8 Things to Do in Sengkang Grand Mall Singapore

Lah! If you have yet to go to Sengkang Grand Mall, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It’s the modern oasis of shopping right within Sengkang’s heart. 

Are you scouring for an excellent spot to spend a leisurely day? It is the spot.

But wait, remember, this is not any other ordinary mall. Do you want to know more? Dive into this article and discover the wonders of this grand mall, where the mundane becomes a great adventure.

About: Sengkang Grand Mall

Sengkang Grand Mall goes beyond the notion of being a building with shops; it’s a story of modern Singapore.

Established in March 2023, this mall quickly turned into the talk of the town. Whether it’s the architecture or the store’s significant variations, everything about this mall screams unique!

Now, before you plan your visit, here are a few fast details you might want:

Address70 Compassvale Bow, Singapore 544692
Operating HoursOpen Mondays through Sundays between 10 AM to 10 PM.
Contact Number+65 6631 9931
Official Websitehttps://www.sengkanggrandmall.com.sg/en.html
Best ServicesNursing Room, Shower Facility

1. Shopping, Home & Furnishing

Many people find much pleasure when shopping. It’s pretty comprehensive, especially since it’s a scientifically proven effective therapy. Your mood becomes better, and you feel lighter.

It’s similar feelings when you think about transforming your home and turning it into your intimate haven. It’s fantastic that the Sengkang Grand Mall is where you can fulfil such plans. 

Why? Well, this mall eagers to provide a diverse range of brands under one roof, and here are your choices:

Incredible Fashion Passion
  • Baleno
  • Bossini
  • Bata
For the Elegant Eye
  • Capitol Optical Myopia Management Centre
  • Eye Story & Glimpse
  • Pierre Cardin
Create the Cosy Corner of Your Home
  • epitex Linen Gallery
  • My Digital Lock
  • ValueLux Furnishing

2. Electronics & Technology

Alright, tech junkies, this one’s for you! In a world dominated by gadgets, it’s vital to keep up. Whether you are looking for the latest phone or the next camera to capture life’s moments, this mall has your back.

Here are the stores you can’t miss:

  • Challenger
  • Singtel Exclusive Retailer

3. Dining In 

Aiyo, if shopping is the king of leisure, then dining has got to be the queen! Sengkang Grand Mall is a haven for shopaholics and a paradise for food enthusiasts. After all, what’s shopping without indulging in some mouthwatering grub, right?

Eating is not solely to fill your belly; it’s about the memorable affairs and stories told over shared plates. With a wide array of cuisines, there’s a story for every palate at this mall. You can choose from the following:

Quick Bites & Sweet Treats
  • Chateraise
  • Jollibean
  • KAZO
  • Twelve Cupcakes
Hearty Meals
  • Sanook Kitchen
  • KOI The
  • Fong Sheng Hao
  • JINJJA Chicken
  • Gado & Grill
  • Shuang Bao Thai Street Food
Branded Joys
  • McDonald’s
  • KFC

There’s genuinely a platter for every palate here.

4. For the Little Ones

Have you got adorable kiddos? No worries, Sengkang Grand Mall will care for you and your little ones. Because while the grown-ups shop and dine, the little champs need their fair share of fun and learning.

Before you say, “Kids will be kids”, understand this: Enriching experiences at a young age shape their future. Combining fun with learning is not just science; it’s a craft perfected at this mall. 

Here are the best places your kids will benefit most:

Education Bites
  • AGrader Learning Centre
  • MindChamps PreSchool
  • NK Robotics
Shopping and Fun
  • Mothercare
  • The Entertainer

Whether your child is a curious learner or a playful munchkin, there’s a store ready to cater to their unique needs.

5. Hobbies & Leisure

Whoever said malls are just for shopping and eating must know what they are missing. At Sengkang Grand Mall, you won’t simply enjoy the bags and burgers; you will also experience ballet and brush strokes!

Everyone knows that hobbies are not merely time-fillers; they’re future shapers. Pursuing hobbies and leisurely activities cultivates skills and seeds passion that can blossom into a future profession or lifelong enjoyment. 

Arts & Culture
  • Tree Art
Dance & Music
  • The Ballet & Music Company

6. Convenience and Supermarket Store 

You know that saying, “It’s the small things in life that count”? Well, that’s where convenience stores come in, don’t they? You do not have to look any further when you need a quick snack or a last-minute grocery run!

The beauty of having convenience stores and supermarkets in malls is that they meet your everyday necessities. It’s the science of convenience – getting what you require when needed.

These are the stores you can count on:

Pit Stop
  • 7-Eleven
Grocery Run
  • FairPrice Finest

7. Professional Services

Look, shopping can be tiring. Sometimes, you need a helping hand, be it a clinic for those sudden headaches or a money changer before an impromptu trip.

Having such services accessible in a mall does not only complete the shopping experience. It also brings comfort to your unpredictable necessities.

These are the top professional services you can acquire:

Medical & Health
  • Kids Clinic
Financial & Others
  • $KY Money Charger
  • Moneymax
  • Fresh and Clean

8. Hair, Beauty, Wellness, and Healthcare

“Look good, feel good,” as they say! And true enough, taking care of your external and internal selves boosts confidence, improves your well-being, and, face it, your IG feed too.

Embracing health and beauty does not necessarily revolve around vanity alone, but rather, it’s also about vitality. Feeling good about oneself resonates from the inside out, leading to a happier, healthier life.

Hair & Beauty
  • 1Gravity
  • Clippers Barber
  • Guardian Health & Beauty
  • Watsons
Wellness & Healthcare
  • Advanced Dental
  • Jean Yip
  • Japan IPL Express

Getting to Sengkang Grand Mall

You have read much about the eight things you can do at Sengkang Grand Mall and all its wonders. But what’s a great destination if you don’t know the way?

Getting to your favourite spots without fuss is not simply handy; it’s life-saving, especially if there’s an ongoing sale.

So, here are the transit choices you can ride:

  • Hop onto the North-East Line (NE15) and alight at Sengkang MRT station. Boom, you are correct at the doorstep of Sengkang Grand Mall. 
  • Many buses serve the area at Buangkok Station Exit A (67609) and Exit B (67601), such as 27, 3, 43, 43e, 43M, 102, 114, 114A. You can always check the latest routes that will drop you off at the Sengkang Bus Interchange, conveniently co-located with the mall.
  • Are you driving in? The mall has sufficient parking—just type in the mall’s address in your GPS.
Taxi or Private Hire
  • Simply mention “Sengkang Grand Mall, please” to your friendly driver, and they will know the drill.

Tips for Maximising Sengkang Grand Mall

It’s time to get some facts straight. You do not just go to a mall. Oh no!

You experience it. But to truly make the most of that encounter? You will need some wise tips:

  1. Arrive early, particularly during the weekends. It’s much quieter, and you will beat the crowds. Think of it as the early bird advantage.
  2. You can always plan your journey. Have a list! Know which stores you want to hit and in which order.
  3. It’s wise to stay connected. Use the mall’s Wi-Fi. Be updated with real-time promos or deals popping up in stores.
  4. Before anything else, food comes first. Consider dining at off-peak hours. You get faster service, and it’s less crowded. You get to dine in peace and have the best table.
  5. Many shops provide a drop-off service, allowing you to collect all your buys at the end of your trip. It’s the modern-day hands-free shopping. Indeed, there is less to lug around!

Need More Cash for Sengkang Grand Mall

So, you have had a fantastic spree at Sengkang Grand Mall, but oh, those shoes you didn’t plan on? They are calling out your name. If your wallet’s saying no, but your heart’s shouting yes, there’s a solution you have to get.

You may require more funds to make the most of your adventure at this mall. If that’s the case, you need not look further! 

Swing by our office, the nearest Accredit Licensed Money Lender branch. Getting a personal loan from us is smooth and straightforward for that must-have item or a little more fun at the mall.

Should you wait? There’s no need! Get that extra cash boost for your shopping experience! Apply now for a personal loan and make your shopping binge remarkably memorable.

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