4 Things to Do in Alexandra Retail Centre Singapore

Singapore is not just a tapestry of cultures; it’s also a rich mosaic of shopping occasions. And in this intricate pattern, the Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) shines bright. 

In a city where shopping malls sometimes feel dime-a-dozen, the ARC emerges as a delightful deviation from the norm. What makes it stand out? It’s the blend of its riveting history and, of course, the undeniable lure of its unique shopping venture. 

If you have been in Singapore and haven’t heard of ARC, you are in for a real treat! So, check out the four things you can do at this mall below.

About Alexandra Retail Centre Singapore


Ah, the ARC! The place where modernity and innovation meet nostalgia. Its doors opened to the world in 2011, and it was not just another mall addition to the island city’s skyline. It is an ode to the retail culture.

Tracing back to its inception, the ARC has grown in the hearts of Singaporeans for its unique vibe. It is a place to splurge and a locale where memories are created. The constant bustle, the magnetic and enchanting storefronts, and the history it’s seen over the years make it a veritable icon in Singapore’s retail universe.

Here are the essential details you have to know about ARC first:

Address460 Alexandra Road, Singapore 119963
Operating HoursOpens from Mon-Sun between 10 AM to 10 PM
Contact Number+65 6807 4438
Official Websitehttps://www.arc4u.com.sg/
Top ServicesSingPost Letter Box/ SingPost Pop Station, Nursing Rooms, ATMs, AXS Stations & Sam Kiosk, Eco-Shopping

1. Shopping in Alexandra Retail Centre


When you think of shopping, you often imagine a labyrinth of endless aisles filled with everything your heart could ever desire. ARC encapsulates this but with a sprinkle of retail magic. Every shop you will visit has a story to tell, waiting for shoppers like you to become a part of it.

Now, for those who are keen to dip their toes into the shopping waters of ARC, there’s a plethora of options to choose from:

  • Bata: For lovers of comfy and chic footwear.
  • Crocs Outlet: Where style meets utmost comfort.
  • Goldlion Outlet: For the dapper and the debonair.
  • Kawata House of Socks: It’s not just about socks; it’s about making a statement with your happy feet.
  • REFASH: Because style is eternal, even if fashion is transient.
  • Flower Matters: When words fail, let blossoms do the talking.
  • Luiga: It’s the universe of eclectic and must-have accessories.
  • Junior Page: For bibliophiles, especially for the kids and those hungry for knowledge.

With so much to offer and more, you now fully understand that ARC isn’t just a mall. 

2. Dining in Alexandra Retail Centre


Food is more than sustenance for many people – it’s an adventure, an affair. Regarding a culinary trip, Alexandra Retail Centre offers various flavours, each painting its tale on the palate.

Step right in, and you will understand why it is not simply about satiating hunger pangs. It is about feeling the warmth of the best company, the thrill of trying something new, and the joy of revisiting an old favourite.

Dining Choices at ARC

You have to face the music; there’s an unmatched pleasure in having a myriad of choices regarding food. It’s a world where one can drift from the familiar tang of fast food to the nuanced layers of traditional dishes. And ARC delivers just that.

Fast Food Outlets: The Quick Bites, Big Delights
  • Burger King: Where flame-grilled meets fast food finesse.
  • McDonald’s: The timeless classic, with its beloved McSpicy.
  • Old Chang Kee: Curry puffs that have seen and seasoned generations.
Cafes & Beverages: Blissful Sips & Bites
  • Heavenly Wang: A wholesome Singaporean cafe experience.
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Where beverages turn into comforting rituals.
  • LiHO Tea: Refreshment in every cup, whether bubble tea or a fruity burst.
Asian Cuisine: A Taste Tour Across Continents
  • Chong Pang Old Time Flavor: A trip down nostalgia lane.
  • Canton Paradise: Cantonese culinary wonders in one place.
  • Ichiban Sushi: Bite-sized wonders from the Land of the Rising Sun.
International Delights: A Global Gourmet Adventure
  • Saizeriya: Italian on a budget, without skimping on flavour.
  • SBCD Korean Tofu House: Where tofu takes centre stage in a Korean culinary drama.
  • D’penyetz: The best Indonesian menu is here with their speciality chicken dishes.

3. Education Enrichment in Alexandra Retail Centre


Education isn’t just about textbooks and exams. It is about cultivating a love for learning, shaping futures, and sometimes, dancing to your heart’s content or striking the right chord!

Centres of Excellence at ARC
  • aikiForest: Where martial arts meet mindfulness.
  • Cristofori Music School: Harmony, rhythm, and soul – all under one roof.
  • Dancepointe Academy: Tap, twirl, and leap into the dance world.
  • Rainbow Cove: A holistic approach to early childhood education.

4. Beauty and Wellness in Alexandra Retail Centre


A sparkle comes from feeling good inside and out. And ARC understands it thoroughly, delivering an oasis for those who treasure beauty, health, and wellness.

Taking care of oneself is not vanity; it is necessary. ARC has covered you, from ensuring optimal health and pampering your skin to getting that perfect haircut.

Holistic Health and Wellness Destinations at ARC
  • Adeline Beauty Spa: Rejuvenation with a touch of luxury.
  • Chiropractic First: Align wellness one vertebra at a time.
  • Parkway Shenton Wellness Centre: Comprehensive health care solutions.
  • Unity Pharmacy & Watson: Meeting all your pharmaceutical needs.
Beauty & Grooming Spots Worth the Visit
  • COLUTI VISION: More than just an option, it’s about a more transparent world.
  • Creative Hairworkz: Where hair is not simply styled but celebrated.
  • Kskin: Experience skincare tailored only for you.

Getting into Alexandra Retail Centre Singapore

It’s no exaggeration to say that reaching a destination can sometimes be as memorable as the time spent there. And when the place in question is the illustrious Alexandra Retail Centre, you know you are setting the stage for a day of delightful discoveries.

Considering its prime location, Alexandra Retail Centre offers multiple convenient ways to visit:

Public Transport:

The Green Line’s Labrador Park MRT station is just a stone’s throw away. Hop off here and take a stroll to the mall.


Numerous buses stop here near Alexandra Road, such as 963, 10, 30, 93, 61, 51, 97, 100, 120, 166, 143, and 188, making it a convenient option for many.

Drive in Style:

You have ample parking space here if you prefer driving. Remember, weekends can be busy, so arrive early to snag a spot!

Optimising Your Alexandra Retail Centre Adventure

Every visit to ARC promises something special. There’s always a reason to return, whether that exclusive sale at your favourite store or a newly opened eatery waiting to enchant and entice your taste buds. 

To ensure your visit is more than just shopping:

  1. Morning hours are typically less crowded. Enjoy a peaceful shopping spree.
  2. If possible, visit on weekdays. Less crowd, more comfort.
  3. Check online for any ongoing promotions or events. Who knows, you might strike gold!
  4. Explore different cuisines on each visit. ARC is a gastronomic adventure waiting to happen.
  5. Ensure your phone’s juiced up. From store locations to offers, your smartphone is your best shopping buddy.

A Grand Finale: Cash Up for Alexandra Retail Centre

The delightful array of shops, the irresistible cuisine from around the globe, and the vibrant atmosphere – a day at ARC leaves you wishing for just a few more hours (and maybe a little bit more cash).

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