DBS Bank Singapore: The 7 Pillars of its Revolutionary History

Have you ever wondered what makes the DBS Bank Singapore the global banking and financing industry powerhouse? Think of a seed planted and cultured with exceptional care, growing into a mighty and sturdy tree, casting its shadow far and wide. That’s precisely the perfect representation of DBS’ story.

It’s a tale of vision, grit, and the seven pillars that have shaped its revolutionary history and what it is today. Are you ready to dig deeper and uncover the truth behind DBS Bank’s success? Let’s get you started!

1. Genesis: DBS Bank Singapore

In the year 1968, Singapore has recently gained its independence. In these times, the nation needed an economic jumpstart. 

DBS Bank Singapore came to be in the same year as a small group of people’s initiative to take on the extraordinary responsibility of assisting the growth of the financing industry in the country. The Development Bank of Singapore wasn’t only a simple bank but a remarkable engine ready to propel industrialisation.

Thus, a catalyst sparks the waves of growth. Imagine a bank being more than a financial institution but a nation builder. It became the first revolution, the genesis of DBS Bank Singapore.

2. Leap of Faith with DBS Bank Singapore

Since its establishment in 1968, DBS Bank Singapore threaded carefully yet consistently in the banking and financing industry. However, revolutionary changes were about to happen.

In the early 1990s, DBS Bank was at the cliff’s edge and ready to dive into the vast and mysterious ocean of international banking. It may have been a difficult feat, but DBS took the plunge!

The bank built its name in every country it swam to, such as Hong Kong, China, India, and Taiwan. As a result, the bank proudly marks its transformation from a simple local bank to a global player.

DBS Bank soared high and never flew down, marking its second successful revolution.

3. Riding the Waves of Digital Revolution

The digital tsunami came rolling in, and DBS Bank Singapore didn’t run for the hills. The bank sought a surfboard and rode the wave without hesitation. 

DBS Bank embraced the digital revolution with open arms and became among the first banks in the nation to launch comprehensive Internet banking services in 1997. And that was even before the new millennium. The services offered to clients in those times include online loan applications and bill payments.

In 2012, DBS One. Tap was introduced and soon launched. DBS became the first bank to present Singapore’s most convenient banking service through this digitalised service.

It solidified DBS Bank for setting the pace and becoming a strong pioneer in digital banking. It seals the third revolution proving DBS Bank is in a league of its own.

4. Championing Sustainability with DBS Bank Singapore

Everyone has heard about eco-friendly approaches and green initiatives. But DBS Bank Singapore goes beyond green, as it goes emerald!

DBS has always advocated that sustainability is critical to a prosperous future. With such a commitment to nurturing a greener tomorrow, the bank continues to weave sustainability into its fabric of operations. 

In 2017, the bank launched its three-year S$50 million sustainability program, specifically covering areas for responsible banking, ethical business practices, and exemplary social entrepreneurship. 

Moreover, the bank’s 2019 campaign “Recycle More, Waste Less” further showcases its dedication to the environment. 

5. Global Recognition of DBS Bank Singapore

It didn’t take long before DBS Bank’s commitment to excellence and growth did not go unnoticed. The bank’s been poured with exceptional accolades on the global stage.

Euromoney named it the “World’s Best Bank“. Do you know what’s even more fascinating? It didn’t attain the prestigious accomplishment only once, not twice, but three times! 

As it consistently thrives in its excellence and outstanding banking services, DBS Bank was named “Global Bank of the Year” in 2018 by the Banker. Such recognitions are trophies on a shelf and a transparent testament to DBS Bank’s unwavering professionalism and dedication to its customers and society. 

6. DBS Bank Singapore: Moving with the Symphony of Innovation

DBS Bank is the conductor of the grand orchestra of banking. It efficiently harmonises with innovation and change. 

With its keen eye on the future, the bank has embraced digital banking before the new millennium. Today, you can expect widely accessible digital banking to enhance your experience with innovative solutions from PayLah

“PayLah!” DBS Bank is a mobile payment platform that’s also a digibank, and it’s now India’s first mobile-only bank. Changes are nothing to DBS. It adapts and orchestrates the symphony of innovation.

7. A Pledge for the Planet

Climate change continues to threaten Earth, and in the fight against the phenomenon, DBS Bank is on the front lines.

DBS Bank became Southeast Asia’s first bank to commit to aligning its portfolio with the Paris Agreement goals. It’s a genuine pledge to extend financial assistance to support renewable energy projects and cease financing coal-fired power plants. To ensure the world by 2050 accomplishes net zero emissions.

It’s more than an assurance, but a promise for the planet and future generations.

As the Journey Continues, Step into the Future with DBS Bank Singapore

So, there you have it! The seven revolutions that shaped DBS Bank Singapore to its prime as a global banking powerhouse in this modern day. But it isn’t over, as it’s only the beginning, and you can be a part of it!

Whether you’re considering opening an account, taking a personal loan, investing in your future, or seeking a career change, why not choose DBS Bank? 

You don’t have to stand on the sidelines. Be part of the story and the revolution. You can take your initial step and scour what DBS Bank offers here

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