4 Things to Do in Hougang 1 Singapore

Looking for that perfect spot to dive into the heart and soul of Singapore’s vibrant essence? Search no more! Hougang 1 steps into the scene as an ultra-modern shopping haven nestled right in the beating heart of the enchanting Hougang neighborhood. 

This is no ordinary mall – it’s a hub of experiences where thrills of shopping, culinary delights, mind-expanding knowledge, and soothing self-care fuse into an irresistible package. 

Let’s embark on an exploration of what makes Hougang 1 the ultimate hotspot, catering to both families and students with an insatiable zest for life.

About Hougang 1 Singapore

Picture a chill sanctuary custom-crafted to cater to the needs of families far and wide. Enter the scene, Hougang 1 – a retail utopia that embraces you warmly, evolving into a cherished hub for both families and scholars. It’s the spot where you can unwind, relish life, and weave some seriously delightful memories.

This place has etched an impressive mark for itself with pocket-friendly grub, a cornucopia of shopping avenues, and a heap of services, emerging as the prime pick for those seeking convenience and diversity all within a single abode.

From an eclectic range of groceries to lip-smacking dining alternatives, and even a center to delve into the books, Hougang 1 has every angle sorted out.

Address1 Hougang Street 91, Singapore 538692
Opening Hours10 AM – 11 PM
Phone+65 6593 3351
Good ForGroceries, dining, & families 

1. Embrace the Joy of Shopping

Let’s talk about shopping options at Hougang 1, shall we? Here, you’re in for a treat with the following shopping havens:

  • FairPrice Xtra: Brace yourself for a shopping experience like no other at FairPrice Xtra, an ultimate shopping destination curated by NTUC FairPrice. This retail gem boasts a wide range of everyday grocery essentials, ensuring you not only great prices but also a splendid variety. Get ready for some extra savings, extra choices, and extra enjoyment every single time.
  • Sol Mart: Calling all fellow fans of Korean wonders, you’re in for a delightful surprise at Sol Mart. This place is a treasure chest of authentic Korean delights. From the ever-famous Kimchi to traditional Korean cooking goodies, instant noodles that transport you to Seoul, mouthwatering snacks, and much more. Sol Mart is your gateway to savoring the rich flavors of Korea.

2. Savor Culinary Delights

Hold onto your taste buds, folks, because Hougang 1 is throwing a flavor party that you won’t want to miss. From hearty meals to quick nibbles and even those sweet tooth cravings, there’s a mouthwatering treasure here for every foodie soul. Feeling the rumble in your stomach? Get ready to explore a spectrum of tastes:


  • Gochi-So Shokudo & Tun Xiang
  • Maki-San
  • Melvados
  • Saizeriya
  • Umisushi

Fast Food

  • KFC
  • McDonald’s 

Bakery & Confectionery 

  • Mugiya 
  • Primadéli
  • Twelve Cupcakes

Cafes & Desserts

  • Heavenly Wang 
  • Rocky Master
  • Starbucks

Light Bites & Food Kiosks

  • LiHO
  • Mr Bean / Do Qoo

Food Hall 

  • Kopitiam 

3. Nurturing Smarts

Hougang 1 isn’t just about having a blast; it’s where you grow your smarts.

  • Aureus Academy: Ignite your inner musician with custom lessons in piano, violin, guitar, vocals, and more. At Aureus Academy, all ages and skill levels are welcome to jump into the world of music.
  • Mind Stretcher: Amp up your learning with top-notch extra lessons for the little ones and primary school crew. Mind Stretcher tailors programs for Achievers, High Achievers, and those in the Primary Gifted Education Programme, setting young minds up for awesomeness.
  • Wang Learning Centre: Craving Chinese mastery? Wang Learning Centre’s got your back. Dive into special classes designed to make learning Chinese effective and cool.

4. Treat Yourself to TLC

Give yourself a dose of pure pampering within the diverse selection of hair, beauty, and wellness spots at Hougang 1.

  • KSkin Korean Express Facial
  • Luminous Nails & Beauty 
  • NK Hairworks 
  • QB House 
  • Watsons

Getting to Hougang 1

Getting to Hougang 1 is a breeze, thanks to its strategic location.

  • By Bus: Convenient bus routes include 72, 109, 116, 159, and 325.
  • By Train: For MRT commuters, both Buangkok MRT Station (NE15) and Hougang MRT Station (NE14) provide easy access.

Tips For Maximizing Your Hougang 1 Experience

Here are some nifty tricks to turbocharge your experience at Hougang 1:

  • Dive into Shopping Delight: Get ready to be amazed by the captivating shopping extravaganza at FairPrice Xtra and Sol Mart.
  • Feast Your Way Through: Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable culinary journey as you explore a variety of eateries, cozy cafes, and tasty food kiosks.
  • Fuel Your Knowledge Quest: Ignite your learning journey with top-notch educational spots like Aureus Academy, Mind Stretcher, and Wang Learning Centre.
  • Pamper Your Senses: Take some time off to treat yourself with revitalizing hair, beauty, and wellness services that’ll leave you feeling like a million bucks.
  • Navigate with Ease: Planning your way around is a breeze, whether you’re hopping on a convenient bus route or making use of the nearby MRT stations.

Unveiling the Splendor of Hougang 1 Mall: A Spectacular Retreat

In wrapping up this delightful journey through the myriad experiences of Hougang 1 Mall, we encourage you to share your positive impressions with the world. Your words hold the power to inspire others to explore and relish in the charm this mall has to offer.

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