5 Things to Do in Shaw House Singapore

Remember the last time you hit Orchard Road and asked yourself the mind-blogging question of where you must spend your time? Shaw House is the answer, lah! 

Sitting confidently amidst the teeming and buzzing area, this shopping mall is unlike any other. Why? It embodies the perfect combination of old and new and continues to become an illuminating emblem of Little Red Dot’s progressive retail universe.

So, if you are wondering why you should choose this mall first, you ask? Well, get ready because, at the end of this article, you will know the answer and itching to get there yourself!

It’s time to get you started! Explore the captivating world of this mall, and by the end, you will have at least five things you’ll want to tick off your to-do list!

About Shaw House Singapore

Shaw House – doesn’t it sound like the name of an old friend you used to hang out with during secondary school? Funny enough, that’s precisely the warmth and familiar vibe this place gives off.

Moreover, more fascinating is that the name behind this mall isn’t out of randomness. It’s a tribute to the legendary Shaw Brothers, pioneers of the Asian Film industry!

Since its establishment in the 90s, this mall has seen the Orchard’s growth, transformation, and evolution, standing strong amidst the Lion City’s ever-changing cityscape. Here are the primary details you must learn about this shopping mall:

Address350 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238868
Operating HoursOpen 9 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Sunday.
Contact Number+65 6235 2077
Official Websitehttp://www.shaw.sg/
Best ServicesFriendly concierge, top-notch security, disabled-friendly facilities

1. Shopping & Lifestyle 

Ah, shopping! Who can resist the charm and temptations of shiny new things, primarily when they’re all gathered under one roof? Scientifically speaking, shopping releases endorphins – your happy hormones.

Thus, shopping and pursuing lifestyle activities and choices are therapeutic and okay! So, you would not have to worry about guilt trips here.

Now, for the shopaholics and even the occasional window shopper, the mall has something that will trigger the happy shopper in you from the following selections:

High-End Beauty
  • CHANEL Beauty Boutique
  • Estée Lauder – Isetan Scotts
  • La Collection Privée Christian Dior
Fashion & Lingerie
  • Yuli
  • Wacoal Singapore
Home & Lifestyle
  • TEMPUR Isetan Scotts
  • TOMIZawa Baking Grocery Store
  • D’Exchange Pte Ltd
  • Gold Gear

Whether it’s the luxurious scent from Dior or the perfect gold club from Golf Gear, it’s all waiting for you at this shopping mall.

2. Education & Entertainment

It’s the perfect time to shift gears a little. Besides shopping, this mall firmly believes in education and entertainment, or “edutainment”.

Yes, it is a blend of these fantastic choices. Substantial research points to the positive influence of blending learning with fun. It’s all about holistic experiences, right?

Dive into these prime encounters:

Education Hub
  • Ikoma Language School: Looking to pick up a new language? Whether it’s Japanese or Korean, Ikoma’s got your back. Tailored courses, certified trainers and a vibrant learning environment – it’s all here.
Entertainment Central
  • Shaw Theatres Lido: Do you remember the thrill of watching a movie on the big screen? Relive that feeling once again at Shaw Theatres Lido. Comfortable seats, crisp audio, and delicious popcorn. What’s not to love?

The next time you are around Orchard, swing by, and you might discover a new favourite spot.

3. Dining in Shaw House Singapore

After all that shopping and ‘edutainment’, aren’t your tummy signals streaming for some love and attention? Shaw House has a broad array of deliciousness waiting to satiate those hunger pangs.

Be honest; food does not merely fill your stomach; it’s an affair, a memory maker. A fantastic meal can turn an ordinary day into a memorable one because no shopping trip is complete without digging into its culinary delicacies.

Whether you are in the mood for a light snack, maybe that hearty meal, or a sweet treat, this place will spoil you with its next-level dining coverage:

Savoury Local Exquisiteness
  • Mini Wok Zhi Char: For when you are craving those home-cooked flavours.
  • Toast Box: Nothing beats traditional Singaporean toast with an excellent ol’ kopi.
  • Food Republic: A medley of the best local dishes.
  • Little Hanoi: For a taste of Vietnam in the heart of Singapore.
Cafes & Bites
  • Cafe de Muse: The Restaurant: The perfect blend of ambience and taste.
  • Kith Cafe Isetan: Great for catching up with pals over a cuppa.
  • Johan Paris Isetan: When pastries become an art form.
  • Gelatissimo Shaw House (Lido Cinema): Gelato lovers, this one’s for you!
Global Flavours
  • Nagomi Deli: Relish the Japanese culinary wonders.
  • Sanpuoutei Ramen: Slurp-worthy bowls of rich, flavourful ramen.
  • Luke’s Lobster Singapore (Isetan Scotts): Lobster rolls that will have you coming back for more!
  • Aburi-EN (Isetan Scotts): Japanese grilled specialists that melt in your mouth.

You must indulge your cravings at this mall when you know how to appreciate a good meal.

4. Professional Services and Legal Assistance

Ah, the classic Shaw House surprise. Did you think it’s all fun and games here? Think again!

Behind those gleaming shopfronts and aromatic food stalls, this shopping mall quietly boasts professional services and legal assistance that can swoop in like superheroes and save your day.

Here, you can acquire the best, from law to logistics, from the following:

Saviours in Suits
  • Stemcor (S.E.A.) PTE Ltd: Your go-to for international trading solutions.
  • HDR: Pioneers in design and architecture consultation.
  • Rödl & Partner Singapore Pte Ltd: Legal eagles to assist with your knotty legal tangles.
  • Indulge Mall Group Pte & Evia Real Estate Pte Ltd: Sorting out your property concerns with élan.

5. Beauty, Wellness, and Healthcare 

Despite all the hustle and bustle in one’s life, or shall you say, the magnetism and exuberance of this mall, there’s always a need to pause and pamper. After all, a happy heart and radiant skin make for a splendid day, don’t they?

Many people understand the profound depths of self-care. Beauty and wellness are not simply seeking the ‘looking good’ outcome; it’s about feeling fabulous inside out.

And healthcare? It’s the silent backbone ensuring your busy lives run without a hiccup. Here, you can choose the following:

Glow, Relax, Repeat
  • Beau-Art Beauty Pte Ltd: Where art meets aesthetics, and you discover your radiant self.
  • Snow White Beauty Studio: Unveil a fairytale transformation, because why not?
When Wealth is Health
  • Clifford Dispensary: Reliable, thorough, and always ready to guarantee you’re in tip-top shape.
  • Twin City Medical Practice: Personalised care that understands every individual’s unique needs.

A day at this mall will make you walk out a little brighter, more relaxed, and much wiser.

Getting to Shaw House 

Face it, in the fast-paced island city, nobody has the time to get lost – especially when shopping, relaxing, or an excellent meal is calling! Getting around is not primarily about saving time; it’s about keeping the mood upbeat.

So, whether you are a local or just stopping by, finding your way to this mall Singapore is a cinch.  Here’s how you hop, skip, or zoom through:

  • Disembark at the Orchard MRT station, take exit A, and voila! You’re a few steps away from this shopping mall.
  • Hop onto bus services 5, 54, 124, 128, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 700, or 700A. They’ll drop you right at the doorstep.
  • You can quickly drive through Orchard Road or Scotts Road. There are ample parking spots accessible.
Taxi or Ride-Hail
  • Simple mention, “Shaw House, please!” to the uncle or auntie driving, and you will be there in a flash!

Maximise Shaw House Singapore 

You see, visiting a mall is not a simple ‘enter-shop-leave’. There’s an art to it. You’ve got some hacks up your sleeves to make your trip efficient and joyous. Or rather, in your shopping bags?

Expert shopper mode: On:

  1. Go off-peak! Mid-mornings on weekdays are quieter. Perfect for those who prefer serenity with their retail therapy.
  2. Are you heading to Shaw during peak hours? Get your meals first. The food courts and restaurants get packed quickly.
  3. It’s not just about knowing where the stores are. It’s about planning a route that minimises backtracking. Pro-tip: Always know where the restrooms are!

Need More Cash for Shaw House Singapore?

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