4 Things to Do in The Adelphi Singapore

Walao, eh, The Adelphi? If you have heard of it, where have you been lah? Tucked within the island city’s heart, this mall stands like a majestic lion amidst the bustling ant-nest of Singapore.

It’s that mix of tradition and contemporary, a modern monument wrapped in a rich cultural tapestry of history. But, aiyo, don’t just take anyone’s word for it.

If you want to discover what sets this mall apart from all the other malls, then chiong out and read on. Are you ready? Explore the heart of this legendary establishment and check out the four things shaking it.

About: The Adelphi

The Adelphi. No, it’s not a new bubble tea flavour or the latest K-Drama series. It’s a shopper’s oasis situated strategically within the Lion City. 

Opened its doors in 1985, it’s notable for being among the oldest malls in Singapore. Even more fascinating is its history goes far back as a 999-year leasehold ten commercial development. If you’re seeking a historical mall, this is genuinely it. 

Since its rise, it’s been the go-to spot for many ever since. But have you ever wondered about the name? “Adelphi” is a Greek word meaning “brothers”, a nod perhaps to the unity and camaraderie the mall brings to its visitors.

Here are the details of the mall:

Address1 Coleman St, Singapore 179803
Operating HoursOpen between 8 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Friday.
Contact Number+65 6339 9179
Official Websitehttp://theadelphi.sg/
Best ServicesDedicated concierge service, indulgent pampering sessions

1. Shopping & Lifestyle

Now, on to the juicier bits. The Adelphi is a place where you don’t simply have to buy things, and it’s therapy without the hefty therapist bill. 

No kidding! Science says shopping releases all the good hormones, thus boosting your mood! So next time someone questions your retail habits, say it’s a science-backed mood lifter!

Are you curious about your choices? Here are the specifics:

Fashion & Accessories
  • Dive into the Knotty Shope 1995 for intricate designs, or strut over to Sheer Look for that standout piece.
Electronics & Gadgets
  • K-13 Marketing has all the techie goodies you have been dreaming about.
Antiques and Memorabilia
  • Ah, there is nothing like a trip down Memory Lane for nostalgia or a visit to Lee Buay Nguin for unique finds. 
Beauty & Self-care
  • Freshen up at HYY Beauty House or glam up at MO:DA.
  • Give Funan Jewellery a whirl for pieces that will make anyone’s eyes sparkle.

Whatever your heart desires, this mall has a store that listens.

2. Dining In

Belly grumbling after that shopping fun? Don’t just ‘makan’ anywhere – feast at this mall! While retail is considered therapy, at this mall, you will feel your heart joyful; the dining affair will give your tummy pure delight.

After all, a great meal is not only a meal – it’s an entire episode of MasterChef in your mouth. And here, it’s like a buffet of episodes. From the tumultuous tingles of taste to the full-on fiery fiesta, you will have a memorable dining encounter.

Here’s a dive to the quick menu welcoming you:

International Wonders
  • Head to Deli Belly and enjoy a gastronomic tour from East to West.
Cosy Cafes
  • Sip and nibble at Chef Lai’s Cafe or get sweet treats from Tings Bakery.
Fine Dining
  • Elevate your dining experience at Il Lido Pte Ltd with gourmet plates.
Local Brews
  • Unwind with a cuppa at Coffee Hive because nothing beats good local coffee.

With so many cuisines, you can take a bit from every corner of the world!

3. Beauty, Aesthetics, Wellness and Healthcare 

You thought this mall was about retail and dining? Think again! How about refreshing your skin, rejuvenating your spirit, or reinvigorating your overall well-being?

Taking care of your health, beauty, and well-being goes beyond vanity; it’s sanity. When you feel fantastic inside out, life shines a bit brighter. So, this mall will deliver whether it’s getting that radiant glow, melting away stress, or just regular check-ups.

Wellness & Beauty Hubs
  • Salons: Get a chic look at ANNO DOMINI SALON or freshen up with services at REFLEXION BEAUTY CENTRE.
  • Aesthetics: Beaucare Aesthetic Pte Ltd is your go-to for all skin solutions.
  • Holistic Health: Recharge at Energia by Rev22 or acquire herbal remedies from The Health Shop Pte Ltd.
  • Dental: Smile bright with Le Mint’s Dental Surgery Pte Ltd services.
  • Osteopathic Care: Dig into deep healing with Osteopathic Medicine and Rehabilitation.
  • Traditional Medicine: Check out Woosah TCM Pte Ltd and Genesis TCM for holistic therapies.

4. Arts, Music, Dance & Fitness

From canvases to choreography, from beats to barbells – this mall’s got a groove that will make your heart move. But wait, before you burst into a dance number, you must go through an artful maze.

Arts, music, dance & fitness are not simple hobbies – they’re the epitome, the lifeblood of your spirit. These will help you express distress and impress! Be it capturing moments, swaying to melodies, or sweating out bad vibes, there’s something intrinsically therapeutic about scouring into these realms.

Here are the hobbies you can explore:

Art Buffs & Shutterbugs
  • P&G Photographic Centre: Capture memories perfectly.
  • Projekt Florestine & Art Salon: Feast your eyes on contemporary and classic pieces.
Groovy Souls & Vinyl Love
  • Intermix Records & Records Warehouse Singapore: Relish the classic and fresh beats.
  • The Flying V Metal Bar & Audiophile Triangle: Find every genre under one reef.
  • Vinyluck: For the old souls who cherish vinyl memories.
Dance & Fitness Enthusiasts
  • JR Fitness Dance Studio & Just Dance SG Pte Ltd: Groove, move, and improve.
  • Lion Angel Dance Studio & Flows of the Indus: Blend traditional with contemporary and feel the rhythm!

Getting to The Adelphi

Be authentic: Who has time for wrong turns and missed stops? A smooth travel means more time for the good stuff, like diving headfirst into The Adelphi and its wonders. So, without further ado, here’s your golden ticket to a hitch-free trip to your favourite destination!

Here’s how you can roll:

  • Hop on the North-South Line and make your pit stop at City Hall Station. From there, it’s just an easy walk to the grand entrance of this mall.
  • Numerous buses will lead you to the mall’s doorstep. Some of the most frequent include bus numbers 32, 51, 63, 80, and 195. Alight at the bus stop near St. Andrew’s Cathedral; you’re a few strides away.
Driving Downtown
  • If you’re steering yourself, there’s ample parking in the vicinity. Remember that Orchard Road can get pretty packed, so plan your route and timings to avoid the rush.
  • Mention “The Adelphi, near City Hall MRT,” and any taxi driver worth their salt will zip you right over.

Tips for Maximising The Adelphi Experience

So, you’ve finally made it to The Adelphi. Excellent! But do not simply stroll – strut with a plan. With so much to see and do, here are some astounding tips to guarantee you make the most of your visit:

  1. Starting your shopping day early means snagging the best deals and avoiding crowds.
  2. There’s a directory at the entrance. Use it! A little pre-planning never hurt anyone.
  3. Keep your devices juiced up. These are charging points scattered across the mall.
  4. Did you find a lovely cafe or resting spot? Sit down, sip something extraordinary, and recharge yourself too!
  5. The customer service desk is there for a reason. Do not hesitate to seek assistance.

Need More Cash for The Adelphi?

You have shopped and dropped, and oh, what a day it’s been at The Adelphi! But wait, spied another must-have? Or perhaps, a dinner palace that’s quite beyond the budget? 

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