4 Things to Do in Pasir Ris West Plaza Singapore

Ah, Pasir Ris West Plaza. A jewel within the East, where shopping fantasies come to life. As the sun sets, the plaza illuminates, tempting locals and tourists to its charismatic corridors. 

Have you ever wondered what secrets this plaza holds within its walls? It’s for you to dig into and discover the ventures awaiting you.

Are you ready to move forward with this expedition?  Lace-up your sneaker, and let this guide help you through the magic of this plaza!

About Pasir Ris West Plaza

Firstly, it’s high time to set the record straight: Pasir Ris West Plaza is not an average and ordinary shopping place. It has character, charm, and a certain je ne sais quoi or, in the local dialect, that “shiok” factor.

Since its establishment in 1997, this plaza has stood the test of time. Thus successfully cementing its place in the island city’s heartbeats of many locals and tourists.

So, before you visit this plaza, here are the vital details you must uncover first:

Address735 Pasir Ris Street 72, Singapore 510735
Operating HoursOpen from 10 AM to 10 PM
Contact Number+65 6581 3783
Best ServicesAmple Parking, Customer Service Desk

1. Shopping

How should you enjoy your day at Pasir Ris West Plaza? To shop, of course!

When you step into this plaza, you will realise you are not simply walking into a shopping centre but moving forward on a retail restorative trip. 

Did you know that shopping can boost mood and alleviate stress beyond its apparent perks? It’s science, folks! 

Here’s where you start your shopping heaven journey:

For the Everyday Shopper
  • FairPrice Pasir Ris West Plaza: Get your daily essentials here. From fresh produce to pantry staples, everything’s available for you!
  • 7-Eleven + Mr. Softee: Grab that quick yet delicious snack and indulge in a soft serve!
Acquire Those Unique Finds
  • Line Stationery: Paper enthusiasts rejoice! Whether you’re a student or an artist, this store is a treasure trove of notebooks, pens, and everything in between.
  • Infinite Florist: From blooming roses to fragrant lilies, find the perfect bouquet for any occasion here.
Satiate That Sweet Tooth
  • Dessert and Fruits Stall: Satisfy those sugar cravings with a favourable array of desserts. Also, dig into a selection of fresh fruits to balance the sweetness.

2. Dining In

Step those shopping bags aside because it’s time to pamper your taste buds! As you have understood many times and again, dining is an art of its own. When you dine, you consume delectable food and create memories around a table, feasting on those sumptuous dishes and letting the world pleasantly disappear.

Now, you should take advantage of having a splendid dining time. Such moments, filled with savoury aromas and delightful bites, can turn any ordinary day into something extraordinary.

This plaza boasts numerous selections of dining choices that will make you drool, such as:

Satisfy Your Asian Desires
  • Hua Zai Hong Kong Roasted Delight: When cravings for roasted meats arise, this spot will take care of your hunger pangs.
  • Koufu: A food oasis where you can indulge in various local delicacies without feeling guilty.
  • Fish & Chicks: For that much yearned for Asian-infused Western food!
  • Ding Ji: Noodle fans, come here for some mouth-watering slurps, especially taste the sought-after Teochew-style noodles, bak chor mee, fish maw soup and laksa.
  • Kue Kue Nyonya: A taste of tradition in every pastry bite.
Fast Food Delights
  • McDonald’s: Your favourite golden arches that never disappoint.
  • Kopitiam: When you require that fast and scrumptious bite and coffee on the go.

3. Beauty Care, Hair, Massage, Healthcare, and Spa 

Okay, be honest; who does not want to look dazzling or rejuvenated after shopping? Especially when Pasir Ris West Plaza has such pampering oases awaiting you.

Scientifically speaking, beauty and wellness treatments are not just about vanity. Such activities improve psychological well-being, boost self-esteem, relieve stress, and improve overall health. After all, self-care is the best care.

For Your Face and Body
  • Oxford Medical Centre: When health is a concern, this is the centre you have to go to.
  • West Point Optometrist: Assisting in keeping your vision sharp and stylish.
Grooming and Hair Care
  • Paul’s Barbershop: A clean cut above the rest.
  • Scissors Professional Hair Salon: Giving your locks the love they deserve.
  • TRESSES: Where hair dreams come to life.
Pampering Beyond Compare
  • MANICURED @ Pasir Ris: Delivering a suite of services – nails, lash, brows, IPL, and waxing.
  • Step by Step: Every method leads to relaxation and rejuvenation.

4. The Exemplary Access to Convenience of Services

Everyone wants life to become more straightforward. Well, it’s grand that this plaza comprehends such demands perfectly! Because, face it, time is gold, and convenience is the gem everyone’s hunting for.

Did you know that having accessible services scientifically reduces decision fatigue? Less wandering around means more energy to enjoy the day. So, if you are keen on ticking off your to-do list effortlessly, here’s where you can head to:

Pet Needs & More
  • Superpets @ Pasir Ris West Plaza: Those adorable furbabies and animal friends deserve the best.
  • D Happy Pet Shop: Joy for your pets, in a nutshell.
For the Home
  • Qi Wen Upholsteries Store: Making homes pretty, one fabric at a time.
Children and Care
  • J & L Child Care Centre Pte Ltd: Where tiny tots thrive.
Others You’ll Love
  • Everyday Laundry: Dirty laundry? Problem solved!
  • Singapore Pools: Try your luck today!

Getting to Pasir Ris West Plaza

Do you know the directions? It’s not just about maps; it’s about steering through life’s mall-sized venture with flair. Ready to make your way to this plaza without breaking a sweat? 

Here’s how:

  • Step out at the Pasir Ris MRT station through the East-West Line, and you’re only a short walk from the plaza.
  • Many lines have stops close by, particularly 88, 81, 53, 58, 39, 358, and 109 – making your journey complete quickly.
  • Key in “Pasir Ris West Plaza” in your GPS, and away you go! The parking facilities are top-notch, ensuring your vehicle is snug.
  • Direct the driver to the main entrance, and you’ll be shopping quickly!

Tips for Maximising Pasir Ris West Plaza

Have you thought, “I wish someone had told me that before!”? Well, no more wishful thinking! Here are some fabulous tips to elevate your mall affair:

  1. Beat the crowd; start shopping early!
  2. Drop by the customer service desk for all the insider info.
  3. Comfy footwear is a must! Your feet will feel its best throughout the day. Tired but not bruised.
  4. Carry a water bottle. Stay refreshed.
  5. List down stores you want to visit to maximise your moments.

Need More Cash for Pasir Ris West Plaza?

Had a blast but feel the pinch of the wallet? Not to worry, solutions are waiting around the corner when you are at Pasir Ris West Plaza.

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