4 Things to Do in People’s Park Centre Singapore

Ah, People’s Park Centre! This place surely pops up when you think about old-school charm in modern-day Singapore. 

Strategically nestled within Chinatown’s heart, the building might not sport the flashy neon lights or the towering stature of the island city’s newer malls. But, oh boy, does it have stories to tell!

Do you want to encounter the soul of Singapore’s shopping centres authentically? If you are, it’s the perfect moment to stroll further into the corridors of this mall and uncover a secret or four.

About People’s Park Centre Singapore

Do you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane? If you do, then you are in for a treat!

As you know, you’d understand an establishment better, particularly when you find out more about its roots. And with that, you have to go back to the 70s! It’s when bell-bottoms were a thing, the Bee Gees were the musical kings, and, of course, the momentous birth of the People’s Park Centre in 1973. 

Thus, you can clearly understand that it’s been a shopping staple for locals and tourists. It’s indeed a time-tested testimony of Singapore’s continuously developing retail panorama. And while it might not have the similar glitz and glamour of Orchard Road, it certainly has goods to deliver.

But first, here are the details you must learn about this shopping mall:

Address101 Upper Cross St, Singapore 058357
Operating HoursOpen Mondays to Saturdays between 9 AM to 6 PM. Closed on Sundays.
Contact Number+65 6535 9177
Best ServicesTravel Agencies, Legal Assistance, Beauty Parlours, Tailor Shops

1. Shopping In People’s Park Centre


Before anything else, there’s a crucial requirement to debunk some particular myth. What is it? Well, it’s the perception that shopping is a mere pastime. 

Yes, it’s a favourable amusement or hobby, but it’s a therapeutic choice and science said so! When browsing through the aisles, find the perfect something you’ve always desired. Such activity would help release endorphins, and everyone loves a good dose of happiness, right?

At People’s Park Centre, there’s undoubtedly more to shop than you initially think:

For The Crafty
  • Golden Dragon Store: For all your crafting needs.
  • Shinobeads: Bead loves; this is the bead oasis you’ve been searching for!
For the Trendsetters
  • EL Boutique: Chic apparel that does not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • AK Watches Enterprise: Timeless timepieces for every wrist.
Tech and Electronics
  • Koba Electronics: Your one-stop sanctuary for gadgets.
Homely Goods
  • Japan Home: Household items to make your living space a home.
  • Koi Ming Enterprise: Because who does not love quirky stationery?
For the Spiritual
  • Genuine Thai Buddha & Amulet Gallery: Explore the world of faith and spirituality with accurate guides.

2. Dining In People’s Park Centre


Do you love food? Do you crave to explore new flavours once in a while? If so, you will find such glorious food at this shopping mall.

As you have shopped to your heart’s content, wouldn’t it be fabulous to sit down and indulge in some mouthwatering dishes? Because, come on, be honest, shopping is practically a sport, and every sportsperson has to refuel, right?

Moreover, having a top-notch dining affair is more than just satiating hunger. It’s an art, a magnificent journey, an enigmatic experience! The perfect dining encounter can turn a ‘meh’ day into an ‘unforgettable’ one. 

With the excellent dining spots serving considerable cuisines at this mall, your taste buds are in for a delight! Here’s a brief culinary tour, lah!

Viva Vegetarian
  • Vegetarian Garden (素满园): This is the haven for all vegetarian lovers. Everything is here, from the greenest greens to the most delectable mock meats!
 Local Classics
  • Chuan Kee 传记客家咖喱面: If you are craving for that authentic and traditional Hakka curry noodles, this is the right place to be.
  • Ya Kun Kaya Toast: Because what’s a Singaporean meal without the beloved kaya toast and kopi?
Fixing the Sugar Craving
  • Tong Shui Desserts: Dig into the array of traditionally decadent desserts that will take you back to your ah ma’s kitchen.
  • 118 Coffee Shop: The perfect place for a quick coffee and cake break.
Halal Heaven
  • Warung Aneka Rasa: Savour the best of Malay dishes. An actual explosion of flavours!
  • Labbaik Restaurant Pte Ltd: A delightful spread of Halal-certified dishes that whet your appetite.
Asian Fusion
  • Yu Yuan Cafe: A satisfying blend of Asian favourites. Two words: Simply irresistible!
  • Kreta Lembu: A must-visit for those yearning for a mix of regional delicacies.
Food Court Mania
  • Xin Tian Di Food Court: A collection of options from the local classics to international favourites. Perfect for the indecisive diner!
Specialty Bites
  • 擂茶树: For those seeking something different. Let your palate explore!
  • Ho Kee Pau: Buns, buns, and more buns! Perfect for a quick snack or a fulfilling meal.

3. Convenience and Services In People’s Park Centre


Sometimes, the little things complete your day. It’s like adding the cherry on top of a cake or that missing jigsaw puzzle piece. At this shopping mall, you won’t only acquire shopping and food, it’ll also help you solve all those adulting challenges!

Have you got a phone acting up? Do you need some travel advice or legal counsel? It’s all here, under one roof, such as

Tech Support
  • It Touch Pte Ltd.: For those tech emergencies and upgrades.
  • CitriMobile Phone Repair: Bid farewell to that cracked screen.
Legal Eagles (When you need sound and expert legal advice.)
  • Lee T H & Partners
  • Kalco Law LCC
  • Jennifer Lim & Co.
  • Yeo & Associates LLC
  • Aspect Law Chambers LLC
  • Solomon Richard & Co
Travel and More
  • BSTONE TRAVEL PTE LTD (新加坡乐途旅游): For when wanderlust hits.
  • Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation Pte Ltd: Charting your next adventure.
  • William Ng Collections: A go-to for the collectors.
  • Divers Trove Pte Ltd: Your guide to dive deep into specialised selections.
  • SAM – Chinatown Post Office: It’s the service you can rely on because, face it, some things still need snail mail.
  • Jen Jewel: For that additional sparkle in life.
  • Accounting Services in Singapore: Balancing those numbers and your peace of mind.

4. Beauty and Wellness In People’s Park Centre


There’s a special kind of joy. Just like plants need water and sunlight, your body and mind flourish with TLC. A dab of colour here, a massage there – simple pleasures, profound effects!

Take a moment for yourself. It’s self-care. It’s essential.

Here are your premium beauty and wellness selections in People’s Park Centre:

Beauty Treatments
  • Clare de Beaute: When your skin calls for that extra glow.
  • Jin Hair: A good hair day is a good day, period!
  • The Pink Room International Nail Academy (PRINA): For nails that speak louder than words.
Wellness and Healthcare
  • Essentials Pharmacy 益生药房: From supplements to remedies, they’ll take care of you.
  • Infinity Spa: Take a pause and indulge in relaxation. Your body will thank you for it. 

How to Get to People’s Park Centre?

Have you ever had that giddy excitement before a day out, only to get bogged down by confusing directions? Yeah, it’s not fun. Thankfully, heading to People’s Park Centre is not a massive jigsaw puzzle.

To keep that excitement rolling, here’s your hitch-free guide to reaching this retail hub of wonders:

  • Hop on the Downtown Line and alight at Chinatown station. Exit A will take you directly to People’s Park Centre. Quick and efficient!
  • Several buses do play the route. Hop onto any of these numbers: 33, 147, 190 or 143 and alight right in front of the mall.
  • Easily accessible via New Bridge Road or Eu Tong Sen Street, ample parking is available. 
  • Simply mention “People’s Park Centre on New Bridge Road,” any taxi driver worth their salt will get you there without a problem. 

Tips for Elevating People’s Park Centre Experience

Here’s the thing about malls: These are like treasure chests. The more efficiently you dive in, the more jewels like deals and experiences you unearth. Before you proceed on this quest, here are some golden nuggets of wisdom:

  1. Morning hours are less crowded. You get to enjoy uninterrupted shopping!
  2. Those mall maps? Pure gold. Plan your route and hit your favourite spots.
  3. Secure your devices fully juiced for snaps, calls, or necessary Google searches.
  4. Enquire about loyalty programs or member discounts. Some fantastic deals might be awaiting loyal customers.
  5. The mall’s size is generous, so dress your feet with comfortable shoes for that marathon ahead.

Need More Cash for People’s Park Centre?

Picture this: Bags filled with all your desires, memories made, and affairs cherished. But what’s this? You have spotted something extra, yet the wallet’s running on empty?

Do not worry too much! There’s a lifeline that’s near you.

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Why should you hold back when you can have it all? Apply today and confidently stride through the mall because every retail fantasy, big or small, deserves a chance!

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