5 Things to Do in Loyang Point Singapore

Ah, Loyang Point! Perhaps not the Marina Bay Sands of malls, but undoubtedly a jewel in its own right. 

This humble shopping centre has seen countless families, friends, and solo shoppers pass through its doors, each searching for something unique. From that thrilling quest for a new pair of shoes to the more mundane mission of grocery shopping, this mall’s charm never ceases.

But, dear reader, you are not here for the everyday. You’re here to move forth on an enthralling exploration, diving into the crème de la crème of what this mall has to offer.

Are you ready? Then unlock these five treasures now!

About Loyang Point

Loyang Point, ahoy! Every great mall has a story, and this mall is no exception. 

If this mall could talk, oh, the tales it’d tell. Since its establishment in the mid-90s, specifically in 1995, this place has seen the ups and downs of retail life. Yet it remains steadfast and resilient.

True enough, it is not the Orchard Road. But boy, does it have that irresistible allure.

Now, for those of you who require the 411:

Address258-259 Pasir Ris Street 21, Singapore 510259
Operating Hours24 Hours
Contact Number+65 6581 2507
Official Websitehttps://www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/residential/where2shop/explore/pasir-ris/loyang-point
Best ServicesConcierge, Free Wi-Fi, Family Restrooms

1. Shopping

Now, onto the juicy part! For the shopaholics amongst everyone you know who you are, Loyang Point is an oasis.

After all, retail therapy is the best therapy, don’t you agree? It’s not solely about the purchase but the hunt, the joy of finding that perfect item.

So, where can you feed this shopping itch? Here are your options:

For the Time Conscious
  • Choo Keng Watch & Clock: Whether you are late or want to be fashionably on time.
Fashion Enthusiasts
  • Trends’ N’ Trendies Pte Ltd: Fresh off-the-runway styles waiting for you.
  • Cheri Kids Collection: Little fashionistas, this one’s for you!
Techies & Gadget Lovers
  • Singtel Exclusive Retailer: Stay connected with the latest gadgets in style.
Pet Lovers
  • CatSmart: Your feline friend deserves a treat!

2. Learning Enrichment, Hobbies & Lifestyle

A person’s mind resembles a garden. When you tend to it, take care of it; it blooms.

Thus, it’s understandable that you seek the best means to nurture your knowledge in the best way possible. It’s the same with how hobbies and lifestyle affect one cognitive enrichment. 

So, Loyang Point knows how to assist you in cultivating it with places that educate and invigorate the spirit, too.

Art & Craft
  • Art Room by Studio Tovey: Dive into the art world and let your creativity fly.
  • Ossia Music School: From Beethoven to BTS, explore the wonders of music.
Sports & Fitness
  • Taekwondonomics: Pack a punch and get fit all in one!
Reading & Language
  • Reading Excellence Pte Ltd: Elevate your reading game and immerse yourself in literary wonders.
  • Kinderland Preschool: Where your munchkins start their learning journey with a smile.

3. Dining In

Now, what’s next on the agenda after you’ve shopped and perhaps worked up a bit of an appetite with all that learning enrichment or vice versa? Say it – Makan time! Many people take food seriously, and this mall has plenty to delight. 

Think about it: What can turn a drab day into a fab one? A plate of deliciousness, of course. You do not need to jet off to Michelin-starred restaurants every time; sometimes, the heart and tummy just want good old comfort food.

For many dining selections, this mall delivers, every day is a gourmet expedition waiting to happen.

Fast Food Flavours
  • Subway: For when you want to feel healthier.
  • Burger King: Whopper of a meal, anyone?
  • McDonald’s: The golden archers always deliver.
  • Yoshinoya (S) Pte Ltd: That beef bowl is pure love.
Local Feast
  • Koufu Pte Ltd: A symphony of local flavours in one place.
  • Toast Box: Thick toast, soft-boiled eggs, and a cuppa. Heaven!
  • Master Ye Duck Rice: Quack-tastic! Ask everyone!
  • Top Corner Western Food: East Meets West in each bite.
International Stellar
  • Tenderfresh Pasta & Broiler: Pasta la vista, baby!
  • Happy Thai Food: Spice up your life the Thai way.
  • Fei Ji Claypot: Nothing like a clay pot to warm the soul.
  • 101 Thai Cuisine Mookata: Grill, dip, and enjoy! It’s a Thai thing.
  • Tasty Work (Kuali Wangi): Stirring up flavours from around the globe.
Fast Munch & Beverages
  • LiHO Tea: Boba lovers, rejoice!
  • Tabuk: Middle Eastern marvels in a bite.
  • Sweet Talk: Conversations are sweeter with a drink in hand.
  • Bake Inc: Freshly baked goodness every day.
  • All Family Food Court: Everyone’s favourites, all under one roof.
  • ‘Makan Lah!’: As the name suggests, just eat!

4. Grocery Bonanza, Home Goods and Reliable Services 

Have you ever had that moment when you’re all set to whip up a quick dinner, but alas, you’ve run out of garlic? Or that time you wanted to hang a new photo frame, but where did all the nails go? Enter Loyang Point, your one-stop shop for those quick fixes.

This mall has your back when it’s about filling your pantry, decking out your space, or even ticking off your to-do list. Here’s how this mall truly shines:

Groceries and Home Goods
  • Sheng Siong Supermarket
  • MR.DIY
  • Giant
Essential Services
  • Lens Vision – Optical City
  • Ohana Vetcare
  • SingPost Posting Box
  • Singapore Pools

5. Hair, Beauty, Personal & Healthcare 

Ah, self-care goes beyond trends but a lifestyle. It transcends fancy creams and serums. It’s that trip to the hairdresser, much-needed massage, or that routine check-up. This mall gets it and understands the need to look and feel your best, inside and out. 

Here are the beauty spots which cater to every aspect of personal care:

Hair & Beauty
  • De Beauty Hub
  • Candace Unisex Beauty & Hair Saloon
  • Frontrow Helen Beauty Product
  • Beethoven Hairxperts
Personal & Healthcare
  • OneCare Medical
  • The Hearing Centre

Getting to Loyang Point

Imagine this: You have made big plans for the day, everything’s chalked out, outfits are picked, and you get lost. There goes your mojo!

Knowing directions is not for the map nerds; it’s for everyone aiming for a happy and smooth day. And if this mall is on your to-do list, there are some details for you to get there in style and with ease.

Here are your means to reach your destination:

  • Alight at Pasir Ris MRT station; from there, it’s only a few steps away! If you feel sporty, you could opt for a short bus ride or even a walk.
  • There are several buses ply to Loyang Point. Look for buses numbered 3, 12, 109, 5, 39, 81, 59, and 518.
  • There’s ample parking at Loyang Point. Just plug in the address on your GPS, and you will be directed to their spacious parking lot.
  • Simply mention “Loyang Point” to the friendly driver, and you are off! No fuss, no muss.
  • For the eco-warriors, cycling paths lead right to the mall. Remember to lock up your bikes securely.

Tips for Maximising Loyang Point

Are you stepping into Loyang Point without a game plan? Oh, come now! You wouldn’t dive into a pool without checking the temperature, would you?

Here’s your checklist to ensure you squeeze out every drop of fun from this shopping paradise.

  1. Shop during off-peak hours. Not only will you avoid the crowd, but you might also snatch up some morning deals.
  2. Download the Loyang Point app. It’s like having a personal mall assistant. Plus, exclusive deals? Yes, please!
  3. It sounds essential to wear comfy shoes, that’s why you should. With so much to explore, you do not want your feet to give up on you.
  4. Carry a water bottle because all that shopping can be thirsty work.
  5. Opt for a cross-body bag or a backpack. It keeps your hands free for more shopping!

Need More Cash for Loyang Point?

What a day! Loyang Point is truly a marvel to experience, right? There’s much to bag, from swanky new outfits to chic decor.

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