6 Things to Do in Canberra Plaza Singapore

Ah, Canberra Plaza! It is not named after the Australian capital but is a gem in its own right within Lion City. What is all the buzz about? 

It is a complex mall to escape the Singapore sun. Whether you’re here to shop, eat or chill, this mall is bursting with things to keep you and other shoppers entertained. 

So, are you ready to go further than you ever expected? Here are the five things that will make you go “shiok!” on your next visit.

About Canberra Plaza Singapore


Canberra Plaza? It sounds so international, but be aware of its name.

It’s as local as your favourite chicken rice stall! Since its establishment in 2020, its impressive shopping centre has quickly become the hub for north-side residents and visitors.

Are you now curious and wondering about the vital details? Here are the particulars you require:

Address133 Canberra View, Singapore 750133.
Operating Hours:Open daily between 8 AM to 10 PM.
Contact Number:+65 6877 7213
Official Website:https://www.facebook.com/CanberraPlaza/
Best ServicesFriendly customer service, spacious layout, and various retail options.

1. Shopping In Canberra Plaza


Walking into Canberra Plaza is like entering a haven for shopaholics. Remember the thrill of discovering a $10 note in your jeans pocket?

That is precisely the kind of vibe you get here. Every store promises something special waiting for you to unearth. 

Not only window shopping, eh? Shopping can sometimes be a therapeutic escape from your daily hustle and bustle. 

So, from bling sleek nail polish shades to the latest tech things to home essentials, there’s something for you, such as the following:

Fashion & Accessories
  • Lacquar
  • Unusual Express
  • Ngee Soon Jewellery
  • Gadget Mix
Home & Lifestyle
  • Daiso
  • Home Stop

2. Education, Fitness and Lifestyle In Canberra Plaza


Who said malls are only to sustain a shopper’s desires? At this shopping mall, it is not simply about flexing your credit card but also those muscles and brains.

Everyone knows the importance of keeping fit and enriching one’s knowledge. And a healthy mind and body? That’s the two-in-one deal you don’t want to miss from these choices:

Fitness Centres
Martial Arts
  • Kickmatics Taekwondo 
  • The Ballet School
Academic Enrichment
  • The Eton Academy
  • Beijing Language
  • CMA Arithmetics

3. Dining In Canberra Plaza


Okay, it’s time to talk about Singapore’s second most popular exercise: Eating, with shopping being the first. If you are not eating well, are you even living right?

Dining is not only about silencing those stomach grumbles: it’s about creating memories over meals, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Every great day requires some mouthwatering grub to make it memorable. And in Canberra Plaza, there’s no shortage of dining spots to tickle those taste buds; with an eclectic mix of cuisines, the plaza ensures your plate is as diverse as Singaporean culture. 

Here’s a rundown of what’s cooking: 

Fast Food Favourites
  • KFC
  • McDonald’s
  • A&W
Coffee Fix
  • Starbucks
  • Mr Bean/Duo Qoo
Local Devotion
  • Nana Curry
  • Cik Lim Yong Tau Foo
  • Ya Kun Kaya Toast
  • Sedap Goreng
  • Nam Kee Pau/Hong Kong Egglet
  • Tea & Dine by Chin Lee
International Flavours
  • Do Qoo 豆趣
  • Jeju Volcano Fried Rice
  • Ramen King/Pho Street
  • Cantine
Sweet Treats
  • BreadTalk
  • Swee Heng 1989
  • Yi Fang
Refreshing Drinks
  • 365 Fruit Juice
  • Duo Qoo
  • Grove
  • Dough Culture

4. Proficient Services In Canberra Plaza


When people say Canberra Plaza has everything, they mean it. Here, you do not merely dine and shop but a true haven of services that make your life smoother. After all, who would not want a bit more amenities despite the busyness of one’s daily life?

Convenience is about more than shortening queues or cutting down wait times. It’s about having the right services at your fingertips, turning chores into breezy tasks. 

Here’s where your convenience shines:

Tech Services
  • In-Touch
Party Supplies
  • SKP
Educational Centres
  • Shichida
Relax & Refresh
  • Family Lounge/Foreword Coffee

5. Convenience and Grocery In Canberra Plaza


Just finished your last tin of Milo and panicked? Chill, lah, owing to Cranberry Plaza, is here to save your day and breakfast.

Having top-tier convenience and grocery stores right in the heart of a small is the hero of your daily life. It’s not simply about snagging that midnight snack; it’s the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have to sweat whether you have run out of eggs, bread, or detergent.

Here’s where you can dive into trusty establishments:

  • NTUC FairPrice: Whether it’s weekly groceries or that special ingredient for tonight’s dinner, this supermarket has your back.
Convenience Stores
  • 7-Eleven: The perfect place for those quick bites, late-night cravings, or grabbing a drink.

6. Beauty and Healthcare In Canberra Plaza


Ah, the subtle or sometimes not-so-subtle art of looking and feeling good! At Canberra Plaza, it’s not merely about the threads you wear but also about the glow you carry and the pep in your step.

Why obsess over beauty, personal, and healthcare? Simple. It’s about self-love, confidence, and ensuring you’re always at your A-game. 

And face it; a little pampering never hurt anyone, right? For all things personal care, here’s where to go:

Hair Care
  • Paul’s Barbershop
  • 3 Quick Cut
Traditional Care
  • Wan Xiang TCM
Optical Needs
  • Tampines Optical
Healthcare & Pharmacies
  • Guardian
  • Viva Medical
  • Joy Dental Centre
  • MyDoc
Nail & Beauty
  • D’Pixies Nails
  • Celmonze
Massage & Relaxation
  • Xpress Massage

Getting to Canberra Plaza

Have you ever had that mini heart attack thinking you’d be late for a sale or a date because you could not find your way?

Worry not; Canberra Plaza is one place you won’t be getting lost en route to.

  • Hop on the North-South Line and alight at Canberra MRT station. Exit at Exit B, and you’re practically at the plaza’s doorstep. Easy peasy!
  • Multiple bus services, such as 117, 169, 117M, SSC SHUTTLE, 776, 169A, 883M, 883B, 581, 965, 965A, G65, G65, G201, G119 and 883, will drop you right in front of the plaza.
Driving Over
  • For those with wheels, there’s ample parking space. Just follow the signs to this plaza, and viola, you are there!
Taxi or Private Hire
  • Simply instruct the driver to head to Canberra Plaza. Most drivers are familiar with it, but if in doubt, it’s right next to Canberra MRT Station.

Tips for Maximising Canberra Plaza

Ahoy, savvy shopper! You have finally reached Canberra Plaza. Good on you!

But are you ready to make the most out of your time here? Here are some pro tips:

  1. Shops may offer morning specials, so consider arriving early.
  2. Free Wi-Fi? Yes, please! Just log in and stay updated on all things digital.
  3. Know where you are heading. Check out mall directories or use mall-specific apps.
  4. If planning a meal, consider off-peak hours to avoid long waits.
  5. There’s lots to see, so dress to impress but keep those feet happy.
  6. With all that shopping cardio, keep a water bottle handy.

Need More Cash for Canberra Plaza?

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