4 Things to Do in GR.iD Singapore

Alright, you are considering heading out this weekend, but you still need to figure out where. How about making a stop at GR.iD Singapore?

Like every Singaporean loves the savoury Laksa spicy and rich, this place offers a blend of encounters that will tickle your senses. Oh, you have yet to hear of it? 

Ahem! Sit tight and adjust your glasses (or sunnies)! You are here for a reason or four: to go around one of the most fantastic places in the Little Red Dot. 

About GR.iD Singapore

GR.iD. Does it come off as a strange name for a shopping place? It sounds a bit like so, doesn’t it?

That’s the island city for you, always coming up with something fresh and exciting. This mall is not an average but an emblem of modern design fused with a tinge of local flavours.

 It’s a recently built mall that opened to the public in 2022. and is considered entertainment-centric and the best meeting destination for new-age shoppers! Here, you can explore your identity and personality, particularly close to the essence of its architectural design inspired by Tetris.

And before you scour further about this fantastic mall, here are the details you should unearth first:

Address1 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188306
Operating HoursOpen daily between 10 AM through 10 PM.
Contact Number+65 6339 4253
Official Websitehttps://gridsingapore.com/
Best ServicesUnique Store Selections, Enriching Entertainment Hubs, and Customer-Centric Amenities

1. Shopping In GR.iD

Shopaholics, listen up! Why? It’s because it’s the right time to spill some tea about the best shopping spots in this mall. 

Are you a frugal person? Yet still, people need to shop. Science supports that shopping can help you feel good, all thanks to the activity triggering your hormones. 

Thus, you should shop and shop wisely, to be exact. It not only lifts your mood but also gives you that much-needed extra oomph!

Here are the noteworthy shops you can visit at this mall:

  • Shine Korea: The one-stop sanctuary for all K-lovers. From snacks to home products, this place truly shines.
  • 7-Eleven: Do you need a swift bite or a late-night snack run? This store has got your back, 24/7.

2. Entertainment Leisure In GR.iD

Lah, it’s not all just shop and drop at this mall, okay? GR.iD has an impressive set of offerings for the mind and soul.

It’s because the mall understands the importance of education, enrichment and entertainment that cannot be understated. Scientifically speaking, engaging in such activities aids further cognitive development, enhances creativity, and provides much-needed relaxation from these choices:

Arts & Performances
  • Green Drumming by BEAT’ABOX: Feel the rhythm, become the rhythm.
  • MADDspace: School of Music, Art, Drama & Dance: Unlock your artistic potential here.
  • O School: Dance like everyone’s watching and loving it!
Leisure & Play
  • Tatawan: An Epicurean adventure through tempting Thai dishes.
  • WAVE Party K: Party in style & make memories.
  • Club Sparks: Where young minds spark bright ideas.

3. Fitness In GR.iD

After all that shopping and enrichment, are you thinking of burning calories? Say no more! This mall is not merely about splurging and relaxing; it’s also about sweating it out, getting those muscles moving and heart pumping.

No, it’s not about running to grab the last piece on sale. But the actual, bona fide, legit fitness regimes!

Did you know a good workout can boost dopamine, reduce stress, and improve cognitive functions? Legit, and GR.iD knows it too. It boasts a variety of fitness oases to cater to diverse fitness enthusiasts.

The fitness centres you can look forward to sweating out to:

  • First Model: Not just about the runway; here, fitness meets fashion. 
  • GOLFTEC Singapore: Perfect your swing and become the gold champ everyone would envy.
  • MT30: You will get to dive into intense workouts and crush your fitness goals.
  • Pineapple MMA: Learn self-defence and pack a punch or kick!
  • Por Vida Skateboarding: Skate your worries away and get those legs moving.
  • The Battleground: Challenge your limits and find your warrior spirit.
  • The Physio Circle: Holistic healing and muscle rejuvenation for all!

4. Dining In GR.iD

After all that fitness, you must earn a good meal, right? This mall says “Say no more” with its tempting range of dining selections. Because, honestly, a shopping trip without mouthwatering grub is like a song without a chorus – incomplete!

Every bite you’ll take from here on, every dish you savour, won’t be about filling your tummies. It’s about the memories you make.

Rest assured that the food you’ll have is an experience, and this mall guarantees that every meal is a tale worth sharing.

Here are your dining delights waiting to be explored:

Asian Feast
  • Cha Yu Fan Hou: It’s the authentic flavours of Asia served on a plate.
  • Isshin Machi: Traditional bites with that modern twist.
  • Kamikaze Asian Tapas Bar: The best fusion of the East meets the West.
  • Meokja by Jungga: Savour the best taste of Korean cuisine.
  • Shan Dong Dong Ji: Chinese dishes that transport you straight to its origin.
  • Magnate: The place for budding entrepreneurs.
Western Delights
  • Bisoux: A love letter to all things Western and delicious.
  • Chops! Grill & Sides: Steaks and grills that will make your day better.
  • House On the Moon: A culinary affair out of this world.
  • Genkai Koya (Opening Soon): A teaser to tickle your Western food fantasies.
Cafes & Desserts
  • Street K: A cosy corner for the coffee lover in you.
  • Smile Dessert: Every dish brings a smile to your face.
  • Taste My Tofu: Silky, smooth, and sumptuous.

Getting to GR.iD

So you are all geared up about this mall, but wait up! You must get there before getting serious about that retail exploration, right? 

But why should you get all fussy regarding going to the mall? Well, arriving there without trouble means more time to enjoy less time lost to your destination.

Here are the modes of transportation you may select from:

  • Conveniently accessible from Dhoby Ghaut Station, Exit A, Bencoolen Station, Exit B, Bras Basah Station, and Exit D, which is less than 10 minutes of walk away.
  • Buses from Sch of the Arts Bus Stop (08079) 65, 64, 139, 131, 147, 857, 166 and Bencoolen Stn Exit B Bus Stop (08069) 7, 16, 14, 36, 77, 111, 106, 124, 167, 162M, 174, 190, 175, 502, 518 shall drop you off at this mall’s doorstep. 
  • No worries if you are diving: ample parking spaces await you. 
  • Mention “GR.iD, please” to any taxi uncle, and they’ll know where to take you. 

Tips to Maximise GR.iD

What better way to enjoy the mall than maximising your mall activities wisely? Here are some pro tips to get you started and accomplished.

  1. Start when the mall opens to beat the crowds and enjoy the best deals.
  2. Make the mall directory your best friend. Plan your stops!
  3. Grab a drink from one of their many cafes. Keep the shopping energy up!
  4. Use their comfortable rest areas to give your feet a break.
  5. Grab the GR.iD map because getting lost is not part of the plan unless it’s in shopping!

Need More Cash for GR.iD?

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