrow, as per your repayment plan. Defaulting might result in a decline in your credit worthiness. Never borrow more than you can afford to repay. Our consultants will help you work out a manageable repayment plan.


Unlicensed Moneylenders, or Loan Sharks, are rampant these days. Please exercise your caution when dealing with a loan source you are unfamiliar with. You are encouraged to check with the Ministry of Law’s List of Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate source.

Types of Business Loans for Small Businesses

Each business encounters significant problems in the income at some time, which may necessitate borrowing of money to sustain business operations. For startups, financial difficulties can come knocking at the doorway early on.

Fortunately, small business that find it hard to finance all their projects have several ways to turn to for assistance. Getting a licensed money lender is not as tedious as it was previously, and the choices tend to be more various today. There are financial institution loans and vendor service providers. Some business loan deals are offered by government agencies, which attract many borrowers since they come with guarantees other lenders cannot provide. Business Loan come in all patterns, and some are tailor-fit to fulfill the specific needs of the lender. The accessibility to more than one option is an indication that business owners must evaluate their demands first to ascertain that a particular type of loan is indeed the ideal option given their present condition.

Two fundamental types of loans offered to small business owners

  • Long-term loans
  • Short-term loans.

Long term loans

Long-established commercial lenders usually offer long-term loans that have low-interest rates. The amount of cash is large enough to cover massive expenditure, such as additional capital needed in business acquisition and pertaining activities. Small businesses seeking working capital can approach these lenders, so they usually get acceptance if they have an astounding business plan.

Short-term loans

Are generally issued by credit unions and banking institutions. Whereas a long-term loan has to be paid monthly, short-term loans are paid at the end of the term of the agreement. The interest rate is usually higher compared to short-term loans. Retailer looking for additional financing for a short project that is anticipated to provide huge profits in a brief period can benefit much from this type of loan.

Accredit is the trusted and responsible lender to apply for business loans 

No where else, Accredit is your best choice apply for business loan. Speak to our manager about your business development and expansion then our proficient manager will give you some suggestion and business loan package. We are happy to share the latest economy trend and knowledge to you. Accredit licensed money lender able to provide you either long term or short term business loan. 

Head down to our office at Tampines to grab the business loan to expand your business now. Office address is 503 Tampines Central 1,
#01-315, Singapore 520503.

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call: +65 6226 0510 
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