4 Things to Do in Teck Whye Shopping Centre Singapore

Ah, Teck Whye Shopping Centre. If it is not already on your radar, then it’s about time it was. The charming heartland mall is not another building – it’s a slice of Singapore, with all its rich flavours and personalities.

Have you ever walked past a place and thought about what’s in there for you? If you have been bypassing this mall, you miss out!

So, come on, lah! Go on your adventure. Here are the four exciting things you can do in this treasure of a place. 

About Teck Whye Shopping Centre Singapore


Every Singaporean knows there’s something special about Teck Whye Shopping Centre. But what is it?

Is it the nostalgic vibes that resonate from its walls? Or it could be an enduring spirit that has seen years fly by.

Since its establishment in 1980, it is a notable building. Why? It’s because it’s one of the first HDB developments in Singapore’s northwestern part. 

It’s the shopping centre that has played witness to countless tales of Singaporean lives intertwining. And it’s not merely a regular mall; it’s part of the grand Singaporean history.

Here are the vital details you must know first:

Address145 Teck Whye Ave, Singapore 680145
Operating HoursOpen between 830 AM to 10 AM from Mondays to Sundays.
Contact Number+6567624980
Official Websitehttps://www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/residential/where2shop/explore/choa-chu-kang/teck-whye-shopping-centre
Best ServicesVarious small shops, convenience, necessities

1. Shopping in Teck Whye Shopping Centre


It’s time to get down to brass tacks. Everyone loves shopping. Why wouldn’t you, right?

You do not only get to have the items you yearn for but also for the sheer joys of the experience—retail indulgence, as they call it.

Of course, you would eventually burn a hole in your wallet. Yet that fulfilling satisfaction that elates your heart is something else.

And what better place to encounter such euphoric shopping moments than at this mall? Here are the stores you can get lost in:

For the Spiritual
  • Yee Soon Heng Joss Stick & Joss Paper: The perfect place for religious offerings and essentials.
To Spruce Up Your Home’s Interiors
  • Keat Hong Furniture Trading: It is your go-to for beautifully crafted furniture pieces that will transform your humble abode how you imagined it.
For the Basics
  • Yuan Cheng Shop: It’s a treasure trove for all your daily essentials.

2. Hair and Beauty in Teck Whye Shopping Centre


Are you seeking to pamper yourself? Because, face it, looking and feeling fantastic transcends the luxury concept, as in truth, it’s essential and a necessity. 

And when you are in Teck Whye Shopping Centre, you should go forth and take a little ‘me time’. Because, to be honest, a little pampering and self-love never hurt anyone!

So here’s a place where you can enjoy some self-care:

  • Sui Bin Unisex Salon: Whether it’s a trim or a complete makeover, this place promises a transformative affair.

3. Dining in Teck Whye Shopping Centre


Now that you’ve talked about shopping and beauty, it’s time to address the elephant in the room or the hunger pangs in your bellies. Teck Whye Shopping Centre’s epicurean expedition is as essential as the shopping journey. 

Food, after all, is not mere sustenance and filling up your stomach; it’s about tempting allure to your taste buds and making new memories. A meal can turn any ordinary day into an extraordinary one!

It’s the dining that no one should ever take for granted. A hearty meal or a delightful snack, every munch matters, and in this mall, you are spoilt for selections. With a vast selection of cuisines and dishes, every visit promises a new dining experience.

Must-try establishments you should enjoy:

  • Fu Chan Coffee Shop: When you need your caffeine fix and classic Singaporean breakfast.
  • 美人鱼 Mermaid Fish Soup & Yu Pan Kway Teow Soup Fish Soup 御品粿条汤鱼汤: Get ready to indulge in a bowl of comforting fish soup that warms your soul.
  • (Fu Chan) Harummanis Muslim Food: Delivering a delightful array of Halal dishes that promises satisfaction in every bite.
  • Boon Chiang Hainanese Chicken Rice: A classic done right. Tender chicken and fragrant rice; what’s not to love?
  • Singapore Best Crispy Pata: Crispy, flaky, and downright mouthwatering.
  • Xiang Porridge(香粥品): A heartwarming porridge is sometimes all you need.
  • Fatty Bom Bom: When you are craving something hearty and fried.
  • Xiao Bao Mixed Vegetable Rice: For the health-conscious, get your dose of veggies here.
  • Xi Shan Carrot Cake: You can’t pass up local delight.

4. Grocery and Services in Teck Whye Shopping Centre


What’s left after satisfying your cravings and shopping desires at Teck Whye? Well, there’s more than meets the eye! Beneath the glitzy facade of trendy shops and tasty eateries lies the beating heart of this shopping centre: the daily essentials.

Sometimes, it’s the mundane that brings the most joy. It’s the convenience of picking up your weekly groceries, repainting that chipped wall, or securing a piece of jewellery that ties a day together.

Teck Whye is not solely about splurging and dining – it’s a one-stop haven for what you require most daily.

Here are your essential stops:

Supermarkets and Markets
  • FairPrice Jalan Teck Whye: Where variety meets value. Everything you need under a single roof!
  • U Stars Supermarket: Star-quality goods without the star-sized prices.
  • Sin Lee Fatt Market Product Shop & Hock Soon Sin Market Produce Shop: Fresh produce? Check. Wide variety? Double-check.
  • Shaleha Hamid Frozen Food: When you want to whip up a treat from the comforts of your kitchen.
Home Improvements & Services
  • Alywin Trading & Services: Every task is manageable; they will handle your needs without a hitch.
  • Teck Whye Colour Centre: Dream it, and they will paint it! Add some colour to your life!
Jewellery & Fineries
  • Sin Chong Goldsmith: Craftsmanship that stands the test of time because some things are timeless.

Getting to Teck Whye Shopping Centre

Every Singaporean knows this: time is gold. And like you wouldn’t want to waste gold, wasting time looking for directions? Not your jam.

Whether you are a frequent goer or a Teck Whye Shopping Centre first-timer, you are going smoothly. So, dive straight into how you can make your trip breezy!

  • Alight at Teck Whye LRT Station. A breezy walk and you are right at the doorstep of the shopping centre.
  • Many bus services run through the area, such as 188, 190, 975, 307, 985, 172, 991, 991B, 982E, 190A, G89, 975C, G111, G208, 67, 974, 976, 974A, and 188E. Look for the ones that stop closest to the centre and hop on!
  • There’s ample parking if you are driving. Input the mall’s address into your GPS and go away.
  • Tell the friendly driver, “Teck Whye Shopping Centre”, and they will know where to go. Or, use your favourite ride-hailing app.

You can also go cycling or walking, especially if you are nearby. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly preference!

Tips for Maximising Teck Whye Shopping Centre

You would not want to dive into the deep end without armbands. And just like that, heading to a mall without some tips might leave you feeling somehow overwhelmed. So, ensure you are ready to get the most out of Teck Whye!

  1. Mornings are usually less crowded, making it a prime shopping time.
  2. Sign up for any membership or loyalty cards the centre offers.
  3. Stay connected with free Wi-Fi access. Keep an eye out for sign-in details.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the store locations using the mall directory. An excellent plan never hurts!

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