Taiwan Bank in Singapore: The Unending Banquet of Financial Delicacies in the Lion City

What comes to mind when you hear Singapore and Taiwan in the same sentence? You might be instant wanders towards a spicy Laksa bowl or the creamy and sweet bubble tea. But have you ever thought about the savoury blend of these two nations in finance with the best Taiwan bank in Singapore for you?

That’s right, dear reader. Today, you’ll uncover the prime Taiwanese banks in the Merlion’s jungle. It won’t be an odd mixture of bubble tea in your Laksa.

So, prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Dining in Perfect Diversity: Taiwan Bank in Singapore

Singapore is an exceptionally famous financial hub, and everyone expects its financing sector to resemble a Michelin-starred restaurant. And why wouldn’t it be? Each of the homegrown banks in Singapore grants various banking assistance, from personal loans and corporate banking to wealth management, and that’s only to name a few.

However, finding a Taiwan bank in Singapore is a sight to see! It’s because as each Taiwanese bank digs its roots more profoundly in the cityscape’s financial jungle, it presents an exquisitely unique flavour amidst the local and international banking scenery.

Each Taiwan bank you’ll find in Singapore will help you switch things up, presenting a new and enticing choice to your financial menu.

An Array of Succulent Offerings: The Leading Taiwan Banks in Singapore

You can now undertake a financing journey with eclectic banks reminiscent of Singapore’s vibrantly fervent hawker centres. Be ready as you’ll explore the fascinating world of Taiwanese banks in Singapore!

Bank of Taiwan

The Bank of Taiwan is like your favoured Hainanes chicken rice that’s been around for quite some time. It’s the bank founded in 1995 and established as Taiwan’s central bank, bringing the astonishing legacy of reliability and trust to your table.

Its standout banking services are the provision of the following:

  • Accounts Checking
  • Savings
  • Deposits,
  • Mortgage
  • Term Loan Services
  • Card Facilities
  • Internet Banking

With a bank like this, you’ll always have the choice for a financial boost!

Cathay United Bank Singapore Branch

The CUB was once the United World Chinese Commercial Bank (UWCCB) in 1975, and through mergers between the then Cathay Commercial Bank formed the mouthwatering Char Kwat Teow of the banking world was founded in 2008.

Regarding financial services in Asia, it has a rich tapestry to share with its customers. It’s also recognised for granting outstanding banking services like:

  • Corporate Lending
  • Transportation & Financial Institutions (FIs) Sector
  • General Corporates
  • Cash Deposits and Remittances
  • Cash Management
  • Trade Finance
  • Corporate Financing

It’s possibly why this Taiwanese bank in Singapore’s becoming a favoured choice among the business community.

Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Limited Singapore

The banking sector’s comforting bowl of Bak Kut Teh is the Chang Hwa Commercial Bank. Since it was founded in Singapore in 1997, it continues to warm the financial hearts of the cityscape community.

It also stands out from all its competitors because of its exceptional services, such as:

  • Business Banking
  • Consumer Banking
  • Checking & Savings Accounts
  • Investments
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Treasury Services
  • International Banking

All of these are alluring banking services that you’ll find helpful!

CTBC Bank Co., Ltd

Did you know that the CTBC Bank had a different name a few years ago?

The bank came into existence in 1966 and was named the China Securities and Investment Corporation. In 1971, a change occurred to the bank’s name to Chinatrust Investment Company Limited, and it soon became Chinatrust Commercial Bank in 1992.

The Taiwanese bank came to Singapore’s economic jungle in 2008 and delivered financial assistance, like:

  • Loans
  • Savings, Checking, T.D. Account
  • Remittance
  • Standing Instruction
  • Trade Finance
  • Capital Market
  • Private Banking
  • Internet Banking

It’s the bank that’ll be with you through the evolving times.

E.SUN Commercial Bank Limited

It’s a privately owned Taiwanese bank founded in the early 1990s, specifically in 1992. To respond to the soaring Asia market and financial innovation trends, thus it branched to Singapore in 2012.

If you’d compare it to a famous Taiwanese cuisine, the E.SUN Commercial Bank Ltd is a refreshing Bubble Tea! It’s also renowned for the following banking services:

  • Trade Finance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Remittances
  • Demand Deposits
  • Time Deposits
  • Loans
  • Residential Mortgages

If you want a fun and modern addition to your banking experience, this bank is the password!

First Commercial Bank

The First Commercial Bank is a Taiwan bank in Singapore akin to a comforting Beef Noodle Soup bowl. It came to Singapore’s financial market in 1977. Since then, it has been nourishing financial dreams for generations.

The standout services are:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Import & Export Financing
  • Deposits
  • International Syndicated Loans
  • Foreign Exchange Remittance
  • Remittance

When you aim for financial growth, the First Commercial Bank is the most appealing choice!

Land Bank of Taiwan

Do you prefer a deliciously comforting meal of Braised Pork Rice from the banking sector?

If that’s the case, you will enjoy the financial assistance that the Land Bank of Taiwan offers its Singaporean customers. From the day it reached Singapore in 2002, it became a reliable pick for clients who seek the following:

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Deposits
  • Fund Management
  • Loans
  • Debit & Credit Cards
  • Electronic Banking

So, with a bank like this, you don’t need any other choice!

Borrowing a Bite: Personal Loans

As you turn to a lesser-explore corner of finance’s alley, take a moment to consider personal loans. It’s an essential financial tool similar to a good Satay sauce for grilled skewers.

Personal loans would be an outstanding asset in times of genuine need, and do you know what the beauty of it all is? You have numerous options that will cater for your financial taste. 

That’s where Accredit comes into the picture. It’s among Singapore’s licensed moneylenders that’s as dependable as your neighbourhood popiah. With Accredit, you will experience credible and safe loan solutions that’ll lead you to monetary relief.

Savouring the Last Morsels of the Taiwan Bank in Singapore

So, dear reader, would you like to add some Taiwanese flair to your distinctively delicious Singaporean buffet? 

You’ve taken a taste sample of the lively Taiwan bank in the Singapore night market; you know each bank’s choices. Just as you savour the last morsels of each bank’s economic profile, you could still change your mind to a different moneylending experience with Accredit.

So, what’s it going to be? Remember, each sample and every dollar you invest will weave your narrative. Go on and take the first step. After all, no one has ever discovered what suits their taste best than trying something new, right?

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