4 Things to Do in Anchorpoint Singapore

Ahoy there, shoppers and food enthusiasts! Have you ever stumbled upon a place so legendary, so iconic that it immediately feels like Singapore’s best-kept secret? It’s all about Anchorpoint Singapore, of course!

If you want a unique shopping experience combined with delightful culinary treats, you are in for that much-deserved treat! Here, you will understand why it’s beyond a shopping spot; it’s a cultural phenomenon. As you dig deeper, you will be excited to do these four things to experience this mall for yourself!

About Anchorpoint Singapore

While new malls spring up now and then in the ever-evolving cityscape, Anchorpoint Singapore stands towering, retaining its distinctive charm. Having set its foundation in 1997, the mall has seen Singapore through thick and thin, continuously developing with time and emerging as the choice destination for many.

What sets it apart?

It isn’t solely about brands or the eateries; it’s the experience and nostalgia it proposes. Many Singaporeans have fond memories and moments tied to this place, making it a heartwarming part of your local culture.

Locals adore it; tourists rave about it, and everyone else? They are heading there right now. 

Crucial details you must know:

Address370 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159953
Operating HoursOpen daily from 0730 AM to 1 AM
Contact Number+65 6475 2257
Official Websitehttps://www.anchor point.com.sg/
Best ServicesQuick essentials shopping

1. Shopping in Anchorpoint


When life gets mundane, shopping adds that much-needed spark, doesn’t it? Every turn at Anchorpoint promises a treasure waiting for you to discover.

Everyone knows that delightful tingle when you snag that perfect piece – apparel, accessories, or a random trinket that calls out to you. Here, you will have an eclectic selection that suits your preferred liking.

  • A KIND OOOF Jewellery: It’s a shop beyond mere accessories; every piece here tells a story.
  • Cotton: ON Outlet: It’s your destination for affordable and trendy fashion finds.
  • Cotton: ON Kids Outlet: Dress up your loved ones in style without breaking the bank.
  • La Trendz: Do you consider yourself a fashion-forward person? If so, then seek eclectic pieces here to stand out.

Purchasing these items isn’t about having materialistic desires; it’s primarily because of the joys of shopping discoveries. So, what next for you here at this mall?

2. Dining in Anchorpoint


Hey there, you know what comes next after all that shopping! It’s time to gear up your taste buds! At this mall, an array of culinary delicacies is ready to welcome you! Every bite shall take you on an adventure; legacy carries through every sip.

You won’t only acquire the most mouthwatering dishes; you’ll also have the most astonishing ambience. The company and services are superb; the sheer variety will surprise your palette.

Your choices are:

The Local and Asian Glory
  • Bengawan Solo
  • 2ThumbsUp Hainanese Curry Rice
  • Koufu
  • Shi Li Fang Hot Pot
  • Ma Maison
  • Daun Bistro
Coffee, Desserts, and Brisk Nibbles
  • Anagram Coffee
  • KOI Thé
  • Starbucks
  • Tiong Bahru Bakery
  • The Connoisseur Concerto
  • Common Man Coffee Roasters
  • Fang Patisserie
  • Mr Coconut
  • Melvados
Western and International Cuisines
  • Fish Mart SAKURAYA
  • Jack’s Place
  • KFC
  • Subway
  • The Marmalade Pantry
  • Overbrod (Scandinavian Deli)
  • Wine Connection

Whether you are planning for that cosy date night, a quick coffee run, or a hearty and special family meal, here, every dining scene is a new flavour to discover.

3. Hobbies and Education in Anchorpoint


Here, the joy of learning and the thrill of a newfound hobby go hand in hand. After all, what’s life without rhythm and a splash of colour?

Minds and hobbies are nurtured for that wholesome growth experience. Of course, hobbies and education are two different concepts. Yet, both efficiently mould one’s future and can’t be overstated.

At Anchorpoint, here are your chosen pathways:

  • Aureus Academy: It’s where musical dreams are birthed and nurtured.
  • Global Art: Moulding the Picassos and Van Goghs of tomorrow.
  • Premier School of Russian Ballet: Grace, poise, and elegance in every move.

4. Beauty and Wellness in Anchorpoint


You often hear people say that “beauty is skin deep.” At times, they may be correct or might be incorrect. And the truth is wellness resonates with the soul.

At Anchorpoint, you can believe that both are balanced and enhanced. You can always emphasise the importance of self-care. Besides, with hectic lifestyles today, you need that refreshing pause:

  • Organic Express Hair Colour Lab: Bid farewell to chemicals; embrace organic goodness.
  • De Sand Salon: A retreat for your tresses.
  • Honey Beauty Nail Salon: It’s the place where every nail shares a tale of elegance.
  • Watsons: It’s Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, meeting every wellness need.

Getting to Anchorpoint Singapore

Stepping into the urban whirlwind of Singapore, you may wonder: Where should you kick-start your shopping splurge? The answer, dear friend, gleams proudly in the Queenstown district – Anchorpoint Singapore.

Reaching this retail sanctuary shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s a step-by-step guide tailored to both locals and cherished tourists:


Alight at Queenstown MRT (EW19) and Redhill (EW18) station. It’s a brisk walk to the mall.


Several routes include 33, 120, 153, 14, 197,195, and 961 services.


You can ask any driver; they know the spot well. Fast efficient, and it offers a scenic view of the cityscape.


Use your GPS for that speedy route. There are ample parking spaces. Remember, though, weekends can be teeming, so an early start is wise!


Ride your bike from the rail corridor & park connector network.

Anchorpoint Shopping Stroll Maximized

Oh, the retail pleasures! Can anything compare to it?

Doubtfully so. It’s an adventure altogether. 

It’s good that Anchorpoint Singapore, with its fusion of boutique stores and international brands, is your next best shopping stop.

Shop Smart, Shop Right
  1. Visit the website and check the directory. Familiarise yourself with the design to steer with ease.
  2. Always prioritise yourself by dressing for comfort. Do you like those comfortable shoes? They are your best companion for your store-hopping moments.
  3. Weekdays offer a more serene shopping experience. What about the weekends? Well, it’s crazy busy. So choose the best time to shop because timing is the key.
  4. Do you need help figuring out where to start? Go ahead and chat with a friendly Singaporean shopper. They may just point you to that hidden gem you’ve been seeking.

Boost Your Cash for Anchorpoint Singapore 

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