5 Things to Do in KINEX Singapore

With its busy and teeming streets and shiny-shimmering lights, Singapore is an island city that houses many extraordinary gems. Among these stands a beacon for shopaholics and leisure seekers: the KINEX Singapore.

Come on! You cannot deny that just hearing the name sends delightful shivers down your spine! 

Are you more intrigued about the five things you can do at this mall? Well, dear shopper, you have to dive into it below!

About KINEX Singapore


Dubbed the modern-day marketplace, KINEX Singapore does not stand as your everyday shopping centre. Its roots are deeply embedded in Singapore’s history, harkening back to when it was previously known as OneKM.

The establishment is standing tall in the Tanjong Katong region. Over the years, it has become synonymous with quality shopping, memorable entertaining encounters, and relish-worthy dining moments. 

Why The Fuss For A Mall?

Mind you, it is a complex shopping mall. It is a landmark. 

It’s where many memories happen, where every corner holds a story to tell, and where the heart of Singapore’s commerce beats vibrantly.

Details at a Glance:

Address11 Tanhong Kalong Rd, Singapore 437157
Operating HoursDaily open between 10 AM to 10 PM 
Contact Number+65 6702 3610
Official Websitehttps://www.kinex.com.sg/
Best ServicesConcierge, Free Wi-Fi, Lounge Areas

1. Shopping In KINEX


The art of shopping is sacred. It’s not simply about expenditures; it’s about unforgettable encounters, specifically when you finally find the perfect item you’ve been seeking.

And in KINEX, this art is celebrated in every hub.

Why Shop in KINEX?
  1. Variety is the Spice: From high-end brands to unique local boutiques, KINEX Singapore grants every shopper an exceptional palette of choices.
  1. Tailored Especially for You: Ever had that feeling of entering a store and thinking it’s made especially for you? You’ll feel that quite often at this mall.
  1. Trendsetter: Do you want to stay ahead of the curve? KINEX’s boutiques often feature extraordinary collections even before they are about to hit the global market.
Shops Not to Miss:
  • Dragon Corner Watches
  • Elmaya House of Fashion
  • Hang Ten/Santa Barbara
  • Kreasi Indah
  • Makanah Sunnah By HRZ Trading
  • Men’s Branded Outlet
  • Prestige Boutique
  • Silver House
  • Surfer’s Paradise

When you shop here at this mall, you’ll understand that they always deliver on their promises.

2. Dining In KINEX


When your feet are tired from shopping, indulging your taste buds is one way to uplift your spirits. At KINEX Singapore, dining won’t be an ordinary activity; it’s a culinary voyage. After all, what’s better than an excellent ambience paired with delectable foods?

Cuisines Aplenty!
  • A-Lan Japanese Cuisine & Juice Bar
  • Ah Khoo Kopi Toast
  • Azuma Ryori
  • Beauty in a Pot
  • Burger King
  • Chongqing Premium Grilled Fish
  • CHU YI JIA 厨艺家
  • Fitri Creations Halal
  • Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ
  • Haakon Superfoods and Juice
  • Hoshino Coffee
  • KFC
  • Kucina Italian Restaurant
  • Li Fang Congee
  • LiHO Tea
  • Little Red Dot Tea
  • Magic Wok
  • Marais Coffee & Bakes
  • Mukshidonna
  • My First Choice (MFC)
  • Osomatsu Japanese Kitchen and Bar
  • Paradiddle Gelato
  • Pasta Play
  • Penyet Town
  • Qi Ji
  • Rotiboy
  • Shi Li Fang Hot Pot
  • Sizzle Whizzle
  • Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh 順發肉骨茶
  • Soul Coffee
  • Starbucks
  • Xi An Impression
  • Yugoslavia Bakery & Cafe

3. Entertainment In KINEX


Who said malls are meant only, and only for shopping? Come on, everyone knows and understands that it’s more than that.

At KINEX, entertainment takes centre stage. It’s because, honestly, having fun is never, ever overrated!

What’s on Offer?
  • Sing My Song (SMS) Family: A state-of-the-art karaoke showcasing the latest top hits worldwide.
  • Tokyo Games Station: Unleash your inner gamer and score high.
  • Wan to Play Space: For those who enjoy the space, go up, up, and away!

4. Services In KINEX


Is shopping all done? Check! Are you enjoying the pleasures of good food? Check!

But KINEX does not stop there. Provisioning various necessities, the services at this mall have a specific design for amenities and efficiency.

Stay Fresh & Healed
  • 99 Percent Hair Studio
  • Chiro Time
  • For Duchess, By Duke
  • Guang An TCM
  • Guardian Health & Beauty
  • Healing Hands Chiropractic
  • House of Traditional Javanese
  • M.Yes Beauty
  • On Hair Salon
  • Pure Origin TCM
  • Q&M Dental
  • Rains & Coco
  • Shilla Mariah Clinic For Women
  • Smiles R Us Dental Centre
  • Zen Beauty
Trustworthy Services
  • Bravo Dry clean
  • Car Sales and Lease
  • kcuts Family
  • Lucid Eyecare
  • Mobile Works Solutions
  • Passionair Daikin Proshop
  • Pet Lovers Centre
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Body Fit Training
  • Evolve MMA
Enrichment Centre
  • Aureus Academy
  • Distinct Creative Arts (DCA Dance School)
  • Drum Tutor
  • Eye Level Learning Centre
  • Fine Momentum Academy
  • First-Step Education
  • MindChamps Preschool
  • MindSpace by MindChamps
  • The Lab
  • Tree Art
  • Yan Ballet Academy
  • Zenith Education Studio

5. Home and Furnishing In KINEX


Are you currently pondering whether it’s the right time to purchase new furniture for your home? Or maybe you’re considering getting beautiful flower sets to add more exquisiteness to your space? Well, you shouldn’t hold out on yourself anymore. 

Because it is in the heart of the island city, KINEX offers more than home & furnishing options. Various stores will help you attain your home renovation and refurnishing goals in its vicinity!

Shops to Engage in:
  • Arimokko: Carpenter ants are fascinating creatures and can excavate in damaged wood or damp spaces. From this shop, you will get first-hand Japanese assistance from the company that gains inspiration from such ants and acquires exquisite woodwork.
  • Daiso Japan x Threeppy: You know that DAISO is among the mega stores in Japan prioritising quality, variety & uniqueness. Threeppy is among the latest concept stores under DAISO Japan and promises ‘Happy Price, Happy Place, Happy People.’
  • Jimmy Textiles: It’s the perfect store for your custom-made curtain and cushion needs.

Other prime choices are:

  • Craftway Floral
  • DACO
  • Jimmy Textiles
  • Ming Sing Flowers
  • MR. DIY
  • Steve Florists
  • The Green
  • Vanda Win

From satiating your taste buds to providing an entertainment bonanza, ensuring you have all the services and home & furnishing options at your fingers. At this mall, you will have a wholesome experience.

Trip To KINEX Singapore

Who doesn’t love a fantastic journey, especially if it leads to your dream shopping sanctuary? With KINEX awaiting the road’s end, the excitement begins right from when you decide to get there.

So, how do you choose your chariot?

  • Alight at Paya Lebar Station and take a short walk. The world of KINEX will unfold right before you.
  • Several buses ply the mall, such as 2, 13, 7, 24, 21, 28, 26, 40, 30, 51, 43, 67, 76, 154, 135, 155, 197, 853C, and NR7. Just hop on these buses with these specific numbers, and you’ll be there instantly.
Driving Down
  • With accessible parking space, driving to KINEX is as hassle-free as possible.
  • Simply state, ‘KINEX, please!’ and relax comfortably.

KINEX Day Maximized

An outing to KINEX should be nothing else but spectacular. How can you ensure you make the most of your time there?

Top Tips to Remember:
  1. Beat the crowds by arriving early. Be that early bird!
  2. Familiarise yourself with the mall’s directory. No more aimless wandering around!
  3. Check the mall’s website or information desk for ongoing promotions. You just might unlock fabulous deals!
  4. Always choose to wear comfortable shoes at all times. Your feet deserve that much love and care, too!

Need More Cash for KINEX?

All shopped out but spotted that one thing you must have? Well, many have been there before. 

At KINEX, it delivers so many choices sometimes your wallets might feel that undeniable pinch. But worry not; help is at hand. 

Should you ever require that extra boost for your shopping budget, the nearest Accredit Licensed Money Lender branch is at your service. Of course we are! We offer personal loans with simple application processes, affirming you can continue your shopping fun without any further dilemmas!

So, you don’t have to cut your malling and shopping day short. Get those extra funds from Accredit and make your day genuinely indelible! Apply here and relish your KINEX memories now! 

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