Siam Commercial Bank Singapore: 6 Amusing Facts That Will Make You Smile!

What if you discover that world banking isn’t only about strict personal loan policies, heart-stopping interest rates, and complicated financial jargon?  Would you believe that behind those imposing and intimidating steel doors lie astonishing tales that could tickle your funny bone? The Siam Commercial Bank Singapore will surely keep those sceptical eyebrows at bay.

So, be ready and buckle up. You’re about to go on a fascinating rollercoaster ride through the amusing alleys of SCB PCL Singapore. It’s an institution as exhilarating as a hawker centre during the teeming and busy lunchtime and as dependable as your favoured prata stall.

The Thai Baht Chronicles: SCB Cradling a New Currency

As you know, each country is proud to have its currency. It’s among the best means of purchasing products and services. It’s moreover exceptionally significant in the financing industry, domestically and internationally.

As Singapore has its Singapore Dollar, Thailand has its Thai Baht!

Did you know that SCB had a massive role in giving birth to Thailand’s now popularly known currency?

Yes, the bank did that! It happened in 1902, even before the unofficial establishment of the bank. 

Who invented the Thai Baht?

Do you want to take a quick guess? 

Oh, it’s Chulalongkorn! Dear reader, King Rama V introduced the Thai Baht decimalisation. Back then, it wasn’t called the Baht just yet and was mentioned as the Thai Tical, which Westerners often did.

Like Singapore Sling is world-renowned as initially concocted at the Long Bar, the SCB issued the first Thailand banknote. Indeed, a magnificent milestone. In a few years, King Rama V founded the oldest bank in Thailand. 

The Siam Commercial Bank: The Not-So-Ancient Mariner

People often think that when something is old, it’s ancient and should be obsolete.

On the contrary, that does not apply to the oldest bank in Thailand. In truth, the Siam Commercial Bank is Thai’s oldest bank, established unofficially in October 1904. Thus, it’s more than 110 years of financing proficiencies and expertise.

That fact is exceptional as the ancient and venerable Bangkok’s Wat Phra Kaew. It’s parallel to Singapore’s most significant Newton Food Centre. 

Yes, you read everything right! Before other banks could ever get the opportunity to make their presence known, the SCB was already sailing towards being a banking powerhouse.

Siam Commercial Bank Singapore’s Majestic Royal Inception

Who doesn’t find royalty fascinating?

Come on, be honest. Nothing is more astonishing, intriguing, and quite unbelievable than the dynamism of the majesties. It’s like a fairy-tale come to life!

Now, this might come exceptionally surprising, but the Siam Commercial Bank Singapore’s roots are knotted firmly with the royal threads of Thailand. Isn’t that amazing?

It isn’t only impressive, and it’s the truth! The inception of the SCB was endorsed not by any mere royalty but by Thailand’s King Rama V. His brother, Prince Jayanta Mongkol, helped make it happen.

King Rama also believed it was Thailand’s time to rise in the financing industry and the perfect time for Siam to put forth its banking system. The main objective was to assist the country’s and the compatriots’ economic growth.

So, the events signify SCB Singapore’s air of royal authenticity. You can compare it to the reverence only The Istana commands, a tangible symbol of national pride and profound legacy. 

Siam Commercial Bank Singapore: A Master of Currencies

Imagine yourself stepping into Singapore’s busiest streets. On these streets, an array of currencies greets you with much enthusiasm. It’s the currencies from across the globe instead of a Singaporean handicraft.

First of all, you support the local market and produce. No one can ever deny your patriotism for your beloved country. But it doesn’t mean you do not enjoy having a vast range of currency services. 

The Siam Commercial Bank Singapore is your only global financial bazaar. Whether it be Yen, Euro, or Dollar, you don’t have to worry about currency exchange because SCB Singapore covers you from head to toe.

Thus, from King Rama V’s introduction to the Thai Baht, the bank he founded now manages various currencies! It’s safe to assume that there’s a diverse buffet of banknotes that best fits your taste preference.

Siam Commercial Bank Singapore Promises Convenience at Its Best

Many did not take pleasure in waiting in the long queues. Sometimes, the banks close on them because it’s already cut off. It was when a person must dedicate their day to completing their bank transactions, especially getting their money. 

These days, when you need quick cash but your bank is miles away, what do you first think about?

You’ll likely primarily scour around your location and seek the nearest ATM. Banking has never been more exciting than the moment the ATMs arrived.

SCB ensured to serve its Thailand clients first by introducing the Automated Teller Machine in 1983. As SCB branched out overseas, they confirmed that each of their beloved customers would attain convenience at its best.

You can find a reliable ATM if you wish to partner with Siam Commercial Bank Singapore. It’s a revolutionary convenience banking that many people celebrate today, as it’s an innovation as memorable and grand as the Gardens by the Bay.

For valued Singaporean customers, aside from fast fund access via ATMs, there are excellent banking services in store, such as:

  • Foreign Currency Deposit
  • Business Lending
  • Trade Finance
  • Remittance
  • Treasury Service
  • Escrow Account

The SCB University: A Bank That Educates!

Lots of financial institutions are keen on educating the public about financial literacy. It’s among the essential skills that younger and even older generations must practice often.

But is it possible to find a financial institution that believes passionately in learning?

The Siam Commercial Bank resonates with such an astounding legacy and establishes its university! Much like the sacred teachings in temples, the Siam Commercial Bank mirrors the need to nurture its employees.

By teaching their employees further and enhancing their skills and knowledge, the opportunities for the people’s future are bright as the Loi Krathong lantern floats higher and higher skyward.

Siam Commercial Bank Singapore: The Pillar of Personal Finance

Regarding your finances, you only need the best in the industry. Let Siam Commercial Bank Singapore help you handle it. With the bank’s glorious history and over a century of banking excellence grazing Singapore’s competitive and innovative financing industry, you can expect only expert financing assistance.

Thus, as a personal customer, you have many innovative monetary services, products, and solutions within reach. Corporations can anticipate great lending products, cash-management services, international trade financing, debt and capital market products, treasury products and more! Everything and everyone in Singapore can rely on SCB PCL Singapore. It’s no wonder it’s deemed “The Most Admired Bank” because of its exceptional corporate governance, emphasised on ethical business practices, and responsibility towards the community.

With SCB PCL Singapore, you’re never alone in handling your finances. Also, if you require a fast and hassle-free personal loan, you can turn to Accredit if you don’t have an account yet with SCB PCL. Accredit is Singapore’s most trusted licensed moneylender granting various financial products and lending services that fit the beloved consumer royalties in the country.

So you see, you won’t be lacking options at all! You can feel confident and secure as you prepare for your financial goals. 

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