5 Things to Do in Sun Plaza Singapore

Aiyo, Sun Plaza is undoubtedly not another ordinary mall, lah! It’s that one place where the auntie next door keeps raving about her bargain deals and where the youngsters hang out for some real fun and good vibes!

Have you ever wondered what’s so special about this place? Well, do you have that shopping itch you can’t shake off? Or do you want to grab some delicious grub while enjoying quality family time?

This mall will deliver. And hey, whether you are a seasoned shopper, a food lover, or just someone seeking a fun day out, you will find what you’re looking for. So, prepare as you unravel the top five things you can indulge in here!

About Sun Plaza Singapore


Sun Plaza Singapore – sounds quite fancy. Why “Sun Plaza,” you ask? 

Well, it’s not just about the shining orb in the sky; it mirrors the lively energy the mall encapsulates. Its radiating name reflects the warmth and vitality of the sun since its establishment in 2000. This shopping kingdom has seen years of busy activities, housing top brands, and even witnessing trends come and go. 

It’s been bringing joy to Singaporeans for decades, thus making every visit a day in the sun!

Do you want to experience it, too? Here are some vital details you have to know:

Address30 Sembawang Dr, Singapore 757713
Operating HoursOpen day-to-day between 10 AM to 10 PM
Contact Number+65 6481 4458
Official Websitehttps://www.sunplaza.com.sg/
Best ServicesCustomer service, ample parking, kids’ play area

1. Shopping in Sun Plaza


When it comes to shopping, who doesn’t love it? And no, it is not simply about satisfying those retail urges. There’s a touch of science to it!

Studies have shown shopping can elevate mood and act as a therapeutic outlet. So yes, shopping is a legitimate form of self-care. 

What’s remarkable about Sun Plaza is that it has everything you could ever need – whether you are out hunting for sporty attire, trending fashion, or even household essentials. You can get all these specific necessities from stores like 

Fancy Fashion
  • Bata
  • Shine
  • Sorella
  • Sparkle
  • Lulu Style
  • Peniwern
Home & Lifestyle
  • Japan Home
  • Linen Gallery
  • Sim Siang Choon
  • DIY Essentials
Groceries & Daily Necessities
  • NTUC FairPrice
  • Valu$
Tech & Gadgets
  • Challenger
  • Singtel Exclusive Retailer

2. Proficient Services in Sun Plaza


Shopping isn’t all there in this mall. Oh no, it isn’t. 

Do you need to send some money overseas? Perhaps repair that pesky phone screen? This mall will get all your demands sorted out!

Malls, after all, are not simply about shopping indulgence; they also focus on convenience. Where else can you acquire financial services, tech assistance, and even some quirky pet items under one roof? 

Take a quick gander right here:

Financial Services
  • Ahnaaf Money Exchange
  • ICBC Bank Singapore
  • UOB Autolobby
Tech & Repair
  • UBreakiFix.sg
  • Best One Solutions
Essential Miscellaneous
  • Pet’s Street
  • Da Vinci Picture
  • Ban Fook Pawnshop

3. Dining in Sun Plaza


To be honest, shopping can be pleasurable, but it can be exhausting, too. But the silver lining is that this mall is a gourmet paradise! And if there’s one universal truth about mall goers, eating is your favourite pastime.

An excellent dining encounter can turn any ordinary day into a memorable one.

With the wide range of cuisines, Sun Plaza ensures you are spoilt for choice. Whether you are craving a savoury bowl of noodles or a refreshing cup of bubble tea or want to indulge your sweet tooth, satiation is guaranteed.

Are you ready to whet your appetite? Here are your prime dining selections:

Local Love Affair
  • 85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodles
  • Bengawan Solo
  • Koufu
  • Lao Huo Tang
  • Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Sips and Bites
  • At-TEA
  • LiHO TEA
  • Koi THE Singapore
  • R&B 巡茶
  • Boost Juice Bar
  • FruitBox
Sweet Surrender
  • Châteraisé
  • Dough Culture
  • DDunkin’Donuts
  • Four Leaves
  • Fruce 
  • Nine Fresh Desserts Taiwan
Fast Food Special
  • KFC
  • McDonald’s
  • Pizza Hut
  • Pezzo
  • Stuff’d
Asian Appreciation
  • Gong Yuan Ma La Tang
  • Haidilao Hot Pot
  • Pot Addiction
  • White Restaurant
  • Wok Hey

4. Education, Entertainment, and Games in Sun Plaza


After feasting your taste buds, have you ever considered treating your mind or challenging your gaming skills? Sun Plaza can provide such activities, as it is an education hub and gaming enthusiasts’ haven.

The importance of education and entertainment is unparalleled. A little brush-up on skills or indulging in leisure activities not only fuels the brain but also rejuvenates the soul. So, here are the places where your brains can thrive on new experiences, gaming, and learning.

Learning Hubs
  • Agrader Learning Centre (Sembawang) Pte Ltd.
  • DancePoints Academy
  • I Can Read
  • Kent Ridge Education Hub
  • MPM Math & Jelic Brain
Entertainment Vigor
  • Sembawang Public Library
  • Cow Play Cow Moo
  • Game Resort

5. Lifestyle, Health and Beauty in Sun Plaza

lifestyle-health-and-beauty in-sun-plaza

Amidst the shopping hecticness, why not indulge in pampering or grab something that contributes to your well-being? Life is not all about the rush; sometimes, it’s about the pause and self-care moments.

When it comes to beauty, health, and lifestyle, investing time and effort is vital. After all, when you look fantastic, you feel fabulous, and that confidence radiates in all aspects of life. From maintaining health to enhancing beauty. It is all about making oneself feel loved and cared for from these selections:

Convenience & Lifestyle
  • 7-Eleven
  • Miniso
  • The Green Party
Beauty & Wellness
  • Alan & Guys
  • Beauty Language
  • Efen Reyes Barber
  • EC House
  • KSkin
  • Lili Beauty
  • Nail Palace
  • Victoria Facelift
Health & Well-being
  • Guardian
  • Watsons
  • Healthway Medical 
  • Hockhua Tonic
  • Yong Kang TCM Clinic 
  • Ma Kuang TCM Women’s & Children’s Clinic
  • Thomson Medical

Getting to Sun Plaza

You may have had those days when you’re running late, palms sweaty, trying to figure out directions. Whether a lunch date or just a day of leisure shopping, getting there on time and hassle-free always sets the mood right.

So, here you can get to this mall without breaking a sweat:

  • The nearest station is Sembawang on the North-South Line. Once you descend, reaching this mall is just a brisk walk. 
  • Various buses stop near this mall, mainly 117, 858, 859A, 859, 859B, 962, 882, 980, 883, 981. Always check local bus schedules to determine the best route from your location.
  • Drive towards Sembawang Drive, where this mall is prominently located. Parking spaces are accessible, but get there early, especially on weekends!

You can reach this mall by taxi, bike-sharing or personal e-scooters.

Maximising the Sun Plaza Singapore

Who wants to avoid becoming a savvy shopper? The person who not only shops but shops smart. 

You would want to arrive at your shopping heaven and maximise your time there. You see, like a buffet, a mall trip can be overwhelming. So, how do you savour each moment and every deal?

  1. Always plan. Know the stores you want to visit to streamline your shopping journey.
  2. Weekends can be packed. Why not visit early? The chance to have those undisturbed shopping moments.
  3. Stay connected and use this mall’s free Wi-Fi to stay updated with ongoing deals or to connect with friends.
  4. You have to rehydrate and recharge. How? Do frequent pit stops at cafes to guarantee you stay energised.
  5. Carry a light bag to have room for all your new purchases!

Need More Cash for Sun Plaza?

You have successfully unlocked shopping, filled your craving, and played at Sun Plaza. But wait, there is one item you’ve been eyeing, or maybe you desire more indulgence. Oops, you found out you’re running short on funds. 

First of all, do not worry too much! Many people have been in the same situation. 

For moments when your wallet needs that little extra boost and lifeline, we, Accredit Licensed Money Lender, are your go-to solution. We are conveniently located near Sun Plaza and offer personal loans that perfectly fit your needs.

So, why curb your shopping desires and wait? Apply here for a personal loan and let the good times roll!

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