6 Things to Do in Hougang Green Shopping Mall Singapore

Ah, Hougang Green Shopping Mall! You miss a gem in Singapore’s heartland if you have never been. It’s a mall tucked away in Hougang’s heart and is more than a shopping venue but a rendezvous point, a chill-out spot, and, for some, even a second home.

If you have been to every mall in Singapore and think you’ve seen it all? Think again!

The mall might surprise you with its eclectic mix of shops and services.

So, why explore it further? Owning to the five must-does in this mall, you have to! And who knows, you may discover your latest favourite hangout spot!

About Hougang Green Shopping Mall

The magnificent story of Hougang Green Shopping Mall is a tale as old as, well, not that old, but you get the drift. Since its establishment in the late 1990s, it’s the mall that people go to, especially for residents nearby.

You must be wondering why. As such, due to its massive offerings and its uncanny ability to stay relevant in a rapidly changing retail landscape.

So, before you dive deeper into this mall, here are the basic details you shouldn’t miss:

Address21 Hougang St 51, Singapore 538719
Operating HoursOpen daily from 9 AM to 10 PM.
Contact Number+65 6385 2752
Best Services24/7 Security, ample parking spaces, impeccable cleanliness

1. Shopping

Now, it’s the right time to talk about the real deal – shopping! Admit it: everyone loves a little of retail therapy, right? Especially when you are surrounded with excellent choices which deliver to every whims and fancies.

It’s fantastic that this mall is the epitome of every shopper’s paradise. And here are your options:

Jewelry & Accessories
  • Shou Yi Jewellery
  • Eva Gems Pte Ltd
Fashion & Clothing
  • DC Collections
Optical & Eyewear
  • Jazz Optics
Stationery & Supplies
  • I-DeStationery Supplies

2. Education, Hobbies & Leisure

Ah, the pleasure and joy of learning! And what better place to hone one’s skills or find a new passion than at this mall?

Whether it’s strumming a new tune or learning to spell, there’s no end to what you discover. Here are your prime selections:

Music & Performing Arts
  • Yamaha
  • Pianoforte
Education & Learning Centres
  • Le Education Hub
  • Junior Champs Preschool
  • I Can Read Learning Centre
  • The Institution Hub
Preschool & Montessori
  • Tinker Tots Montessori
  • Monte Kidz World
  • ACED

3. Convenience and Supermarket Stores

You know that satisfying feeling when you remember you ran out of eggs at home, and there’s conveniently a supermarket just a few steps away? Yep, Hougang Green Shopping Mall provides that. Within its busy corridors, you are never far from restocking your essentials.

Having such proximity to convenience and supermarkets under one roof is pure gold. Why? It’s not simply about comfort; it’s the peace of mind of knowing you do not have to make another stop on your way home, especially after a long day.

Here’s the variety of spice to your shopping life:

  • Jiewei Minimarket 杰威迷你市场
  • Giant Supermarket
Convenience Stores & More
  • 7-Eleven
  • Hong Heng Fruit Trading
  • Watsons
  • Megar Departmental Store

4. Reliable Services

Everyone’s been here. Maybe you must send off that urgent package or have been itching to change your mobile plan. Why hop from one place to another when you have a hub of all the reliable services you can think of at Hougang Green Shopping Mall? 

Convenience is one thing, but having an array of services ensures you save time and receive top-notch service. Every moment matters, and here’s who Hougang Green will be of great assistance:

Banking & Financial Services
  • POSB
  • AXS Station
  • Singapore Pools Pte Ltd
Mobile & Tech Services
  • Mister Mobile
Employment Agencies
  • U Maid Employment Pte Ltd
  • JPB Employment Agency Pte Ltd
  • Innova Resource Pte Ltd
  • Crislo Employment Agency
  • Lot Pte Ltd/LotsHub Pte Ltd
  • Nation Employment Pte Ltd
  • Home Employment Agency Pte Ltd
  • Asset Recruitment Agency
Postal & Package Services
  • Singapore Post SAM Machine
Floral & Gifts
  • Dawn Florist
  • Mozli Flowers
Pet Care
  • Pet Lovers Centre

5. Dining In

Have you ever felt your stomach grumbling, demanding some TLC in the middle of a shopping fun? Ah, you are not alone! This mall has heard your collective hunger pangs, and it will take care of your cravings.

A spectacular dining experience can elevate even the dullest days into one for the books. And be honest, you have been that person who’s guilty of making plans around food.

With a diverse spread of restaurants and eateries flaunting a medley of cuisines, your gastronomic expedition at this mall is set to be nothing short of exceptional.

Here are your scrumptious selections:

Traditional & Local Flavours
  • Syed Restaurant
  • Nasi Padang 46
  • Yi Ji Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee
  • Dong Cheung Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
  • Hougang Green Food Centre & Food Court Pte Ltd
  • Traditional Famous Prawn Mee
  • Tian Tian Nasi Lemak
Asian Fusion & International Cuisine
  • Gimee Face 给面子
  • Hong Kong Street Hua Seafood 桦海鲜
  • Man Tang Hong Spicy Hotpot 滿堂紅
  • Hoi Kee Seafood 海记海鲜菜馆
  • Ishiro Fusion Bowl
  • 4 Season
  • Arnold’s Fried Chicken Pte Ltd
Vegetarian and Healthy Choices
  • Happy Vegetarian Food
  • Econ Vegetarian Delights 益康斋素食苑
  • Green by choice 我行我素
Cafes and Desserts
  • Icebar
  • Hey Lulu Dessert
  • Tea Amour
  • Young Tea 漾茶
  • Nit & Grit
  • Pancake Store
Modern Eateries & Grill
  • Chef’s Hat
  • Common Grill by COLLIN’s @ 21 Hougang Green

6. Hair, Beauty, Wellness, & Healthcare

After feasting your taste buds, how about pampering for the rest of you? When looking good and feeling even better, this mall knows the drill or the snip!

Taking a moment for oneself is essential in today’s busy life. Whether it’s rejuvenating the skin, getting the perfect haircut, or ensuring your health is in top-notch condition, beauty, wellness, and healthcare play a pivotal role in your overall well-being.

These are your options to help you feel confident, be in good health, and attain life balance:

Hair Salons & Barbers
  • Head Trick Pte. Ltd. 
  • Just Cut
  • Hearts & Stars Hair Salon
  • MJ Hair Salon
  • Safarees the Barbershop
  • The Cutting Room
  • Professional Hair Studio
Wellness & Fitness
  • Family Club
  • Anytime Fitness Buangkok
  • Spa Alangkaara
Healthcare Clinics
  • Fresenius Kidney Care Buangkok Dialysis Clinic
  • CHINESE MEDICAL CENTRE TCM Clinic @ Hougang 中国中医 (后港分院)
  • Clearvis Eyecare

Getting to Hougang Green Shopping Mall

You know that moment when you are all set for an outing, but then you’re stumped on how to get there? Well, save yourself from the blushes.

After all, reaching your destination smoothly can be as rewarding as the actual stay! Here’s your guide to the busy and vibrant Hougang Green Shopping Mall.

  • Hop on the North-East Line and go to Hougang MRT station. Once you step out, the mall is just a short step away.
  • Multiple bus routes run via Hougang Central, such as 101, 156, 161, 43, 88, 109, 159, 672, 159A, 325, 43M, 723, 575, 88A, 109A and 114. Check your best road and alight near the mall.
  • The mall offers ample parking. Just jot down the address on your GPS, and you will be guided to your shopping oasis.
  • Inform the driver to drop you off at Hougang Green Shopping Mall.

Maximising Hougang Green Shopping Mall 

Want to become a savvy shopper who gets the best out of every mall visit? A mall visit without a game plan is like toast without butter – still good but missing some zest.

Here’s how to sprinkle some of that ‘extra’ onto your experience:

  1. Start with the mall’s directory. It’s your treasure map!
  2. Weekdays post-lunch or pre-dinner can be the sweet spot for fewer crowds.
  3. Look out for promotions or deals in stores. Who doesn’t love a bargain?
  4. Hungry shopping is a no-no. Grabe a bite to start right.
  5. Wear your most comfortable shoes. Remember, you are going on a shopping marathon.

Need More Cash for Hougang Green Shopping Mall?

From beauty and health spots to sumptuous eateries, you may have accomplished more shopping than planned by the end of your visit to Hougang Green Shopping Mall. No shame in the game! But if you find your wallet feeling a tad light for that last-minute indulgence, do not worry.

When you require that extra financial push, the nearest Accredit Licensed Money Lender branch we are at your service. With our quick and easy personal loan application process, you will return to shopping mode quickly. 

Do not let budget constraints dull your shopping sparkle. Apply for a personal loan here and let your fabulous shopping fun continue today!

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