4 Things to Do in Scotts Square Singapore

Scotts Square – hearing the name might give you an itch to whip out that credit card, eh? Located at the bustling heart of Orchard Road, this luxurious haven encapsulates the essence of sophisticated urban living.

Have you seen all the island city’s shopping scene has to deliver to your doorstep? Well, let this mall pleasantly surprise you.

So, lace up those walking shoes, tap that EZ-link card, and come on a trip to discover the top four encounters awaiting you at this mall!

About Scotts Square Singapore

Shiok is not only a term for that laksa from the nearby hawker stall; it’s the feeling you will get when you enter this mall. It is not a mere place; it’s a story of being a modern titan of shopping elegance and is a space holding whispers of the past.

Since its establishment in 2012, Scotts Square has swiftly solidified itself as one of Singapore’s luxury retail spots. But did you know it stands where history has been written? From British colonial influences to post-independence developments, every brick and pillar echoes tales of yesteryears.

This mall is a pretty building and a magnificent heritage, eh? And here are the details you should know first-hand:

Address6 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228209
Operating HoursOpen every day between 10 AM to 10 PM.
Contact Number+65 6636 3633
Best ServicesWorld-class Shopping, Dining, Customer Service Assistance, Wheelchair Accessible Parking Lot, Entrance and Elevator

1. Shopping In Scotts Square


So, why should people shop here? Why should you shop here in the first place?

Besides the sheer joy of saying, “I shopped at Scotts Square,” there’s a genuine science to back up your retail habits. It is not primarily about obtaining new things; it’s mostly connected to the joys of discoveries, the thrill of a good deal, and the satisfaction of self-expression.

Here’s where you can chase your shopper’s high:

High-end Fashion and Accessories
  • Celiana: High fashion like you’ve never seen before.
  • Leonard Paris: Parisian elegance within Singapore’s heart.
  • JeweLuxe Gallery: Shine bright, diamond.
  • Christian Louboutin: Where shoes are a love affair.
  • Vivienne Westwood Anglomania: Eccentric, bold, iconic.
Quirky and Unique Stores
  • Shoe Exchange: Swap, shop, strut!
  • BULLARUM GIFTS: It’s gifting, elevated.
  • CLOSET: Dive into a fashionista’s dream.
  • SHOUT Gallery Singapore: Art that makes you shout with joy!
Watches and Jewels
  • Watches Of Switzerland Pte Ltd: Timeless elegance.
  • Cultured Watch: For the discerning horologist.
  • Larry Jewelry: Where traditions meet modernity.
  • Ethan K: Exquisite craftsmanship in every piece.

Other retail selections to make you happy include Liz Claiborne Boutique, Stüssy, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Kakushin, OCD, Coda Co., Carhartt WIP, Trixilini and V-ZUG. Each store is guaranteed to deliver unique offerings, promising products and an affair to remember.

2. Dining In Scotts Square


Did someone say makan time? Shopping is undoubtedly brilliant, and pairing it with a sumptuous meal is like adding sambal to your nasi lemak – irresistibly better! At this mall, you won’t only see dishes; they will serve you memories on a plate. 

Here are the best orchestra of dining options that can make any food lover dance in joy:

For the Pizza Lovers
  • PizzaExpress: Known for their delicious and wide range of pizzas. It’s an artful cuisine altogether.
Asian Fineness
  • Teriyaki Place: What’s the must-try? It’s the signature Teriyaki bowl. Sweet, savoury, and oh-so delectable!
  • Paradise Teochew: Renowned for authentic Teochew dishes that transport you to culinary paradise.
  • London Fat Duck: The best-selling men are the crispy aromatic duck. It’s a quack-tastic treat!
Cafe Specials
  • The Oatberry Cafe: It’s the speciality of various oat-based delicacies. Healthy can be truthfully tasty, too!
  • Toast Box: People return here because of the Traditional Nanyang coffee & toasted goodies—a bite of nostalgia.
  • Tiong Bahru Bakery: It’s loved for the freshly baked goods that melt your heart.
International Treats
  • Wild Honey: It’s most famous for its all-day breakfasts worldwide.
  • Maison Kayser: Here, you can delight in French pastries that are ‘oh la la’ magnificent!
  • La Savior: The signature menu you must try is the mix of European dishes, which is a continental expedition.
  • Eggslut: The craze is all things egg! Eggstraordinary perfectly describes it.

With such tempting selections, every visit to this mall will surely be a pleasurable culinary adventure. 

3. Essentials and Service Assistance In Scotts Square


“Essentials? Check.

Services? Check!”

Oh, did you honestly think Scotts Square would let you down? After an exquisite meal and shopping fun, it’s time to tackle the everyday essentials and some pampering!

When you think about it, the ideal mall is the one that completes your day. Sure, fashion and dining are glamorous, but the unsung heroes? The stores that cater to your daily necessities and those surprise errands you remember midway through your day.

Groceries & Gourmet Glory
  • FairPrice Finest: From your daily bread to gourmet ingredients.
  • Whistler Food Pte Ltd: Think gourmet. Think Whistler.
All About Committed Assistance
  • Musee Platinum Tokyo: Hair removal services ensure your skin is summer-ready all year round!
  • Pressto: Dry cleaning and laundry? Sorted within hours!

4. Beauty and Wellness In Scotts Square


Beauty and wellness isn’t another Instagram fad but an ode to self-care. Why? Because looking good and pleasing is not vanity; it’s sanity. 

And what about feeling good and excellent? That’s pure humanity.

When you get self-care treatments, your body releases endorphins, encouraging your mind and senses to relax and de-stress. Plus, regular skincare routines can combat your skin’s daily environmental stresses. Ah, now that’s the kind of science everyone likes!

The Facials & Skin Saviours
  • Isabella Aesthetics: From eyelash extensions to facials, they’ve got your glow-up expertly sorted.
  • Skin Inc: Bespoke skin care because your skin deserves personal attention.
  • Mirage Aesthetic: The name says it all for that mirage-like glow.
Hair & Beauty Spots
  • Guardian Health & Beauty: Your one-stop shop for health and beauty necessities.
  • Kemistry: It’s all about the hair and scalp here. Pure magic!
  • CINQ Studio: Fitness is not a hobby; it’s the best lifestyle you can opt for.

Getting to Scotts Square Singapore

No one wants to be that friend who is always late because they got lost. Directions matter, and in Singapore, punctuality is the polite thing to do. So, for the ‘directionally challenged’ or even seasoned locals, here’s the golden guide to get to Scotts Square without any hitch:

  • Hop on the Orchard MRT station on the North-South Line (Red Line). Exit the station via Exit A, walk a short distance, and there you are! You will see this mall standing in all its glamour, waiting for you.
  • Several buses stop near this mall – take your pick! Whether it’s 54, 5, 128, or 124, they will drop you within a few steps of the entrance.
  • Got wheels? Navigate to Scotts Road. Worried about parking? Don’t bother yourself with such thoughts; there’s lots of space accessible for you. But do check for parking rates!
  • Say “Scotts Square or Scotts Road” to your friendly taxi uncle or auntie. They’ll know where to go. Remember, cashless payment methods are also accepted in most taxis. But cash payments are outstanding, too!

If you feel particularly energetic, you can cycle to reach this mall. Bicycle racks are available. You also have ride-sharing apps at your fingertips.

Scotts Square Maximised

Okay, lah, visiting a mall without a game plan? That’s like trying to find a needle in Orchard Road! To guarantee you do not miss out on the highlights of Scotts Square, here are some practical tips to elevate your mall game:

  1. Begin with taking a quick glimpse of the mall’s directory. No surprises there. But it gives you a roadmap of the adventure ahead.
  2. The food places can get crowded. So either be an early bird or have a reservation.
  3. Store your heavier bags at the concierge. Continue shopping without lugging around your earlier splurges.
  4. Check out any ongoing events. You might snag a deal or stumble upon a fund event.
  5. Prioritise to wear comfortable shoes because your feet will do a lot of walking.

Need More Cash for Scotts Square?

A day at Scotts Square: Pure bliss. From incredible shopping finds to pleasant bites, your heart’s complete, but what about the wallet? Not so much. 

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