ICBC Bank Singapore and the 6 Fun-tastic Facts You Wish You Knew Earlier!

Have you ever seen the marvellous sight of a dragon boat skimming across the vast water during the most epic moments of the Lunar New Year? Like the majestic dragon boat, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Singapore is making massive waves across the region.

From the moment ICBC Bank came to Singapore’s financial landscape, there was no stopping its building economic and banking force. As the dragon symbolises power and luck in Chinese culture and heritage, ICBC conveys the strength of China’s economic might to the shores of Singapore.

If you intend to obtain an ICBC Bank account, read more about the six fun-tastic facts you wish you had known earlier below!

The Bank That Rose from the East

Did you, by any chance, see bamboo shoots in your life? 

If you did or have not seen one, the truth is that bamboo shoots push through the soil despite difficulties. That’s how the ICBC Bank Singapore’s beginnings were. 

It happened in 1984 when the bank emerged in Beijing, China.

But why ICBC Bank represents bamboo?

It’s because, like bamboo, ICBC started fragile and small. It grew steadily through the years and showed its resilience despite the cruel and harsh financial storms.

Let’s fast-forward to 2003, and finally, ICBC Bank planted its roots deep into Singapore’s progressive and revolutionary financial hub. It was the first overseas subsidiary of ICBC.

As a result, 2003 marked the most momentous milestone in the bank’s global expansion strategies. It was also a successful effort and approach to bridging Chinese and Singaporean economies.

ICBC Bank Singapore’s Breakthroughs

Did you know that ICBC Bank Singapore’s journey is much like being on a magic carpet ride? 

It’s especially apparent when it comes to the bank’s astounding achievements. ICBC attained noteworthy milestones in its trade.

It was back in 2006 when ICBC Bank Singapore became the world’s largest IPO during that era, with a value of US$21.9 billion! It surpassed the US$18.4 billion IPO previous record by Japan’s NTT DoCoMo in 1998. 

According to Bloomberg, ICBC’s market capitalisation had an equity worth as the world’s fifth highest among banks. Then in 2007, ICBC Bank earned its 30th spot worldwide in terms of revenue.

Also, ICBC Bank garnered various recognitions and accolades, including:

  • First Prize of FinTech Development Award ——AI-based ECOS Project by the People’s Bank of China 2021
  • Trustworthy Wealth Management Bank by the Economic Observer 2021
  • “Golden Censer Prize”—— Excellent Private Bank of the Year by the National Business Daily 2021
  • Best Commercial Bank of the Year by the Financial News 2020
  • Retail Financial Innovation Practice Award – Best Retail Banking Award by Retail Banking 2019
  • Regional Bank of the Year for BRI (Central and Eastern Europe & Central and West Asia) by Asiamoney 2018

These are among the most recent recognitions ICBC Bank has acquired since 2004 as the Best Asian Trading Financing Bank” & “Best Asian Project Financing Bank” by the Emerging Markets. 

A Financial Buffet Served by ICBC Bank Singapore

Do you enjoy buffet restaurants?

Buffet restaurants always appeal to many consumers because they offer dishes that cater to one’s distinctive taste. ICBC Bank Singapore has a similar effect for serving various financial requirements and embodying it as a one-stop economic buffet.

  • Retail Banking Services

Picture it as your daily meals. These are your savings and current accounts, fixed deposits, and diverse types of loans, like personal loans are the bread and butter of banking.

All of these are meant to meet your essential needs effectively.

  • Corporate Banking Services

You need some main courses, which are the perfect ones for businesses. These are the trade financing, treasury operations, and corporate loans that assist companies in handling their finances efficiently.

  • Private Banking and Wealth Management Services

These are the ideal selections if you’re fond of gourmet dishes at buffets. These are customised according to the individual’s high net worth, thus helping customers manage their wealth’s growth and progress.

Always Leaving Positive Footprints

Have you ever tried throwing a pebble into a pond?

Did you notice the ripples it created?

ICBC Bank Singapore is in line with ICBC’s global dedication and commitment to social responsibility. With such efforts, the ripples of positive impact move through the community. 

ICBC Bank sponsors local events and actively participates in various community initiatives. The bank plays a genuinely active role in enriching Singapore’s social fabric and positive changes.

ICBC Bank Bridging Economies

Undoubtedly, the vast ocean of banking isn’t an accessible body of water to set sail in. It’s incredibly daunting. Only those who are genuine in their community commitment and offer the best banking services will face the challenges.

Thus, it’s where ICBC Bank comes in and serves as the beacon for Chinese communities in Singapore and any interested individual seeking a distinctive mixture of Eastern and Western banking transactions and services.

ICBC Bank Singapore bridges the gap and connects the Singaporean banking market with China’s economic forces. It’s the type of bridge that facilitates beyond trade and economic ties but also grants a familiar, reliable, and credible banking platform for the Chinese communities in the region.

Exploring the Financial Landscape with ICBC Bank and Alternatives

Was there ever a time you’ve found yourself at financial crossroads? 

Are these the moments when you need a financial boost?

ICBC Bank Singapore offers personal loans with interest rates, a tenure that will vary on your creditworthiness, loan amount, and pledge of security. 

But, as with many crossroads, there’s more than one path to choose. Here comes Accredit, Singapore’s licensed moneylender, offering you a viable personal loan alternative if you have no collateral to pledge. The interest rates are competitive and regulated, and the fees are transparent, with flexible repayment terms. 

So, if you need an alternative, you have a good option with Accredit. 

Launch a Thriving Financial Voyage with ICBC Bank Singapore

Are you now ready to launch a triumphant financial voyage?

You can always rely on ICBC Bank Singapore for your banking needs. Whether creating your first savings account, managing your thriving company, or seeking a personal loan, remember you always have options to look forward to.

Take a chance with ICBC Bank, or explore alternatives like Accredit. Remember, the world is your oyster, and your financial future is within your grasp!

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