4 Things to Do in Keat Hong Shopping Centre Singapore

If you have been living under a rock in Singapore, you may have yet to learn about the hidden treasure of Keat Shopping Centre Singapore. No, just kidding, lah!

But for those who genuinely have not taken a stroll, it is high time you get acquainted. Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the usual haunts in Marina Bay or Orchard Road? 

The answer might give you a pleasant surprise! Enough of the teasing! You have to dive in to unearth the four fabulous things you can do at this shopping centre.

About Keat Hong Shopping Centre Singapore


So, the scene is set: It’s a lazy Sunday, and you are itching for a change of scenery. Enter Keat Hong Shopping Centre.

Built in 1988, the shopping haven is becoming a significant Singaporean pulse of the retail scene. It might not have the usual glitz of some modern malls, but its charm? Plenty to go around!

Not only is it steeped in history, but it is also a staple for residents, delivering services and shops that cater to their daily necessities. If you are keen to drop by, take note of these essentials:

Address253 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1, Singapore 680253
Operating HoursOpen Monday to Sunday from 530 AM to 10 PM
Contact NumberN/A
Official Websitehttps://www.hdb.gov.sg/residential/where2shop/explore/choa-chu-kang/keat-hong-shopping-centre
Best ServicesCustomer assistance, ample parking, easy accessibility

1. Shopping in Keat Hong Shopping Centre


You may think shopping is nothing. But every shopping experience is different, especially not at Keat Hong Shopping Centre. 

For starters, everyone knows retail indulgence is a thing. It is not simply about splurging; it’s about rejuvenating your spirit and rediscovering yourself. 

For the shopaholics or those just looking for essentials, here’s a quick guide:

Home & Furniture
  • Keat Hong Furniture Trading (Keat Hong Shopping Centre): The unique go-to for that new sofa or dining set you have been dreaming about.
Beauty & Personal Care
  • COSWAY CHOA CHU KANG: Stock up on your beauty and personal care needs.
Religious Supplies
  • Tan Soon Heng Joss Sticks & Joss Paper: They have everything you require, from joss sticks to paper.
Cycling & Sports
  • Ulu Cycle Trading: You acquire the best assortment for your cycling needs, whether you are a budding cyclist or a pro.
Tailoring & Fashion
  • Baron Tailoring: Get that bespoke look tailored for you.

2. Dining in Keat Hong Shopping Centre


Regarding tempting your taste buds, Keat Hong Shopping Centre does not revolve around shopping sprees – it’s that epic gastronomic extravaganza! Think about it: after all that shopping, your tummy will be ringing its “feed me” alarm bell. And when that happens, you are in the right place!

Now, if there’s one thing that Singaporeans take seriously, other than shopping, it’s your makan. Everyone knows a fantastic dining encounter can quickly turn an ordinary day into an unforgettable event.

With plenty of selections dishing out some of Singapore’s most craved-for meals, where do you even start? Do not fret, and this mall will satiate your cravings!

Fast Food Galore
  • Domino’s Pizza Choa Chu Kang: Who can resist a slice or two, or maybe the whole pizza?
  • KFC: Good old finger-licking goodness lives on.
Local Love
  • CCK 253 Tasty Roti Prata: Crispy, fluffy roti prata, anyone?
  • Jin Fo Xiang Zhu Zhan: The ideal spot for traditional dishes.
  • Blk 253 Choa Chu Kang Market & Food Centre: A hub for many local dishes.
  • Xi De Li 西得利: Sink your teeth into some delicious local bread.
  • Yi Le Roasted Delight (一樂港式烧腊): A meat lover’s paradise.
  • Berjaya Eating House: Local palate that brings you back home.
  • Eng Kee Noodle House: Slurp up some hearty noodles.
Western Tastes
  • Uncle Neo Western: Classic Western dishes with a twist.
  • Soon Western Food Ayam Goreng: Where Western meets local.
  • Roast Delights: For when you crave that perfect roast.
Cafes & Bakes
  • Ming Cafe明發茶室 (Choa Chu Kang): Perfect for that tea-time snack.
  • Swee Heng Bakery: Freshly baked goods to satiate your pastry cravings.
Diverse Cuisines
  • Sakura Cuisine (S) Pte Ltd: Experience the taste of Japan.
  • The Same Ban Mian: Dive into a bowl of hearty Ban Mian.
  • Hong Kong Street Hua Ji Xiao Chu: Bringing Hong Kong to your plate.

3. Market and Convenience in Keat Hong Shopping Centre


Now that you are satisfied with your shopping and makan desires, what’s left? Ah, but Keat Hong Shopping Centre’s offerings do not end there! The mall is like that multi-purpose Swiss Army knife in your pocket – there’s always another tool or service waiting to surprise you!

Imagine being in a place where everything’s literally at your fingertips. That pack of batteries, the fresh fish for dinner, that bank transaction you have been postponing? This shopping centre will take care of your needs. 

Why run around town when all the convenience and daily necessities can be yours in a snap?

Supermarkets and Markets
  • Prime Supermarkets
  • Ket Hong Wet Market
  • VitaminSeafood
  • S K Mani Minimart
  • Jin Hui Mini Mart
Banking & Lottery
  • Singapore Pools
Childcare & Medical
  • Small Wonder
  • Pro-Life Medical Associates Pte Ltd
Home Services & Repairs
  • 24 Hours Locksmith Service
  • Emergency Locksmith Services
  • Heng Joo Aluminum Works
  • Ezen Image Pte Ltd
  • Radiance Marketing Network
  • LCK 80 Trading
  • Pet Affair

4. Beauty and Healthcare in Keat Hong Shopping Centre


Alright, alright. You have got your groceries, sorted your banking, and indulged in a hearty meal. But hang on a sec – haven’t you forgotten the cherry on top?

It’s about some well-deserved pampering and self-care. After all, looking good is self-respect and never vanity.

If anyone told you beautifying oneself is about looking pretty, they’ve got it all wrong. It’s about confidence, self-worth, and caring for the body that serves you daily. And hey, while you are at it, why not guarantee that your health’s in tip-top shape, too?

Hair Salons & Barber Shops
  • 253 Barber Shop
  • Eileen Hair Salon
  • Sanyu Hair Gallery
  • Hairchitecture Studio
  • Kes Hair Saloon 
  • Ageless Unisex Salon
  • Ester Salon
Beauty & Nail Care
  • Asten Beauty
  • Doon Beauty Artistry
  • Vain Nails
  • Vietnam Nails Service
  • Nail & Beauty Care
Spa & Wellness
  • Wellness U Chinese Physician Therapy
  • Ucara (Natural Herbal Healing Spa)
  • Jiacheng Therapeutic Services
Healthcare & Dental
  • Oral-Health Dental Surgery
  • Rong Sheng Traditional Physician Center
  • Sin Soon Chinese Medical Shop
  • Mun Hin Tong Medical Hall Cum Store
  • J.K Optical

Getting to Keat Hong Shopping Centre

Have you ever encountered that feeling when you are all dressed up, eager to visit a place, but then – bam! – Do you need to learn how to get there? Do not worry yourself!

Getting to Keat Hong Shopping Centre is a smooth journey if you know the way. And well, you are about to!

LRT & MRT Magic
  • Why should you walk when you can travel in style? Take the North-South Line or Bukit Panjan LRT.  A few steps outside, and voila, welcome to shopper’s paradise.
Bus Bliss
  • Fancy watching the world go by? Grab buses 188, 67, 974, 300, 301, 172, 983, 991, 983A, G208, 991B, 976, 974A, 982E, 188E, G89, and 307. Nevertheless, listen to “Keat Hong Shopping Centre”, and that’s your cue to disembark!
Car Chronicles
  • For those who love the independence of driving, point your GPS to “Keat Hong Shopping Centre”. Remember, the early driver dodges the parking woes. Weekend advice? The early bird gets the worm – and the parking spot!
Taxi or Ride-Hailing Hacks
  • Sit back and relax. Say, “Keat Hong Shopping Centre, please!” and watch as your driver takes the lead. It’s practically a landmark, so you are in safe hands.

Tips for Maximising Keat Hong Shopping Centre 

Imagine yourself diving into a pool without testing the waters first. It’s kind of risky, wouldn’t you say?

Navigating a shopping centre is similar to that. Dive in unprepared, and you might miss out on the best bits. So, gear up now with some of these pro tips!

  1. Before anything else, familiarise the directory. Why? It’s because knowledge is power, and discounts, of course!
  2. Remember, it will be a shopping marathon, not a fashion show. Those heels? Swap them for comfy sneakers!
  3. Midweek, mid-morning? That’s your sweet spot. The fewer crowds, the more zen. Timing is everything.
  4. All that shopping can be thirsty work. Keep a water bottle handy.
  5. List it out! Jot down what you need. It will keep those impulse buys in check.

Need More Cash for Keat Hong Shopping Centre?

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