8 Fascinating Facts That Make the Singapore Dollar Truly Remarkable

Step into the enchanting realm of the Singapore dollar, where every banknote and coin weaves a mesmerizing story and conceals delightful surprises. Join us on an extraordinary adventure as we unravel an array of captivating and amusing facts that will undoubtedly astound you. 

From the genesis of the inaugural banknote collection to the clever inclusion of microscopic national anthems, the seamless currency exchangeability to the ingenious features catering to the visually impaired community, prepare yourself for an immersive exploration into the extraordinary enigmas of the Singapore dollar.

1. The Orchid Series – A Blossoming Beginning

Imagine going back in time to 1967, when the first-ever set of banknotes, known as the “Orchid Series,” was born. These exquisite banknotes were adorned with the captivating orchid flower, a unique representation of Singapore’s lush tropical flora. The arrival of the Orchid Series brought a breath of fresh air to the country’s currency, enchanting locals and visitors alike with its elegant designs. This remarkable series marked the beginning of a legacy that lasted until 1976, leaving a lasting impression on Singapore’s monetary history.

2. Microtext National Anthem on the $1000 Note

Come along and let’s explore the fascinating universe of microtext found on the Singapore dollar. Picture yourself holding a $1000 note and stumbling upon a remarkable secret. Unveil the hidden treasure on the back of the bill—a complete national anthem gracefully etched in tiny letters. Can you believe it? Yes, it’s true! 

The stirring Singapore national anthem, “Majulah Singapura,” has been painstakingly inscribed in microprint, infusing the currency with a profound sense of national pride and patriotism. This exceptional feature not only showcases the richness of Singapore’s heritage but also serves as a constant reminder of the significance of unity and progress.

3. Currency Interchangeability with Brunei

Let’s explore an intriguing aspect of the Singapore dollar: its unique ability to seamlessly interchange with Brunei’s currency. This special arrangement allows you to use Singapore dollars in Brunei and vice versa, without any fuss of converting currencies. Just imagine yourself traveling to Brunei, effortlessly using your Singapore dollars for shopping and expenses. Thanks to the strong and longstanding partnership between Singapore and Brunei, this convenient feature makes cross-border transactions a breeze.

4. The Story of the Everlasting 1-Cent Coins

Let’s take a moment to appreciate a truly remarkable member of the Singapore dollar family – the 1-cent coin. Back in 2002, the production of these copper-toned coins came to a halt, and many countries around the world said their goodbyes to their smallest denominations. But not Singapore. Here, the 1-cent coin remains alive and kicking, defying the odds.

It’s quite surprising, really. These tiny copper coins may appear insignificant in value, but they still hold their legal tender status. Believe it or not, you can even use up to 20 of these coins in a single transaction. They might be small, but they’re still hanging in there, making their presence felt.

5. Exchanging Damaged Notes at the Bank

Life has a way of throwing unexpected curveballs, and sometimes our hard-earned money takes a hit. But don’t you worry! The Singapore dollar has got your back with a nifty solution. If you happen to find yourself with a damaged banknote, no need to fret, because you can easily exchange it for a crisp new one at any bank. 

Of course, there are a few conditions to keep in mind. To get a full refund, the note should retain at least two-thirds of its original form. So, whether it’s a partially torn bill or one that accidentally decided to go for a swim, rest assured that the bank is there to ensure your currency stays in tip-top shape.

6. The Tree on the $5 Note

Let’s shift our focus to the artistic side of the Singapore dollar. Have you ever taken a moment to admire the beautiful tree on the $5 note? That tree isn’t just an artist’s creation; it’s an actual representation of the breathtaking Tembusu tree that flourishes in Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. 

Surprisingly, this magnificent tree has been standing tall for more than a century, even before the gardens themselves were established. Its presence serves as living proof of Singapore’s rich history and natural beauty. Nestled in the renowned Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Tembusu tree contributes to the vibrant array of plants and wildlife that thrive in this esteemed UNESCO world heritage site.

7. Polymer Notes and Environmental Sustainability

Let’s explore the intriguing shift from paper to polymer notes in Singapore. These innovative polymer bills possess remarkable durability and endurance while also placing great emphasis on our environment. Unlike traditional paper bills, polymer notes have an extended lifespan, resulting in reduced printing needs and fewer resource requirements. 

This decrease in production has a beneficial effect on our planet. So, when you grasp a Singapore dollar in your palm, you’re not only experiencing its monetary value; you’re also supporting a sustainable approach to currency production. It’s a small, yet impactful, means of contributing to a better world.

8. Enhancing Notes for the Visually Impaired

When it comes to the Singapore dollar, inclusivity is key. That’s why the currency notes have been carefully crafted to cater to individuals with visual impairments. You see, each note has a special touch – quite literally. In the top right corner, there are Braille patterns that allow those who are visually impaired to feel their way around and easily identify the various denominations. 

It’s a small yet significant detail that promotes accessibility and ensures that everyone, regardless of their visual abilities, can confidently handle and use their currency. By embracing these visually impairment-friendly features, Singapore is fostering a community where inclusivity shines through every transaction.


As we come to the end of our incredible expedition into the fascinating realm of the Singapore dollar, we trust you’ve developed a fresh admiration for the currency that fills our wallets and purses. From the Orchid Series, symbolizing a blossoming start, to the visually impaired-friendly characteristics and the environmental advantages of polymer notes, the Singapore dollar has an abundance of delightful surprises. 

So, whenever you find yourself clutching a Singapore dollar, recall the vibrant narratives and distinctive attributes that elevate it beyond its monetary value. Embrace the marvel and treasure the stories intertwined within Singapore’s currency.

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