5 Things to Do in Shaw Centre Singapore

Shaw Centre, located majestically along the renowned Orchard Road, is not another shopper’s pitstop – it’s an oasis. This architectural marvel houses a myriad of retail adventures, making it a spectacle for locals and tourists.

Have you ever had that bubbling excitement of visiting a place that promises not merely shopping but an authentic Singaporean experience? This mall doesn’t focus purely on splurging – it’s about diving into a space bursting with dynamism and variety, from haute couture to palate-pleasing eateries.

Stick around, and you will unearth the treasures with these five things you can do in this mall.

About Shaw Centre Singapore

In Orchard Road’s heart, the pulsing artery of Singapore’s retail scene stands Shaw Centre – a legacy in its right. Since its establishment a few decades ago, it’s been a silent spectator to Singapore’s evolving shopping scene. Thus continuously garnering much-deserved fame, not solely for the luxury it houses but also for the warmth and richness of its history.

People flock to this mall because it’s close to the Shaw House and not solely for that favourable retail antidote. It’s the culmination of the quintessential Singaporean shopping experience – luxurious yet relatable contemporary while retaining its historic charm.

So, here are the key details you must learn before visiting this mall.

Address1 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228208
Operating HoursOpens daily between 11 AM to 0930 PM.
Contact Number65 6235 2077
Official Websitehttps://www.shawcentre.sg/#/app/main
Best ServicesPersonal Shopper Assistance, Concierge Services

1. Shopping

With its stunning glass facade, this mall does not only grant you luxury shopping. It delivers a curated experience. Imagine walking into a space where every store seems to call out to you, telling its tale and displaying its exceptional charisma.

The common thought that shopping is only a pastime is far more than that. It’s a trip, an exploration. You will find premium brands that resonate with every style, every age, and every budget.  This mall is an authentic shopper’s idyll with exclusive flagship stores and quaint boutiques, such as:

High Fashion & Couture:
  • Polo Ralph Lauren: The world of timeless fashion is here.
  • LUSSO: Where contemporary meets classic.
Unique Finds & Contemporary Fashion:
  • Dreamweave & Other Stories: For those who love to tell tales through their attire.
  • The Other Me: Because every side of you deserves to be celebrated.
For the Little Ones:
  • Piccolini The Children Atelier: Dressing up your little one became a delightful ordeal. 
Accessories & Jewellery:
  • Gee Wee Jewellery: Where precious stones narrate stories of heritage and craftsmanship.

2. Dining In

The mouthwatering aromas, the hum of conversation over clinking cutlery, and dishes that are as much a visual treat as they are a delight to the palate. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the dining panorama of this mall.

One of the cornerstones of a memorable outing is the perfect combination of a pleasant ambience and superior food. This mall guarantees you encounter this and then some. Every culinary corner of the world is here, from teeming food courts to quiet, upscale restaurants from these global cuisines:

Asian Heaven
  • Food Republic
  • Jinhonten
  • Kissajin
  • Mui Kee
  • Ippudo SG
  • KOAL
  • Xi Yan
European Elegance
  • élan
  • Bistro Du Vin
  • Tarte by Cheryl Koh
  • La Taperia
Fine Dining & Speciality
  • Les Amis Restaurant
  • Aoki
  • Wagyu Jin
  • 8 Korean BBQ
Casual & Bars
  • The Ship Restaurant & Bar
  • Picolino
  • Bar IPPUDO

3. Beauty & Wellness

Are you yearning to feel revitalised, renewed, and rejuvenated? This mall is a haven for those seeking restored balance, enhanced beauty, and a serene sanctuary amidst the urban busyness.

The age-old saying, “When you look good, you feel good”, could not be more accurate. It’s the sentiment central to this mall’s beauty and wellness establishments. Be it a trendy new haircut or a rejuvenating facial treatment, the services here promise more than only superficial embellishments; they offer a holistic wellness approach.

Beauty & Grooming Wonders
  • Sonder
  • Urbanhair by Ginrich
  • Fox Studio
  • The X’ Cut
  • JHGC by Aderans
  • Rira Beauty
Wellness & Self-care
  • S Aesthetics Clinic
  • Beauty Arsenal (S) Pte Ltd
  • Royale Nails & Lash
  • Nila Aromatherapy Bar
Clinics & Medical Aesthetics
  • Pebble Medical Aesthetics Clinic Pte Ltd
  • Pain Clinic@ Wellness Philosophy Pte Ltd
  • Dr Beauty
Specialised Treatments
  • The Little Orchard Pte Ltd
  • Eden De Beaute

4. Lifestyle, Services & Sports

Within the iconic stretch of Orchard Road, you will find this mall. It’s a testament to the modern urbanite lifestyle, smoothly weaving retail, leisure, and indispensable services together.

Everyone today lives in a bustling and buzzing world where convenience is not simply desired; it’s anticipated. The mall accentuates this by curating a range of services and lifestyle amenities to provide the holistic necessities of its visitors. Whether banking, pet care, or health services, there’s no aspect of daily life that this iconic establishment hasn’t touched upon, such as:

Banking Facilities
  • UOB Shaw Centre & UOB Wealth Banking Centre – Shaw Centre
Optical Services
  • Face-Match Optical
Pet Services
  • Pet Lovers Centre
Medical and Health Services
  • Asia Pacific Dental Centre (Orchard) & Raffles Dental
  • Raffles Medical / Raffles Health Screeners & Raffles Medical Centre
Parking Facilities
  • Metro Parking

5. Special Retail

As you enter this mall, you must prepare for an exclusive shopping soiree. Beyond the usual storefronts lies an oasis of unique retail that will elevate any shopping experience. 

Exceptional retail is not just about buying products; it’s about the unmistakable encounters, the story behind each product, and the lasting impression it leaves on shoppers like yourself. This mall understands this deeply: housing shops that do not merely sell items but also present and deliver an outstanding shopping adventure that stays with you.

So, here are the notable shops that redefine the retail concept:

  • Isetan
  • Retern Hair & Scalp Institute

Getting to Shaw Centre Singapore

This mall is a true haven for shopping, dining, and more. Every local knows its charm, and every tourist has heard whispers of its allure.

Reaching this mall won’t be a problem, thanks to the impeccable connectivity of Singapore’s transport network. Here’s who you can effortlessly make your way to this shopping paradise:

Your transparent checklist is as follows:

  • Alight at Orchard MRT Station and take a brisk 5-minute walk through the underpass connected to Shaw Centre

Several buses like 7, 36, 77, 105, and 106, among others, drop you right at its doorstep.

  • Drive down Orchard Road, and you will find ample parking facilities in the mall’s basement. Don’t forget to check for parking promotions!

A Day at Shaw Centre: Beyond the Shopping 

Ah, this mall, a mosaic of experience, where every corner turned leads to a discovery. But how does one make the most of a day here?

Well, you shouldn’t worry too much! Your day at this mall is about to get a lot more rewarding with these top-notch tips:

  • Start your shopping spree early to snag the freshest deals and avoid the afternoon crowd
  • Opt for comfortable shows. Shaw Centre is vast, and there’s so much more to explore!
  • Leverage the mall’s free Wi-Fi to stay updated with ongoing promotions and deals.
  • Explore the abundant choices of dining options accessible. Time your breaks to avoid peak meal hours.

Need More Cash for Shaw Centre Singapore?

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