Self-Exclusion for Maids: Protecting Them from Money Lenders

Listen up, Singaporeans! Picture this: you’ve got a hardworking maid at home, tirelessly assisting your busy family. But guess what? There’s a disturbing problem brewing, and it involves those maids and money lenders. Brace yourself because this financial struggle they’re facing, trying to repay loans from licensed moneylenders, is no joke. It’s a pressing concern that’s affecting both the maids and the families they serve.

Now, hold on tight as we delve into a solution that can be your knight in shining armor: the self-exclusion framework. This is a game-changer that an employer such as yourself needs to pay close attention to. 

We’ll uncover why adopting self-exclusion measures is absolutely crucial, the fantastic benefits it brings to the maids, and the oh-so-simple process of getting on board with self-exclusion. Take action, and you’ll not only protect your maid’s financial well-being but also grant them the serenity they rightly deserve.

The Rising Issue of Maids and Money Lenders

The issue of maids and money lenders has become a significant concern in Singapore. It’s a topic that has been gaining attention since 2017, and it’s causing quite a stir among employers and their families. The reason behind this worry is the immense pressure faced by housemaids as they struggle to repay their loans to licensed money lenders.

These loans may seem like a quick solution to address financial needs at first. However, they often lead to a dangerous cycle of borrowing, with interest rates and debts piling up. What starts as a temporary fix can quickly spiral out of control, trapping maids in a never-ending cycle of financial instability. The consequences are not only felt by the maids themselves but also disrupt the harmony within the households they work in.

Understanding the Self-Exclusion Framework

Let’s talk about a nifty way to prevent your maid from borrowing money. You see, the Singaporean government cares about the well-being of everyone in the country, including our hardworking housekeepers. So, they came up with something called the self-exclusion framework. It’s like a shield that safeguards your maid from licensed moneylenders.

Since July 16th, 2019, this framework has been in place, and it’s pretty straightforward. As an employer, you have the power to include your maid in this protective measure, but don’t worry, you need her consent too, because consent is key! Once your maid is enlisted, licensed moneylenders in Singapore are legally prohibited from granting her any loans, except for debt consolidation loans.

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that your maid won’t fall into the clutches of moneylenders. This framework ensures that she won’t be tempted or caught up in any financial troubles. It’s a way of looking out for one another, like being part of a caring community.

Reasons Employers Should Embrace Self-Exclusion for Their Maid in Singapore

Financial Protection

To prevent your maid from becoming trapped in a never-ending cycle of debt and financial struggles, you should consider implementing a self-exclusion policy. This policy will ensure that she cannot be tempted to borrow money from licensed moneylenders, which can lead to a dangerous debt trap.

Promote Financial Responsibility

By prohibiting your maid from taking out loans, you’re instilling a sense of financial discipline and responsibility. This approach cultivates a culture of saving and wise money management, helping her develop healthy financial habits and steer clear of unnecessary debt.

Benefits of Self-Exclusion for Maids in Singapore

Debt Prevention

Self-exclusion offers a smart way to prevent your maid from getting into unnecessary debt. It acts as a protective shield against impulsive borrowing or giving in to financial pressures, ensuring her financial well-being stays intact.

Reduced Financial Stress

By self-excluding from borrowing, your maid can wave goodbye to the burden of managing loan repayments. This eases her financial stress and allows her to concentrate on her work and personal growth without worrying about mounting debts.

Enhanced Savings

Without the temptation to borrow from licensed moneylenders, your maid is more likely to prioritize saving money. Self-exclusion encourages her to set aside a portion of her income for future needs, emergencies, or personal goals, paving the way for her long-term financial security.

Improved Employer-Maid Relationship

Implementing self-exclusion demonstrates your genuine concern for your maid’s well-being. It builds trust and fosters a positive relationship between you and your maid. She’ll appreciate knowing that you have her best interests at heart.

Keep Your Maid’s Finances Secure: Apply for Self-Exclusion

If you’re worried about your maid borrowing money, here’s a simple solution: self-exclusion. Help your maid protect herself from financial troubles by following these steps:

  1. Self-exclusion is voluntary: Explain to your maid that self-exclusion means she won’t be able to borrow from licensed moneylenders for at least two years.
  2. Applying for self-exclusion requires a Singpass ID: Assist her in applying for self-exclusion by using your Singpass ID at the Moneylenders Credit Bureau. Download and have her sign the authorization form to acknowledge the implications.
  3. Additional Help: Seek assistance from employment agencies or organizations like the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) to support your maid throughout the self-exclusion application process.

By taking these simple steps, you can prevent your maid from borrowing money and ensure her financial security. Show that you care about her well-being and help her avoid unnecessary financial challenges.

Reminder: Avoid Dealing with Unlicensed Moneylenders

Please take a moment to emphasize to your maid the crucial importance of refraining from borrowing money from unlicensed moneylenders. It is imperative that she fully comprehends this vital information. Kindly caution her against any loan offers received through social media, phone calls, or text messages, as these frequently originate from unlicensed moneylenders. It is crucial to remain vigilant in identifying and rejecting such offers.


Here’s the scoop: the self-exclusion scheme is no joke when it comes to protecting the financial stability of domestic helpers and licensed moneylenders. It’s a clever solution for employers to ensure their helpers don’t get into risky borrowing situations. 

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