7 Things to Do in Punggol Plaza Singapore

Punggol Plaza, Singapore! That familiar local spot where memories happen, wallets feel lighter, and cravings, whether food or retail, are exceptionally satiated. 

Have you ever found yourself wandering its corridors, perhaps after a sumptuous meal at a nearby hawker centre, just soaking in the buzz? If you have, you are not alone.

But have you indeed uncovered all its treasures? Go on an excursion through this plaza, and expect to look at it with fresh eyes by the time you complete this article.

About Punggol Plaza

Punggol Plaza, ladies and gentlemen! The very mention of it brings a twinkle to the eyes of Singaporeans and even tourists who have walked its floors and experienced its vibrancy first-hand.

Since its establishment in 2004, this mall has witnessed Punggol’s transformation and has grown alongside its community.

Here are the essential details you need first:

Address168 Punggol Fld, Singapore 820168
Operating HoursOpen Mondays to Sundays from 7 AM to 11 PM.
Contact Number+6563439950
Official Websitehttps://www.punggol.com/punggol-plaza-mall.html
Best ServicesFriendly staff, wheelchair-friendly, ample parking space

1. Shopping

Have you ever heard people arguing the saying that money cannot buy happiness? But the truth is simple. When you have money, you can buy what you need and go on a shopping spree at Punggol Plaza. 

So, there’s no point denying that cash can bring forth more opportunities to relish the universal therapy: shopping. 

It transcends the narrative of simply acquiring items. It’s, in truth, about the joy and pleasure of discovery, the thrill of a good deal, and that unparalleled feeling when you snatch the last piece in your size or that limited item.

Are you ready to pursue shopping in this mall like you never before? If that’s the case, these are the stores you can shop for your desires and necessities:

Clothes & Accessories
  • Ta Zhiang Trading
  • Precious Hours
  • Genuine Appeal
Stationery & Gifts
  • Future Stationery
  • Dreamworld

2. Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunications

Here’s the thing: With your life increasingly intertwined with tech, having immediate access to the best in electronics is a blessing. And if you caught yourself in an electronic mishap, this mall is not a bad place to find yourself.

Here are the electrical and telecommunication shops you must check out:

  • Novel Communications
  • Alfa IT Supplies

3. Learning & Enrichment 

Have you ever considered adding some sprinkles of enrichment in your life or maybe for your adorable little ones? If you think that knowledge is power, you are mistaken. It’s, in fact, empowerment. 

At this plaza, it ensures that the beloved community stays empowered. How? They propose and deliver an impressive range of educational hubs to elevate minds!

Are you curious about which hubs these are? These are the brain-empowering selections in this mall:

General Tutoring
  • Just Education Learning Centre
  • Morris Allen Student Centre
  • Mind Stretcher Learning Centre
  • Mavis Tutorial Centre
Arts & Creativity
  • Global Art
  • Cristofori Music Pte Ltd
  • Beijing Language School
Early Childhood
  • Shekinah Montessori

4. Dining In

When it comes to food, this plaza does not play around. Think about it. Shopping is the concert, and dining is the encore you never want to miss.

It’s the right moment to spill the tea – or the soup. A fantastic dining affair is the highlight of the perfect day out.

It’s the significant difference between “Okay lah, not bad” and “Wah, today damn shiok!”

So, what’s cooking at this mall?

Local Treasure
  • Koufu Foodcourt
Western Cravings
  • Canadian Pizza
  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
Sweet Temptations
  • Cake History/Q Bread
  • Prima Deli
  • Ice Talk Express
Japanese Delicacies
  • Nihon Mura

5. Dependable Services

Alright, you need to get to the nitty-gritty details. Beyond shopping and dining, everyone needs that spot where you can successfully tick off and accomplish your to-do list.

This mall will handle everything for you. Convenience is king, and the range of services here? Expect it to be royal indeed.

Here are the services that you can bank on, literally and figuratively:

  • Shalom Car Grooming
Pet Care
  • Petz Mania
Home and Personal Care
  • PJ Wellington Laundry Services
  • Perfect Home Helper
  • OCBC
Parcel and Postal
  • 1st Lot Express

6. Convenience and Supermarkets

Ah, the joy of not running from one end of the town to another for a toothbrush, milk, or that snack you have been drooling for!

This mall’s convenience and supermarket game is strong, guaranteeing you acquire everything under one roof. Can you say “efficiency”?

Here are your everyday necessities, sorted:

Convenience Stores
  • Cheers
  • Watson’s Personal Care Stores
Supermarkets & Wet Markets
  • NTUC Fairprice
  • Wet Market (Ai Muay Management)
Speciality Stores
  • Sri Marketing

7. Hair, Beauty, Personal & Healthcare

Ah, Punggol Plaza! It is a haven for shopaholics and food enthusiasts and an oasis for those aiming to look and feel their best. It’s all about talking hair flips, pearly whites, and pep in your step after a therapeutic massage. It’s true; self-care is not a buzzword; it’s a necessity.

You are in an era where personal well-being is no longer a luxury but a priority. Haircare? It’s about flaunting your crowning glory with pride.

And healthcare? That’s about guaranteeing your body to keep up with your spirits. Because, be honest, if you feel good, you look good. And if you look good? Well, you know the rest!

Here are your prime choices to unwind and spruce up:

Hair Salons
  • Hair Inn Unisex Salon
  • Fashionable Unisex
  • Hair Axis
Dental Clinics
  • The Dental Inn
  • Victoria Dentalcare
Eye Care
  • Lens Vision
  • Yi Specs
Beauty & Spa Services
  • Nails Code
  • Adonis
  • Institute Estetica
  • Zu Bu Reflexo
Healthcare Clinics
  • Women’s Choice O&G Clinic
  • Heathway Medical
  • Punggol Family Clinic
Health & Wellness Stores
  • Nam Huat Lee Ginseng Tonic
  • ZTP GInseng Birdnest

Getting to Punggol Plaza

Do you plan to get to your favourite destination without a problem? That’s the dream! But with your daily rush, the last thing you want is to be lost, especially when your ultimate aim is to unwind or fetch that deal in this mall.

Here’s your trusty guide to reaching this mall hassle-free:

  • Simply hop onto the North-East Line and alight at Punggol Station. From there, it’s a mere brisk walk or a connecting bus ride to the plaza. Or you can ride the Punggol East LRT.
  • Many buses run via Punggol Central. Check out buses like 3, 39, 62, 83, 85, 381, 386, 591, 593, 666, 729, 62A G194, Punggol Plaza Shuttle, 50, LCS2 or 136. They will drop you right in front of the entrance. 
  • For drivers in the house, Punggol Plaza comes with sufficient parking. Head towards Punggol Field Road, and you will spot the building quickly.
Ride-Hailing or Taxi
  • Tell the uncle, “Punggol Plaza, please!” and let them do the rest.

Tips for Maximising Punggol Plaza

Here’s a fun fact: Every shopping trip can be an Olympic event, with categories like ‘Best Bargain Hunter’ or ‘Fastest Mall Marathon Runner’.

Alright, it’s not an Olympic event, but why not make every visit a champion experience? Here’s how:

  1. Arriving early often means first dibs on deals and a better shopping affair.
  2. Follow Punggol Plaza on social media. They often announce flash deals or events you wouldn’t want to miss.
  3. Wear the most comfortable shoes you have. It is not a fashion show, and there’s much to explore.
  4. List down what you need. It saves time and guarantees you take advantage of essential stops.
  5. All that shopping can be dehydrating. Carry a water bottle or grab a drink from the cafes and kiosks.

Need More Cash for Punggol Plaza?

After a dazzling day at Punggol Plaza, that one extra pair of shoes is calling out to you, or perhaps the gourmet meal at the posh restaurant seems a tad over the budget. Don’t worry! If your wallet feels light, there’s a swift solution around the corner.

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