RHB Bank Singapore and its 9 Amazing Breakthroughs 

The banking industry is like an intricate tapestry, with its fascinatingly captivating threads of history, innovation, and unwavering commitment to one’s service. As you unravel this unique tapestry, get ready to see the vibrant world of RHB Bank Singapore with these nine amazing breakthroughs that shaped its history and victorious conquest. 

The Dawn of RHB Bank

Did you know that RHB Bank Berhad is the parent company of RHB Bank Singapore? 

The bank was born in Malaysia and now spreads across all over Asia. Kwong Yik Bank Berhad established the RHB Bank Berhad in 1913. It was then a significant event in RHB Bank’s history, making it the first Malaya local bank. 

Thus, sealing the relevance of RHB Bank’s professional banking expertise over a century old!

The Story Behind RHB Unique Name

The name of the RHB Bank is saturated in chronology. The bank’s name was a result of a merger.

It stands for Rashid Hussain Bank, and the founder’s name is Tan Sri Rashid Hussain. After the merger, a new name was adopted from the Development and Commercial Bank Coalition or DCB Bank and Kwong Yik Bank Berhad. 

The unification was finalised in 1997, symbolising the newest era of progressive banking.

RHB Bank Venturing into Singapore

As RHB Bank continued to stride the waves of the banking industry in Malaysia, the time came when the plans to expand became a viable pursuit. Singapore was then a bustling country with a promisingly growing economy. 

Thus 1961, the RHB Bank ventured into Singapore and offered essential commercial banking assistance and services. The bank’s establishment in the country was thriving, marking a massive milestone in its journey.

From a small foreign bank, then became a significant player in the city, offering comprehensive and various financial products and services, particularly from personal and business banking, to treasury and capital markets.

RHB Bank Singapore’s Testament of Excellence

With the bank’s unwavering dedication to service excellence in the region and to its customers, RHB Bank Singapore acquired several accolades and recognition, including:

  • 2020: The Best CSR Bank Singapore by the Global Banking & Finance Awards
  • 2019: Best Islamic Deal (Singapore) by The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards 2019
  • 2018: Best Singapore Deal by the Finance Asia Achievement Award 2018
  • 2013: Singapore Quality Class Award by SPRING Singapore

These awards are strong testaments to the bank’s strong customer service ethos and innovative approach towards banking solutions. These are only a few of the bank’s many recognitions. All of each echo the banking business’ dedication to growth to excellence.

RHB Singapore Embraces the Innovative Banking Era

As RHB Bank Singapore continued its successful journey in the banking industry, it didn’t falter in embracing the newest innovations and technology. The bank immediately embraced the innovative banking era and became at the forefront of digital banking.

The RHB Bank became among the first banks to offer digital banking assistance and services, which sets the trends for others to follow. The early adaptation and adoption of technology and innovation didn’t only improved customer experience but also revolutionised the methods of banking transactions.

RHB Singapore Making a Mark with Loans

One of the highlights of the RHB Bank is its loans, particularly its home and property loans. Tenure has flexible features like a variable, fixed, and SORA rate packages. Customers may apply for it and expect a swift approval timeframe. 

It’s no wonder many Singaporean and other communities often seek it for their property needs.  

On the other hand, a customer who requires a personal loan may seek another source like Accredit. 

Safeguarding Customer’s Trust 

Regarding financial transactions and banking services, there’s nothing more paramount than trust. Without trust, no company can ever rise or attain access if they neglect their clients. 

That’s far from the case with RHB Bank Singapore because it always places the highest premium on safeguarding its customers’ trust. The bank sets up high-quality technological advancements to grant robust security measures.

As a result, all of the customers’ transactions and personal data are always protected. By prioritising such security measures, the clients acquire the peace of mind they need when conducting their banking activities with confidence.

RHB Singapore Banking with Conscience

The RHB Bank Singapore believes giving back to the community is essential. With these regards and beliefs, the initiative initiated the “RHB Touch Hearts” program.

The commitment and advocacy of RHB Touch Hearts are to lift communities by enriching and empowering the lives of vulnerable community members, especially children and young adults. The extensive programs include Cycling, Type 1 Diabetes Awareness, Emergency and Disaster Relief.

Over 14,000 RHBians from Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Brunei, Laos, and Singapore anticipate the program to reach out to communities while promoting the humanitarian and volunteerism spirit. 

In addition to the RHB Touch Hearts, RHB continues to pursue a sustainable banking approach through its Green Financing. 

The RHB Green Financing intends to attain enduring progress accessible to everyone with a focus on lowering carbon footprints and promoting sustainable evolutions. Green Financing has four specific pillars, including:

  • Green Energy: Aims to assist businesses and residentials in pursuing sustainability with renewable energy. 
  • Green Buildings: The pillar supports eco-friendly and cost-saving initiatives for construction and building management and maintenance.
  • Green Products: RHB Bank endorses the production and procurement of eco-friendly products, such as plug-in hybrid, hybrid, and electric vehicles.
  • Green Process: Last but not least, the pillar focuses on driving low carbon production through supporting businesses seeking to improve processes, types of machinery and equipment.

By focusing on and promoting more conscious and helpful community programs and eco-friendly initiatives, clients can expect the RHB to continue supporting those in need and aim to accomplish a greener future for everyone.

RHB Singapore Catering to SMEs

The banks highly recognise SMEs’ critical role in Singapore’s economy and growth. Thus, RHB Bank offers quite an impressive suite of customised financial solutions for such enterprises. 

Focusing on the assistance and strengths of Singapore’s SMEs contributes to the entrepreneur’s growth and impacts the country’s economic development.

Achieving Breakthroughs: The Unending Journey to Further Progress

RHB Bank Singapore’s journey is incredible because it achieved many breakthroughs throughout its establishment in 1913. Even the Japanese Occupation and World War II couldn’t dampen the pursuits of further progress.

Thus, any customer can rely on RHB Bank’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. It’s a fascinating story, with lessons, recognition, and milestones engraved in history.

Just like RHB Bank, Accredit provides credible and reliable financial solutions. Both institutions are beacons of trustworthiness and confidence, boosting their customers’ financial path. 

If you’re ready to take the following steps to your successful financial journey, choose RHB Bank or Accredit. 

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