3 Things to Do in Tanjong Pagar Centre Singapore

Ahh, Tanjong Pagar Centre! If a ‘centre’ of gravity were pulling Singaporeans toward fun, food, and flair, this legendary Guoco Tower would surely be. 

Imagine this: walking amidst stylish locals while a kaleidoscope of shops and restaurants beckon you with their irresistible allure. Curious about what’s in store for you at this iconic venue?

Your taste buds and shopping senses are in for a pleasurable delight!

About Tanjong Pagar Centre (Guoco Tower)

Now, before you plunge headfirst into the ocean of delicious cuisines and pleasant encounters waiting for you. It’s the perfect time to take a moment to understand why it’s affectionately called the Guoco Tower.

Standing tall and proud, this establishment is a mixed-use development skyscraper with 65 stories. It’s strategically located within Tanjong Pagar of Singapore’s Downtown Core district. Guocoland Limited developed this massive tower, the ‘Tallest Skyscraper in Singapore’ in 2016.

Thus, it has adopted the name Guoco Tower from the Guoco Group, the impressive developers behind this architectural magnificence. Here’s a bit more to chew on:

Address1 Wallich Street, Singapore 078881
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours
Contact Number+65 6386 8322
Official Websitehttps://www.guocotower.com/
Best ServicesDining and Leisure Activities

1. Dining In

“Food is the ingredient that binds people together.” Ah, the joys of dining! And if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, splendid ambience and delectable food make the world go round.

This mall is no less than a haven for food lovers. But with such plentiful choices in abundance, where do you start? Here’s a handy guide to tickle your taste buds:

Japanese Joys
  • A Noodle Story: Known for their innovative Singapore-style ramen.
  • Aburi-EN: You can’t miss their perfectly grilled meats.
  • Ippudo: Classic ramen that never disappoints.
  • JAPAN RAIL CAFE: A touch of Japan’s finest.
  • Kiwami: Where sushi dreams come true.
  • KURIYA Japanese Market: Fresh finds and delicious bites.
  • Kuro Maguro: Sashimi that melts in your mouth.
  • Syohachi Yakiniku: Grill away to glory!
Beverage Boosters
  • Boost Juice: Quench your thirst with fruity goodness.
  • Flash Coffee: Your caffeine fix in a flash!
  • Luckin Coffee: A brew that’ll luck you in. 
  • Mr Coconut: Smooth and refreshing coconut shakes.
  • Old Tea Hut: The traditional charm in a cup.
  • Starbucks: The classic, always welcoming.
  • Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee: Where coffee is an art.
Local Loves
  • Ah Lock  Co.: Mesmerising tidbits that speak Singapore.
  • Bugis Xin Yuan Ji Fish Soup: Comfort in a bowl.
  • Châteraisé PREMIUM – YATSUDOKI: Sweet treats that will have you coming back.
  • City Hot Pot 旺爐: Dip and dive into deliciousness.
  • Crave: The Nasi Lemak that hits the spot.
  • Han’s: From classic breakfasts to hearty dinners.
  • Traditional Sarawak Kolo Mee: A taste of East Malaysia, right here.

…, and the list keeps going on! Whether craving Mexican flavours at Guzman Y Gomez or the mouthwatering bread from Proofer Boulangerie, the mall has something for everyone.

2. Beauty & Wellness

You know, you aren’t just what you eat and also how you pamper and care for yourself. The world’s a whirlwind; sometimes, a spa day is not an indulgence but a necessity. 

Tanjong Pagar Centre (Guoco Tower) recognises this vital piece of the puzzle – your well-being. Here, it’s time to take a glamorous dive into the beauty and wellness shops you should not miss:

Skincare & Wellness
  • 1Gravity: Step in for an antigravity facial experience. Yep, it’s as cool as it sounds/
  • De La Belle Wellness: True to its name, it’s all about making you feel beautiful inside out.
  • Porcelain: When you seek skin revival, your skin will thank you.
Tresses & Nails
  • Kaze Hikaru: Where your hair feels the love and gets the glow-up it deserves.
  • Pixie Nail Spa: Get those nails done, darling. They’re the crown jewels of your hands.
  • QB House Premium: Quick and sleek haircuts? They’ve got you covered.
Fitness & More
  • Virgin Active: Get your sweat on! Remember, it’s not merely about having time; it’s about making time.
  • Wax Factor: For those who believe in smooth beginnings.

3. Lifestyle & Services

A mall is not simply a collection of shops. It’s a lifestyle. It’s the convenience of having everything you need under one roof. 

And this mall is not like any other mall. It’s where lifestyle meets convenience, with a cherry on top.

Picture this: After a long day, wouldn’t it be grand if you could pick up a bouquet, grab some gourmet chocolates, make a bank transaction, and even drop off your laundry in one place?

Here’s the lowdown on where to do all that:

Daily Needs & Treats
  • Cheers: Because everyone deserves a spontaneous treat now and then.
  • Little Farms: Fresh produce galore! Because you can’t make an omelette without some fresh eggs.
  • Precious Thoughts: For when you want to gift or be gifted.
  • ROYCE’: Decadent chocolates that almost feel like a hug.
  • Welcia-BHG: A one-stop shop for all your household needs.
Exclusives & Conveniences
  • Porsche: Window shopping or car shopping, it’s a treat for the eyes.
  • Wines Online: For the evenings, you want to toast to the good life.
  • HL Bank: Banking made easy and accessible.
  • Laundrymart: Drop those laundry worries and those clothes!
  • Parkway Shenton: Healthcare at your convenience. After all, health is wealth.

Getting to Tanjong Pagar Centre (Guoco Tower)

Face it: Everyone, especially Singaporeans, appreciates efficiency. Being fashionably late might be trendy elsewhere, but time is valuable here. So, ensuring you get to this mall smoothly is a top priority. 

These are the best ways to reach this landmark on time:

  • Hop on the East-West Line and alight at Tanjong Pagar Station. Exit A will greet you right at the tower’s entrance. It’s almost like they read your mind!
  • Bus lines 80 and 145 will drop you off in front of the tower. Check your Bus app; it knows the way!
  • GPS is a lifesaver! Just input “Tanjong Pagar Centre,” and you will get voice-guided directions. The Centre offers parking, so you don’t have to play the “looking for a lot” game.
  • Just mention “GUOCO Tower” or “Tanjong Pagar Centre”; your friendly taxi uncle will get you there.
Other Means: 
  • If you are nearby, why not walk? The scenery’s an absolute delight. 
  • Bikes and personal mobility devices are in vogue. Ride Safely!

Tips for Maximising Your Tanjong Pagar Centre 

Have you ever gone to a mall and felt like you missed out on something? Or you found out about a sale a day too late. Fret not!

Here are some savvy tips to make sure your trip to Tanjong Pagar Centre is as fabulous as you are:

  • Some shops have early bird specials, especially cafes. Rise and shine, and get that early bird advantage!
  • Many outlets offer loyalty cards. The more you shop, the more you save.
  • Follow Tanjong Pagar Centre (Guomo Tower) on social media for the latest promotions and events.
  • Check out the tower’s observation deck. It’s a view to remember.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. The Centre is vast, and you’ll want to explore every nook.

Need More Cash for Tanjong Pagar Centre (Guoco Tower)?

Wrapping up your day at Tanjong Pagar Centre, have you ever had that moment where you spot just one more thing you want but are running short on funds? 

Everyone has had such moments. Whether it’s that dress calling your name or the gadget you’ve been eyeing for months!

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