5 Things to Do in Marina Bay Link Mall Singapore

You have probably passed by a million malls in Singapore, but there’s something truly iconic about the Marina Bay Link Mall (MBLM). Located in the island city’s heart, it’s a shopping haven that offers an encounter transcending just retail therapy.

Wondering why? Hold on to our shopping bags, folks – you are about to go on a whirlwind tour!

When you think of world-class shopping, delicious eateries, and an all-around fantastic day out, MBLM is the first name that should pop up because of its prime location and the five exciting adventures waiting for you inside.

About: Marina Bay Link Mall 

MBLM is not merely another shopping destination – it attests to the Lion City’s prowess in meshing modern architecture with a top-notch shopping experience.

Launched with fanfare in 2010, it’s relatively young but carries an ageless charm.

Here are the essential details you have to know first about MBLM:

Address8A Marina Blvd, Singapore 018984
Operating Hours0730 AM to 0930 PM on Mondays to Fridays. 10 AM to 0930 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.
Contact Number+65 6634 0888
Official Websitehttps://www.rqam.com.sg/marina-bay-link-mall/
Best ServicesComplimentary Wi-Fi, Concierge Services, Personal Shopping Assistance

1. Shopping In Marina Bay Link Mall

Ah, shopping! The adrenaline, the excitement, and the sheer joy of finding that perfect piece. Marina Bay Link Mall has everything, whether an elegant dress or a nifty gadget.

Did you know? There’s science behind the happiness you feel when you shop. 

Yep! Shopping releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. So, the next time someone asks why you are out shopping, tell them you are just doing a little brain exercise!

Here are the popular shops you can check out in MBLM:

Fashion & Accessories
  • Anatara: The premium women’s fashion source.
  • Aura: Find the best chic accessories for every occasion.
  • S.H.E: The modern fashion staples for women.
Jewelry and Timeplace
  • BERN: Unearth the most exquisite watches and jewellery pieces.
  • Yes_Eyewear: Stylish frames and sunglasses for all ages.
  • UCCI: The spectacular designer trove of eyewear collections.

2. Dining In Marina Bay Link Mall

Whoever said shopping was the heart of a mall probably has never dined at the BayDine selections in Marina Bay Link Mall. If shopping releases dopamine, what is the food here? Oh, it’s a symphony for your taste buds!

Dining is not solely about filling your stomach; it’s also about crafting memories. Be it a simple meal or a gastronomic experience, every plate served adds a touch of flavour to your day.

A perfect dining affair can make any outing unforgettable.  And guess what? With over 20 eateries, each delivering a delectable spread, BayDine in MBLM is the culinary expedition you need.

Here are the eateries you can choose from with mouthwatering menus waiting just for you:

Asian Nirvana
  • Aloha PokÉ
  • Arcade Fish Soup
  • Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen
  • Dim Sum Haus
  • Din Tai Fung
  • Forbidden Duck
  • Ichiban Boshi
  • Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh
  • Misaki Japanese Restaurant
  • Nuodle
  • Qi – House of Sichuan
  • Yi Jia Chun
  • Paradise Classic
Comfort Cafes & Refreshments
  • Boost Juice
  • BreadTalk
  • Dimbulah (MBFC & ORQ)
  • Starbucks
  • The Coffee Academics
Fast Food Joys
  • Burger King
  • MOS Burger
  • Subway
Eclectic International Selections
  • BLVD
  • Cedele (MBFC & ORQ)
  • Erwin’s Gastrobar
  • Level33
Sweet Tooth Corner
  • Crispy Bing
  • Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh
  • Jollibean
  • Playmade

And a lot more! The beauty of dining at MBLM is that there’s always something for everyone’s scrutinising palette, from traditional savours to contemporary culinary innovations.

3. Beauty & Wellness In Marina Bay Link Mall

Shoped? Check! Dined? Check!

Now, it’s the right time to shine! You have to be honest: amidst all the retail therapy and delicious bites, isn’t there a tiny part of you whispering, “What about pampering yourself?

Beauty is not merely about vanity. It’s a declaration, a confidence booster, a mood lifter!

Coupled with wellness, it becomes an essential facet of self-care. And self-care? Well, that’s not only a trend; it’s a lifeline.

Go deep into this self-love arena with:

For your Tresses
  • Essensuals by Toni&Guy
  • James Barker Barber
  • Myeondong Hair Studio
Pamper That Skin
  • Bay Aesthetics Clinic
  • Kskin
  • Lush & Glow
For Those Dainty Hands and Feet
  • Nail Bliss
Holistic Wellness
  • Pulse TCM Clinic
  • Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab
  • Watsons

4. Banking In Marina Bay Link Mall

The MBLM is not purely a shopper’s paradise; it’s a heaven for account holders, too! Why step out when you can handle those bank errands right here?

Having banking access at your shopping destination is beyond convenience; it’s brilliant! It allows you to manage your expenses in real time, confirming the seamless shopping encounter you must have. 

So, here’s what’s all the banking is about at MBLM:

  • CitiBank ATM
  • DBS Bank
  • SingPost Pop Station 
  • Standard Chartered Banking Hall

5. BaySpecials In Marina Bay Link Mall

Every mall has charm, but those unique nooks and crannies make it stand out. Think of them as the cherry on your sundae or that extra dollop of sambal in your laksa.

These special services and niche stores are authentic game-changers. They deliver to those particular needs, from last-minute groceries to health check-ups. 

Explore here

Convenience At Its Best
  • 7-Eleven
  • BaySpace
  • Blossom Floral Design
  • Jasons Deli
  • Le Rouge
Health and Well-being
  • Fitness First (ORO)
  • Fullerton Health
  • Marina Bay Dental
  • MinMed Clinic
  • Parkway Shenton Medical Group
  • Raffles Medical
Specialty Services
  • Marina Bay Link Mall Concierge
  • Precious Thoughts
  • Pressto Dry Cleaning

Getting to Marina Bay Link Mall

Alright, while MBLM is an absolute gem waiting to be explored, the real question is: how do you get there without getting caught in that notorious city buzz? Don’t worry; your handy guide is right here.

For starters, always remember that Singapore’s connectivity is top-notch. Getting to MBLM will be a cinch:

  • Hop on the Downtown Line and alight at the Downtown station. An underground link will guide you straight to the mall. Or East-West Line and North-South Line.
  • Several buses ply the route, such as bus lines services 10, 100, 70, 75, 107, 130, 162, 196, 545, 591, 592, 652, 656, 660, 663, 665, 10E, 196E, 850E, 868E and 970. Just confirm you alight at the right stop near Marina Bay Financial Centre.
  • There’s ample parking at Marina Bay Link Mall. And hey, if you’ve got those cool electric cars, charging points are accessible. 
  • A brisk walk and a scenic treat in the Marina Bay area are good for your health.

Maximising Your Marina Bay Link Mall Day!

Okay, here’s a scene: you are stepping into MBLM, eyes wide, list ready, and excitement level reaching 100. 

How do you guarantee you will get the most out of this trip?

  1. Do not hesitate to check out the shopping mall’s directory online. List down additional stores, eateries, or activities you want to hit.
  1. With all that shopping, you need fuel. Carry a water bottle or grab a refreshing drink from one of the many outlets.
  1. Love your feet because they’ll be your most reliable ally on this shopping adventure. Wear the most comfy shoes you have!
  1. Do you want to attain those exclusive deals and offers? You must join the loyalty programs; it’s the only ticket you need.
  1. Pause, dine, and soak in the ambience. Remember, you could be here primarily for shopping, but your experience here is astounding if you let it.

Need More Cash for Marina Bay Link Mall?

Marina Bay Link Mall is a genuine treasure trove of delights whether you are munching, shopping, or simply wandering about. Here, you will get to experience new affairs that are like no other.

But what if your wallet gives you that ‘I’m on a diet’ vibe midway?

Ahoy, do not worry! The nearest Accredit Licensed Money Lender branch is here if you need a little financial boost.

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Should you wait for your next payday? Remember, there’s no better time than now, so dive into a world of convenience and apply here for a loan from us. After all, MBLM waits for no one, and neither should you!

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