Licensed Money Lenders: What Can They Do For You?

Did you ever try to stand under the East Coast Park’s rain trees, gazing upward at its sprawling, shad-giving branches and feeling awe? It’s the same as exploring the world of Singapore’s licensed money lenders and what they can do for you. 

The legal lenders’ position in your financial ecosystem is as consequential, yet subtle, as the branches of those rain trees. So, if you’re planning to get a loan and not from traditional banks, you’re in the right place!

Begin unravelling the truth about Singapore’s licensed lenders that’ll benefit you best!

What are Licensed Money Lenders?

First and foremost, you need to know who licensed lenders are. A legal lender is a professional and acquired company with permission to operate lending practices. It’s from the Ministry of Law in Singapore to provide personal loans and other monetary products to businesses and individuals.

Think of them as your friendly neighbour, always ready to lend a hand when you’re short on cash to pay for your children’s tuition or to expand your thriving business venture.

What Can Licensed Money Lenders Actually Do For You?

Envision the world-renowned and famous Merlion – half fish, half lion, an improbable entity with a formidable, essential character in Singapore’s legendary story. These legal lenders are equivalent to the mythical Merlion. They may seem impenetrable initially but are critical to your financial chronology.

Licensed money lenders can provide different types of loans, such as personal, foreigner, and business loans. These professionals adhere with an honourable commitment to the provisions set by the Ministry of Law’s Moneylenders Act. 

With the Act, these lenders ensure fair lending procedures and transparent trades. It’s like Merlion’s iconic spray, with a far-reaching and incredibly tangible impact. 

Licensed Money Lenders Akin to Raffles Place’s Guardians of Financial Relief

Singapore’s Raffles Palace, teeming with great towers of skyscrapers, is a testament to the Island city’s economic resilience. Much like the financial titans standing tall in this business district, licensed money lenders offer a beacon of relief during tight economic times.

Here are the most outstanding services offered by legal lenders, which includes:

Personal Loans

Comparable to the Esplanade’s durian-like spiky dome, personal loans can be a hard nut to crack, especially from traditional banks. Yet, authorised lenders make the loan process more accessible, granting funds for personal emergencies, medical expenses, or unanticipated life events.

Business Loans:

If businesses were boats, business loans from legal lenders would be the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. These types of loans provide the balance essential to keeping the vessel stable. 

Whether for expansion or to cover the business’ operational costs, business loans are meant to assist SMEs in Singapore.

Foreigner Loans:

When you think about foreigner loans, you could compare them to the Henderson Waves Bridge. Why? 

Because it connects non-residents to financial opportunities that initially may appear out of reach, these are the especially outlined loan for Singapore’s valued foreigners needing monetary aid in Singapore.

Other products that a reliable licensed lender may apply for are debt consolidation, credit counselling, restructuring, and more. But are there any that these lenders can deliver to your needs?

Licensed Lenders’ Offer Fair Interest Rates and Repayment Terms

Just as any individual would walk through Gardens by the Bay supertrees, comprehending the interest rates and loan repayment terms that can be a captivating exploration. It’s imperative to remember that licensed lenders operate within the Moneylenders Act with regulations set by the Ministry of Law.

Interest rates for unsecured and secured loans for all borrowers are currently capped at 4% monthly. The late interest rates are additionally capped at 4% per month missed. 

The late fees must always be at most $60, while the administrative fee is 10% maximum from the principal loan. The structure is carefully regulated, and the purpose is to ensure every borrower’s journey through the financial forest is lit well and marked.

Making the Most Out of Licensed Money Lenders

So now that you have chosen what type of loan you need, and understood the interest rates and charges, what’s next? As a valued borrower in Singapore, you should make the most out of the services from a legal lender.

Well, just as the Suntec City Fountain is more than a marvel of architecture, licensed money lenders are more than just another funding source. They can be the crucial difference between sinking and swimming in the financial sea of uncertainties.

How should you proceed on this matter? 

Timely Assistance:

Comparable to the exceptional tranquillity offered by the peaceful corners of the Botanic Gardens, authorised lenders can deliver prompt monetary relief in stressful situations. 

What about the process? 

Their processes are often smoother and quicker than traditional banks, guaranteeing you receive assistance when you need it most.

Loan Choice Variabilities:

Much like the adaptable and diverse ArtScience Museum exhibits, legal lenders offer a broad range of loan choices explicitly tailored to fit your unique monetary needs and circumstances.

Regulated Interest Rates:

The Ministry of Law’s Moneylenders Act regulates the fees and interest rates licensed lenders charge. Thus, you can feel more at ease that you’ll only receive a fair and transparent borrowing experience, akin to the clear, uninterrupted view from the Singapore Flyer.

Moreover, as the Ministry of Law enacts the laws, you can quickly seek assistance from the Registry of Moneylenders and the Singapore Police Force if you’ve encountered loan sharks. 

Remember, unlicensed lenders or loan sharks have no regard for the Act and will breach the laws according to their wishes. They’ll reach out illegally via text messages or calls, offering their loans. If you take the bait, they’ll impose high-interest rates and harass you to collect their dues.

No matter your financial situation, these are, without a doubt, the lenders that every borrower must avoid.

Credit History Versatility:

Suppose banks are the towering Marina Bay skyscrapers, uncompromising and formidable. In that case, licensed lenders are more like Joo Chiat’s colourful shophouses, each one approachable and considerate.

If you’re bothered about your credit score, don’t be. These money lenders can be lenient, considering factors beyond numbers. 

You may obtain your credit score details and report from the Credit Bureau Singapore or the Moneylenders Credit Bureau personally or online.

Lighting Up Your Responsible Borrowing Practices

Like the legendary Marina Bay Sands light and water show that perfectly illuminates the night, understanding responsible borrowing routines can enlighten your financial decisions.

  • Be mindful of the loan amount you’re borrowing from licensed money lenders. Only apply for what you can repay.
  • Understand the loan terms and conditions word for word before you sign anything. If you don’t comprehend, ask your chosen lender, like Accredit. Licensed lenders will appreciate it more because you’re eager to learn about your finances.
  • Always ensure you’re dealing with a licensed lender; check the Ministry of Law’s list of legal lenders through the Registry of Moneylenders.

The Perfect Synergy of Licensed Money Lenders and Singapore’s Borrowers

Licensed money lenders and borrowers are the same as the Singapore dollar coin’s two sides. Each plays a role in maintaining the strength and resilience of Lion City’s economic ecosystem. 

As a borrower, you must pace the loan world responsibly and respectfully. Licensed lenders must commit to offering fair and just lending services. 

Simply put, the relationship between legal lenders and borrowers is the same between the Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion. One might be grand and striking, and the other unassuming yet charming, but together, they make Singapore’s skyline memorable.

Thus, the next time you pass Singapore’s magnificent monuments, think about licensed lenders in Singapore, like Accredit

The role they play is essential to your financial needs. So, don’t forget them and what they can do for you!

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