5 Things to Do in Broadway Plaza Singapore

Alright, lah, think closer to home if you think about that famous New York avenue with musicals. Right here in Singapore, it has got its own Broadway Plaza. It’s like that chic neighbourhood kid who does not brag but has all the cool toys!

And guess what? The kiddo is inviting you to play. So, before you make a beeline to the typical Orchard Road, maybe it’s time to check out such an underrated spot at this mall.

Come now and unravel the top five things you can do at this plaza.

About Broadway Plaza Singapore


Now, do you have plans to brush off this mall? Well, you better reconsider because it isn’t an ordinary mall. 

Since its grand opening in 1979, it has become more than a building with shops; it’s a part of your local tapestry. And why wouldn’t it be? It was once known as the Broadway Cinema and was among the first cinemas in Ang Mo Kio.

Since the establishment’s bold venture in the retail scene began, it has now stood the test of time, making its mark as a prominent shopping destination. It’s where everyone in Singapore, from Auntie Ah Lian to Young Executive Jason, finds something of interest.

So, here are the details you need before going to this fantastic mall:

Address4190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore 569841
Operating HoursOpen daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.
Contact Number+6565920001
Best ServicesFriendly customer service

1. Shopping In Broadway Plaza


Eh, who doesn’t love to shop? Finding anyone who detests shopping is impossible because everyone wants and needs something. 

And at this mall, the shopping is top-tier. You could confidently admit that what’s here is more than retail indulgence. Here, you will find something perfect that screams ‘you’!

Like what? You will land on that killer outfit. 

Do you have plans to upgrade your kitchen arsenal? Not a problem! And for those looking to boost your home’s style, everything you need is here too!

Here are the stores you should not miss out: 

Fashionista’s Dream
  • Baby Doll Fashion & Accessories LLP
Culinary Corner
Home Decor Haven
  • Summerhouse Pte. Ltd

2. Education and Entertainment In Broadway Plaza


Okay, lah, no one can deny that shopping is incredible. But everyone knows that life is not purely about the latest purchases.

That’s why this mall also ensures enrichment for the mind. 

For instance, are you keen to pick up Mandarin? Maybe you prefer to improve or awaken your artsy side? Perhaps you yearn to croon to your heart’s content?

All of these are accessible to you, thanks to this mall. And here are the places where you can learn & chill:

Brush Up Your Mandarin
  • Tien Hsia Language School
Sing Your Heart Out
  • Major 99 Karaoke and Entertainment Centre
Move to the Beat
  • DF Academy

3. Dining  In Broadway Plaza

dining- in-broadway-plaza

Alright, while shopping is dope, what about makan time? Because, honestly, shopping without dining is like chicken rice without the chicken. It just isn’t right!

This mall is not pulling any punches. A good meal? That’s an understatement! 

With a plentiful of food selections accessible, one thing’s for sure: you will not leave with an empty stomach or a frown.

A top-notch dining experience can turn many any day from ‘meh’ to “shiok ah!” This mall guarantees that your palate is treated right, with restaurants ready to tickle your taste buds. From Japanese to Szechuan, there’s a culinary adventure waiting at every corner.

Here are the food stops you can’t miss:

Japanese Delicacies
  • Marugoto Shokudo: It’s THE Japanese restaurant, and only leave with trying their signature sushi rolls.
Sushi Heaven
  • Suki Sushi Pte Ltd: The name says it all. For sushi fanatics, this is your sanctuary.
Spicy Treats
  • 57° Mala Xiang Guo @Ang Mo Kio: For those with a brave heart and a true spicy playground.

4. Home Goods and Services In Broadway Plaza


Life’s not all about clothes and food. Sometimes, the little things – or services – make a huge difference. Broadway Plaza understands that and steps up its game with shops that are not merely of hoods but also make your life a smidge easier.

Why wander around town looking for different services when you have everything under one roof? Whether it’s the urge to jazz up your space, push up those muscles, or even get your car’s A-okay – this mall is your one-stop solution.

Here are the service stops worth checking out:

For Motorheads
  • Automobile Association of Singapore: Drive-in, worry-free.
Fitness Junkies
  • Anytime Fitness: Because health waits for none.
Decor & More
  • TOH TOH KITCHENWARE and Summerhomes Pte Ltd: To deck up your den.
Green Touch
  • Green Grass Gift & Flower: For that lovely bouquet or gift.

5. Hair and Healthcare In Broadway Plaza

hair-and-healthcare in-broadway-plaza

Remember when mum said, “First impressions count”? Well, she wasn’t wrong.

Keeping yourself prim and proper is not vanity; it’s self-care! And no, you do not need to hop from place to place for that glow-up. This mall has it all!

There’s no reason to skip the pampering from that much-needed haircut to rejuvenating therapies. So, here’s where you can head, whether it’s those stubborn knots in your shoulders or just a chic new haircut you are after:

Holistic Healing
  • Bio-Resonance Therapy Centre
For the Soulful
  • Potpourri Dreams LLP
Snip & Style
  • Soul Scissors Studio
  • Colorpoint Salon
Wellness Hub
  • Nhg 1-health
  • Giman Beauty & Wellness
  • Magicboo Broadway Singapore

Getting to Broadway Plaza

Have you ever had that kan cheong spider moment where you’re lost and running late? Yup, everyone’s probably had such an experience once or twice. 

Knowing your way is half the battle won, especially when heading to the ever-so-amazing Broadway Plaza. 

Here’s how you can reach out and about:

  • The closest station is Ang Mo Kio. From there, it is just a few skips away.
  • Several buses head to Broadway Plaza. These are 851, 851E, 853M, 853, 86, 22, 24, 25, 73, 130, 133, 135, 136, 138, 166, 169, 261, 265, 269, 138A, 138B, R30, and 50, check your favoured bus app and choose the most convenient route.
  • Plenty of parking space awaits. And for those who trust their GPS more than their instincts, just type in “Broadway Plaza Singapore,” and you’re off to go!
  • Tell the auntie or uncle, “Broadway Plaza, please!” They know the drill.

Tips for Maximising Broadway Plaza

You must make the most of your time now that you are here. You want to be different from others who went to a buffet and only ate rice. So, dig in right now for the whole experience!

Here’s how you can max out your trip with these tips:

  1. Get there early for the best deals and to avoid the crowd.
  2. Check out the mall’s directory online to beeline to your favourite shops.
  3. Bring a power bank. You know, for those Insta stories and shop directories.
  4. All that shopping can be a thirsty activity. Grab a drink or two in between.
  5. A word of caution. You will be walking a lot. So, dress comfortably!

Need More Cash for Broadway Plaza?

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