4 Things to Do in Marsiling Mall Singapore

Eh, Singaporeans and beloved tourists! Are you seeking a fresh spot to hang out without braving the Orchard crowds? Say hello to Marsiling Mall! 

It’s a true gem tucked away in Singapore’s heartlands. It’s a mall that delivers a respite for those yearning. To experience the community spirit while grabbing some fantastic deals. 

By now, you must be thinking, “Can la, what’s so special about this mall?” Hold on to your wallets, and take this mini tour of what’s waiting for you at this mall.

About: Marsiling Mall Singapore

Standing tall and proudly in Marsiling, this mall is not a simple brick in the wall. Since its establishment in 2002, the Marisiling Mall borrowed its name from its bustling and teeming neighbourhood.

Over the years, it has successfully woven its stature into the community’s fabric, growing into a beloved locale for all ages. Be it for the aunties and uncles discussing daily affairs or the youngsters scouting for the latest trends; this mall is the go-to.

Here are the specifics you must know first:

Address4 Woodlands Street 12, Singapore 738620
Operating HoursOpen from 9 AM to 10 PM on Monday to Sunday.
Contact NumberN/A
Official Websitehttps://m.facebook.com/pages/Marsiling-Mall/1428767500602196
Best ServicesCommunity gatherings & diverse shopping options

1. Shopping & Lifestyle

Alright, folks, it’s time to face the music, and that is shopping. Some might dismiss it as a mere retail indulgence. But did you know there’s science behind it?

Engaging in shopping activities releases good hormones that are associated with pleasure and satisfaction. Thus, buying that new shirt is not just a want; it’s a science-backed need!

Apparel & Tailoring
  • Ba Bao Clothing Alteration: Every piece of clothing tells a story; sometimes, they just need a little tweak to fit perfectly.
  • Zahra’s Fashion Village: It’s a blend of modern chic and traditional elegance. It isn’t simply shopping; it’s a style journey.
Gadgets & Timepieces
  • See Toi Watches: Elegance on your wrist. The latest collections to make sure you are always fashionably on time.
  • ImobileHub: Everything you require to stay ahead of the tech game, from the latest smartphones to nifty gadgets.
Pet Care & Supplies
  • Superpets: Treat your pets like the family they are. From premium pet food to adorable accessories, your pet will feel loved from top to bottom.
Daily Groceries & More
  • Sheng Siong Supermarket: Do you need the freshest produce or those Asian herbs for tonight’s dinner? Then you wouldn’t look any further now.

2. Dining in Marsiling Mall

Makan time, anyone? After a rigorous shopping expedition at this mall, the stomach will remind you of its needs. And what better way to satisfy it than diving into the variety of tastes available at Marsiling Mall? 

Of course, a memorable day isn’t just about the shopping but also the food experience. With a diverse platter of options ranging from vegetarian to satay, this mall is where every food lover’s fantasies come to reality.

Vegetarian Favoured Choice
  • En Hui Vegetarian: Going green never tasted so good!
Local Zest
  • Mei Xiang Yuan (Satay & Rojak): It’s that bite of tradition in every skewer you cannot resist.
  • Tian Tian Lai Nasi Lemak: Because what’s a trip to Marsiling without some Nasi Lemak?
  • Woodlands Rojak: Spice up your palate has never been this serious.
  • Yan Ji Seafood Soup: The genuine freshness of the ocean’s flavours served to you scrumptiously.
  • Woodlands Centre BbQ Fish: Appetizing food, grilled to perfection every time.
  • He Cheng Cheng Tng: You’ll acquire that spoonful of warmth just as you need it.
  • Seng Loo Hot & Cold Drinks: Quench your thirst the Singaporean way.
  • Bhai’s Chapati & Biryani: A hint of India in every munch.
Exotic Exquisiteness
  • Arabica Kebab: Middle Eastern delights in the heart of Marsiling.
  • #01-45 鮮美: A culinary trip waiting to check out.
Fast Munch
  • Coffee Tea and Toast: It’s where brewed love happens for caffeine lovers.
  • Newton Hainanese Chicken Rice: Those fragrances, juicy, and everything in between,

3. Healthcare Aid

Contrary to what most people believe, malls are not simply for shopping and fulfilling your cravings; sometimes, they also tend to your well-being. And Marsiling Mall is no different. Here, health is not a mere word; it’s a priority.

Healthcare is not simply about immediate treatments but a proactive approach to your body’s needs. And in this mall, the variation of healthcare choices means you are never far from some TLC.

Traditional Medical Centres
  • Guan Chuan Chan Medical Hall 源川栈药行: A mix of traditional methods for the modern Singaporean.

4. Proficient Services

While malls are mainly about retail indulgence, sometimes you need professional advice to complete your day. The mall ensures that every aspect of your necessities is met and has your back!

Amidst all the retail and dining, having accessible professional services is a cherry on top for those who like to multitask or get things done under one roof.

Financial Services
  • Sineo Enterprises Money Charger: For those who require to get their currency in check, particularly before an overseas trip!

Making Your Marsiling Mall Way, The Singaporean Style!

Now, you’ve set the stage about how fab this mall is, but what’s the use if you cannot reach it? Fear not, but getting to your favourite hangout spot is as easy as ordering kaya toast.

It’s time to dive right into the travel details.

  • The Marsiling MRT station (NS8) or the Woodlands Station (NS9/TE2). These are your best bet. Take a brisk walk, and you are correct at the entrance!
  • Numerous buses ply to Marsiling Mall through 966A, 966, 963e, 963R, 963, 961M, 961, 960e, 960, 950, 925M, 925A, 925, 913M, 856, 187. Be sure to check your local route and hop on!
  • Have you got wheels? Perfect! Head towards Woodlands Centre Road. Plus, lots of parking spaces guarantee your vehicle is snug and safe.

You can opt for a taxi and let them know you plan to go to “Marsiling Mall, lah”, or you may ride a bike or e-scooting. There are specific spots for you to park.

Maximising Marsiling Mall Singapore

Alright, everyone, here’s the thing: just as a chilli padi adds the perfect kick to your dish, these wise and practical tips will spice up your mall visit.

  1. Consider visiting early to beat the crowds, especially on weekends. So, choose the early hours before the shopping storms arise. 
  2. Grab one store directory. It’s like your treasure map but for shopping and food.
  3. Connect to the mall’s Wi-Fi for quick online checks and maybe the occasional selfie upload.
  4. Is the phone battery running low? Look for charging spots to juice up.
  5. Check if your favourite stores have loyalty cards or apps. Discounts are waiting for you!

Need More Cash for Marsiling Mall Singapore?

After the hearty meal, the splurge on that lovely pair of shoes, and maybe even that surprise gift for Ah Ma, you may feel that certain wallet pinch when relishing Marsiling Mall at its best.

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