5 Things to Do in Vista Point Singapore

Vista Point is a familiar name to many Singaporeans; surely you’ve heard of it, too. For some, it’s a place to shop. For others, it’s where they grab their daily necessities.

But did you know there’s more to this mall than meets the eye? Beyond its regular stores and eatery choices, a world of possibilities awaits exploring. 

Uncover the five reasons this mall is a particular go-to spot for many.

About: Vista Point Singapore

Vista Point is different from the typical neighbourhood shopping centre. How? Well, it’s got history, charm, and a name that invokes curiosity.

The mall was founded in the 90s; it’s been serving the community for decades, providing everyone with essentials, services and much more. 

As “Vista” means view or perspective, it suggests the mall delivers a fresh viewpoint on the retail experience. It’s a nirvana for those seeking a change of scenery from the regular mega malls.

And if you are into details, here are the precious information you need:

Address548 Woodlands Drive 44, Singapore 730548
Operating HoursOpen Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 9 PM and Saturday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Contact Number+65 8803 7876
Official Websitehttps://www.vistapoint.com.sg/
Best ServicesEssentials

1. Shopping 

Now, onto the juicy bits. Shopping in Vista Point is like digging into a plate of char kway teow – there’s always something new to discover, and you will leave satisfied.

But it could get geeky for a moment. You see, shopping is not solely about spending money. Scientifically speaking, shopping can boost mood, alleviate stress, and even foster social connections.

Who knew, right?

If you are in the mood for some serious retail therapy, this mall will provide you with the best choices:

Festive Goodies
  • Deepavali Cookies: Do not miss out on these goodies for the festive season!
Snacks & Treats
  • Tidbits N Titbits Vista Point: Perfect for when you’ve got those cravings.
Gadgets & Electronics
  • Mr Phone: Are you looking for a new mobile or some accessories? They will take care of you.
  • Yufu Electrical Traders: For all your electrical needs, pop by here.
  • Vista Time: Keep time stylishly with their collection of watches.
  • Ponet Trading: Dig in, and you will unearth a range of items you did not know you needed.

2. Proficient Services

Ah, services. Imagine shopping and realising you have got some official stuff to do. You would usually rush off somewhere else. 

But at Vista Point? No need, lah! With their range of proficient services, it’s like having personal assistance tucked neatly beside the clothing store.

Shopping malls are about more than just the sales and fancy goods. Sometimes, it’s about completing your to-do list all in one spot.

Do you need to pull out cash? Pop over to UOB ATM or POSB ATM. For days when you feel lucky, Singapore Pools are waiting for you. 

And when life throws those tricky moments, Amac Design & Enterprise and Posh Pethouse are right there. For any bill payments or ticketing services, there are AXS Station and SAM. At this mall, you acquire shopping and efficient multitasking.

3. Hair, Beauty and Healthcare

For some, shopping is not only a form of therapy. There’s something inherently rejuvenating about getting a fresh cut or taking care of your health.

Maybe it’s the subtle reminder that you matter or the joy of being pampered. Whatever it is, this mall understands the necessity for self-care.

An excellent self-care regimen, including beauty and health routines, is far from vanity. It’s a respectful nod to self-love, a boost of self-confidence, and a nudge to self-preservation. It’s astounding how a trim at Mei Tai Hwan Cut & Perm Barber or a relaxing session at Zens Hairdressing & Beauty Salon can lift one’s spirits.

But wait, there’s more! If you are looking for new glasses, you can expect the best from Y2k Optics, with a range that will suit every face shape. And do not forget, Unity Vista Point is right there, assuring you get the best healthcare products and services.

4. Dining In

Ah, food – the way to every person’s heart. As they say, the quickest route is straight through the stomach. If shopping is the best of this mall, then dining is its soulful melody, harmonising every visit with delightful treats.

Come on, be honest. Food is excellent for sustenance, but it’s also an experience you must relish. A good meal can turn any regular day into a memorable one. 

And at this mall? Oh, it’s a food lover’s dream. With many restaurants each delivering a taste explosion, your taste buds are in for a surprise.

Here’s what’s cooking:

Fast Food Appetite
  • McDonald’s
  • Subway
Local Loves
  • Kopitiam
  • Texas Lone Star (Kopitiam)
Healthy Bites
  • The Summer Acai
Food Courts
  • Koufu

5. Convenience and Grocery Stores

After indulging in an epicurean journey, you might be looking to pick up a few essentials before heading home. Nothing beats the convenience of grabbing groceries after a good meal.

Moreover, easy access to groceries and convenience stores reduces the cognitive load. Simply put, it saves you time, energy, and decision-making. In one place, multiple needs are met.

Here’s where you may grab and go:

Fresh Market Produce
  • Woodlands New Market
  • Giant Supermarket
24/7 Convenience
  • 7-Eleven

Getting to Vista Point

Alright, you are sold on a day out at Vista Point – great choice! But wait, how are you getting there?

Knowing the ins and outs of navigating your way is half the battle; face it, nobody likes the dreaded “how to go?” moments.

Here are your choices:

  • The most eco-friendly way to travel! Alight at Woodlands MRT; you’re just a few steps away from this mall. Use the exit towards Woodlands Drive; a short walk will lead you to the mall’s entrance.
  • Hop on bus services 901M, 913, and 912. They stop right outside this mall, making your journey breezy and convenient. 
  • If you are driving, type in “Vista Point Singapore.” on your GPS. Do not worry about parking; there’s ample space so you won’t circle forever.
  • Just mention “Vista Point at Woodlands,” and any taxi uncle or auntie will know where to drop you off.

Tips for Maximising Vista Point

Lah, visiting a mall can be an art; everyone is about maximising that experience. Think of these tips as your ultimate cheat sheet to get the best out of Vista Point:

  1. Pursue to plan. Jot down what you need. Avoid the aimless wandering, though that can be fun too.
  2. Happy hours are something you must encounter. How? Some eateries offer special deals during off-peak hours. Timing is everything.
  3. Look out for free Wi-Fi spots and charging stations. Stay connected without battery woes.
  4. Know where the resting areas are. Your feet will appreciate you later.
  5. Avail discounts, earn points, and snag exclusive deals when you join the loyalty program.

Need More Cash for Vista Point Singapore?

Wrapped your day at Vista Point and realised you exceeded your initial budget? It happens to the best of everyone. You don’t have to feel bad because sometimes the heart wants what it wants, but the wallet? Not so much.

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You will be back in your shopping game in no time. So, do you need cash? No fuss.

Apply here for a personal loan today, and your Vista Point day remains uninterrupted and fantastic!

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