Money Lender Association: The Inside Story of SG’s Money Lending Land

Ever wondered what secrets a seemingly nondescript door marked ‘Money Lender Association’ might reveal? As you push open the door filled with curiosity, you will discover a world where money isn’t only a tool. It’s a mechanism and essential element in a spellbinding fiscal wisdom and caution-inducing tale.

It’s the perfect time to go on this adventurous trip into Singapore’s masterful web of money lending.

Money Lender Association Historical Canvas

The money lending industry’s history is inexplicably astounding. Back in those days, it wasn’t what it is today.

In the 1800s, Chettiars became among Singapore’s cityscape’s first professionally known ‘moneylenders.’ During these periods, money lending was synonymous with ‘Chetty’ in Malaysia. During the British era, it was the time when SG’s money lending industry relied heavily on Chettiars.

That was until the Independence of the Federation of Malaya transpired during the late nineteenth century and gave way to the evolution of the Lion City’s financial land. Thus began the deepening economic roots in the 1960s.

It was a period of natural growth and expansion of the industry leaders sowing the seeds of a budding money-lending sector. It struggled to find its path until the Money Lender Association in Singapore (MLAS) was established in the early 2000s.

It’s practically like the lighthouse guiding lost seafarers. It’s the role MLAS especially plays with proficiency that’ll give borrowers and money lenders relief. 

Along with the evolution that happens within the industry, the MLAS transitioned with the times. It’s now the Credit Association of Singapore.

The Money Lender Association Holy Grail of Objectives

Do you love buffets?

Is it a great place to be because it grants you diverse choices? What’s additionally captivating about buffets is the options fit according to your taste.

That’s a similar concept of the holy grail borrowers, and moneylenders in SG may feast on. And each one is more tempting than the last.

Money Lender Association, now recognized as the Credit Association of Singapore, guarantees:

  • To embody, develop, and facilitate the money lending industry’s functions at best.
  • They ensure that every member will gain further interest in the association’s objectives.
  • It efficiently projects money lending as an essential and integral element of the financing business that befits individuals’ and businesses’ requirements.
  • It keeps every member informed on the crucial matters associated with trading and the finance industry.
  • It effectively ensures and boosts money lenders’ business interaction to better elevate their interest within the industry. 
  • They ensure good relations with governmental authorities and oblige them via standard feedback. 
  • MLAS/CAS advocates the best ethical practices in the money lending industry.
  • The CAS upholds the “INTEGRITY ABOVE ALL” motto.

With the MLAS/CAS guiding the licensed moneylenders in Singapore, you know you will be fine as a borrower in the Lion City.

MLAS/CAS, Moneylenders Act, The Registry

As the story unfolds, you will encounter how the Moneylenders Act comes into play with the Money Lender Association or Credit Association of Singapore (CAS). The Act is the knight in shining armor for borrowers in Singapore. It wages war against underhand practices.

It doesn’t hesitate to wield its sword of justice to encourage MLAS or CAS members to remain true to their oath. Moreover, it uses its mighty shield of laws and regulations to protect innocent borrowers like you.

Along with the specific objectives, all moneylenders under the Association must abide by the Act, particularly:

Capped Interest Rates

Under the Moneylenders Act, all licensed moneylenders can only impose a 1% to 4% maximum interest rate per month for each loan approved.

Administrative Fee

The loan principal that an MLAS/CAS-licensed lender may impose must be at most 10%.

Other Fees

There are other types of fees under the Act that all CAS members must consider upon approving personal loans or other financial products it offers. Among these fees are legal costs and late payments or interest rates.

With the late interest rates, it should only be at 4% maximum monthly, and $60 late repayment

Advertisement Limitations

Credit Association of Singapore, formerly Money Lender Association, abides by the Act’s advertisement restrictions. The Act explicitly states that all CAS members may only advertise the loan they propose with the fees through their site, consumer or business directories, and physical ads near approved business locations.

If you genuinely think about it, the Money Lender Association with the Moneylenders Act is a proper heroic tandem. They’re seasoned knights that do not hesitate to fight for the rights of Singaporean and non-Singaporean borrowers.

The Registry of Moneylenders, associated with the Money Lender Association, has agreed that every registered lender should become a member of the Association. This official agreement ensures that every lender in the Lion City is an Association member and acquires benefits.

MLAS/CAS Benefits

Every licensed moneylender in Singapore deserves the best benefits, considering they offer much assistance to borrowers in the city. The MLAS or CAS benefits are astounding as it also permits borrowers access to be assisted by the best moneylenders in the cityscape.

Among such benefits lenders acquire when they become CAS members are to receive guaranteed insurance via CAS and Scanwell Associates Pte Ltd negotiation.  

But the specific documents required are the following: 

  • Letter of renewal from Registrar or Date of license termination.
  • Moneylender printouts from ACRA.
  • Quarterly statements to the Authority if there’s less than $100,000 paid-up capital.
  • Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd payable cheque.
  • Proof of guarantors signing indemnity form.
  • Valid CAS Membership Certification

Do you know which lenders cannot enjoy such benefits? It’s Singapore’s unlicensed moneylenders or loan sharks.

Every borrower like you must avoid the loan sharks in Singapore, no matter what. As they’re not members of the Credit Association of Singapore or the Money Lender Association in Singapore, it’ll take a lot of work to acquire legal assistance if you get involved with loan sharks.

Now, that’s out of the way for you to uncover the truth about a lender promising you great loan interest rates, amounts, and fees. You only have to log into the Registry of Moneylenders page on the Ministry of Law’s website.

Thus, if they’re not on the Registry list, they aren’t legit and are not within the MLAS or CAS. In addition, CAS ensures orientation and training for SG’s moneylenders. It includes the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.

Uniting with the Money Lender Association / CAS Membership

The Association isn’t a simple exclusive club, yet membership needs specific vital ingredients. Among these are money lending licenses, representing the base of your financial travel. Add a consistent record of ethical practice, mixing it well within the Moneylenders Act framework, thus ensuring borrowers and licensed moneylenders benefit from the membership.

You’ve taken an exhilarating trip through the maze of Singapore’s Money Lender Association, now more known as the Credit Association of Singapore. Licensed moneylenders, like Accredit, is a CAS member and offers loan products, such as personal loans, business loan, payday loans, debt consolidation, foreigner loan, and credit counseling.

With Accredit as an MLAS/CAS member, you will be well-cared for every financial case you experience. Thus, with certified licensed moneylenders MLAS/CAS members, you will attain economic empowerment for every financial story.

Awarded by Ministry of Law to operate a new Pilot Programme, we have been providing transparent and quality service since 2002.


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