4 Things to Do in Rochester Mall Singapore

Ah, Rochester Mall Singapore – not your everyday shopping arena but an emblem of style and vibrancy in the Lion City’s heartland. The urban haven calls you not simply because of its glittering storefront but because of the affluent tapestry of history that forms its backbone.

You might be wondering why you should grace this mall with your presence. Well, it is not only about the impressive food and retail selections, although those are undeniably top-notch.

The accolades it has garnered over the years and the melting pot of cultures it showcases testify to Singapore’s heritage and modernity coexisting smoothly. So, find out the four things you can do at this mall now!

About Rochester Mall Singapore

Enter the Rochester Mall Singapore, and you are not simply stepping into a building – you are diving into a cultural hotspot. First and foremost, it isn’t a simple mall but a paradise, standing out in the island city. A place where culture, arts, and your appetite meet its match!

It’s an architectural wonder with an irresistible historic charm. The mall does not focus on today; it reflects Singapore’s illustrious past. It’s a chronicle of Singapore’s march towards urban sophistication.

Established in 2011, Rochester Mall quickly positioned itself as more than a commercial venture. Its walls whisper tales of yesteryears, while its corridors resonate with today’s buzz. The mall’s longstanding history has made it a staple in Singaporean shopping mall culture and a preferred rendezvous for many.

Address35 Rochester Drive, Singapore 138639
Operating HoursMondays to Sundays – 10 AM – 10 PM
Contact Number+65 6570 3966
Official Websitehttps://rochestermall.com.sg/
Top ServicesPremium Lounge, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Access to Arts and Civil Cultural, Activities & Events

1. Dining In

For some, the mall is a blank canvas of retail adventures. For others, it is a culinary diary waiting to be written. And with a food scene as vibrant as this mall in Singapore, your gastronomic story will be filled with memorable chapters.

It’s time to get one thing straight: dining at Rochester Mall is not simply about filling the belly – it is a sensory expedition. The selections are abundant and diverse, whether you want a heartwarming meal or a simple coffee fix.

Western Satisfaction:
  • CALI: It’s all about continental classics that speak of culinary finesse.
  • Picotin Express: Experience Europe in every bite.
  • Al Capone’s Sports Bar + Dining: Enjoy thrilling sports and mouth-watering dishes.
  • Otter Pizza: Relish the rich flavours of hand-tossed pizzas.
Pan-Asian Palette:
  • CHIRZ Asian Bistro: Journey through Asia with dishes that resonate with authenticity.
  • Ji De Chi Dessert: Traditional desserts that capture Asia’s essence.
Cafe Chronicles:
  • STARBUCKS COFFEE: The universal coffee haven needs no introduction.
  • Brewhaus: Brews that whisper tales of tradition and innovation.
Contemporary Eateries:
  • Gary’s: Modern dishes crafted with passion.
  • Orange & Teal: A gastronomic delight for those seeking something different.

In essence, it’s the mall that promises a melange of culinary ventures that are both heartwarming and exhilarating.

2. Entertainment, Sports & Hobbies

At the heart of Rochester Mall’s busting environment, you can anticipate many encounters waiting to happen here. It’s a world that you have to step into. It’s where the hum of life never ceases, and the thrill of discovery knows no bounds.

Fun is not a mere option here; it is essential. In today’s fast-paced world, a pinch of entertainment, sports, and hobbies are perfect for balance and happiness. Whether it’s a delicate art of dance or the discipline of martial arts, this mall has something for you:

  • Joyful Steps & Rhythm Pte Ltd: Dance away your worries and grace the floor with poise.
  • Jeong-in Taekwondo: Master the ancient art and build discipline.
  • RoBlocks: Dive into the world of robotics, where imagination meets reality.
  • Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning: Amplify your robotics knowledge.
  • KINDERMUSIK WITH LOVE STUDIOS: Let music nurture your child’s development.
  • My Drum School: March to the beats of your drum.
  • Bridging the Gap (Early Intervention For Life): Crafting a smooth and fun learning adventure for all.

3. Education Fulfilment

Rochester Mall’s interiors are exquisite. It’s a fact. Within these luxurious interiors are the seeds of the future take root.

Here, dreams don’t merely reside; they are cultivated.

Knowledge is a beacon, illuminating the path to a brighter future. And Rochester Mall hosts some of the finest educational establishments that believe in that. Tackle a transformative venture with:

  • U-Excel Education Centre: Shaping your minds for a brighter tomorrow.
  • Aspire Hub Education: A holistic approach to learning.
  • LCentral English: Unveil the power of the English language.
  • Waseda Academy (International Branch): A global perspective to education.
  • Overseas Times International School: Crafting global citizens.
  • Zenith Education Studio: Tailored solutions for every learner.
  • THE LEARNING LAB: Dive deep into experiential learning.
  • Aureus Academy: Where music meets passion.
  • Healing Hands Chiropractic: Healing through education.
  • MapleBear Rochester: Where learning is child’s play.
  • Da Little Arts School: Unleash creativity and imagination.

4. Health, Beauty & Wellness

As you walk through the mall, sometimes you cannot help but be enveloped by an aura of rejuvenation. A sanctuary that reminds you to pause, breathe, and indulge.

In today’s world, taking a moment for yourself is more than simply self-care; it’s crucial. The path to wellness, beauty, and health intertwines efficiently in this mall, creating a utopia for those pursuing inner peace.

  • SCHÖNE MAMA: Revel in maternity beauty solutions.
  • Evighet: For everlasting beauty.
  • NAIL ADDICTION: Where nails tell tales.
  • Smile Street Dental Clinic: Brighten the world with your smile.
  • Our Solution: Personalised skincare solutions.
  • Neo Chiropractic Clinic: Aligning health and wellness.
  • ENHANCE PHYSIOTHERAPY: Restoring balance and harmony.
  • Straits Podiatry, Child and Adult Lower Limb Clinic: Caring for every step you take.
  • CHENGZHU MANDARIN CENTRE: Embrace the elegance of Mandarin.
  • THE CHELSEA CLINIC (Rochester): Redefining beauty standards.

Trip to Rochester Mall Singapore

So, are you in for a fabulous adventure? Do you want to visit this gem destination? It is an iconic establishment where a cornucopia of experiences awaits you.

Thus, before you lace up your favourite sneakers and grab your shopping bags, you must ensure you can navigate your way there effortlessly. The joy begins with the trip:

Public Transit:

The MRT is always a reliable choice. Simply alight at Buona Vista station; the mall is a leisurely walk away.


Numerous buses ply the routes surrounding the mall. Look out for buses that make a pit stop at Rochester Park.


If you prefer steering your way, ample parking is available at the mall’s premises. Remember to check peak hours to avoid the rush.

Taxi or Ride-Hail:

Simply mention “Rochester Mall, please!” to your driver, and you’ll be on your way!

The Best Ways to Maximize Your Rochester Mall Singapore

A mere visit? Nay, it transforms into an experience! In this mall, it’s a world of its own.

To truly immerse and make the most of your trip:

  1. Know the stores and restaurants you desire to visit. So, skim through the mall directory online.
  2. Make sure you are wearing comfy shoes. Your feet need it!
  3. Bring a water bottle. All the shopping and exploring can be thirsty work.
  4. You’d be surprised at the offers and deals you can snag.
  5. Check out the mall’s events calendar. There’s always something interesting happening!
  6. Free Wi-Fi? Yes, please! Ensure your device is charged to share those Insta-worthy moments.

Need More Cash for Rochester Mall Singapore?

Ah, the Rochester Mall’s allure! From exceptional stores to delectable dining spots, it’s a refuge that calls one to indulge a little more.

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