5 Things to Do in Katong Shopping Centre Singapore

Ah, Katong Shopping Centre! Do you remember your childhood when your mum dragged you to this mall for those tailor-made baju kurungs or the occasional shoe-shopping bonanza? 

It’s genuinely a mall that has a place rooted deep in Singaporean history and memories; this building has been a part of every Singaporean’s and even every tourist’s lives for decades. But wait a second! 

Before you dismiss it as another old mall, it’s time to spill the beans on some of the hidden gems you may have missed first. Are you ready to rediscover Katong like never before? Then take that step now, lah!

About Katong Shopping Centre Singapore


So, first things first: The deets! With Katong Shopping Centre, there’s an immediate sense of being transported back in time. 

Why, you ask? It is the granddaddy of malls in Singapore! Since its establishment in 1973, it’s been the local’s go-to hub. The name “Katong” resonates with the Little Red Dot citizens, reminiscent of the area’s rich Peranakan heritage, delicious laksa, and nostalgic vibes.  

Here’s a glance at what you require to know:

Address865 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore 437844
Operating HoursOpen between 11 AM and 7 PM from Monday to Sunday.
Contact Number+65 6345 0322
Official Website http://katongshoppingcentre.com/
Best ServicesTop-notch tailoring to those hard-to-find speciality shops. There’s a bit of everything!

1. Shopping and Lifestyle in Katong Shopping Centre

shopping-and-lifestyle in-katong-shopping-centre

Alamak! With so many shops, where do you even start? Whether you are a true-blue fashionista or desperately need a new handbag, Katong Shopping Centre will be at your service. 

Okay, you’re feeling excited! That’s understandable enough. But you should not dive in without a plan, okay? Shopping may be an excellent retail therapy; science says it’s good for the soul and your heart; either way, it’s beneficial!

So, what’s the secret sauce that keeps shoppers coming back? It might just be the diverse range of speciality shops:

Fashion & Tailoring
  • Sybelle Fashion
  • Yen Collection
  • Kizo Collection
  • Italian Trend
  • Veronica Fashion
  • Gala Garment Pte Ltd
  • Zuya Trading Co.
  • Lee Boutique
  • Uptrend Design
  • Elounge Fashion
  • Narita Dressmaker
  • Immanuel Fashion
  • Superfine Bridal Salon & Studio
  • Johnson Uniform & Trading Co.
  • Serpico Fashion House
  • High Fashion Tailor
  • Saints Gents Tailor
  • Marksman Tailor
  • Advance Tailor
  • Topman Fashion Tailoring
  • Wee Ping Tailor
  • Herren Fashion House
  • Yong Fashion Design
Accessories & Jewellery
  • Leng Goldsmiths & Jewellers
  • Yoong Fatt Goldsmith & Jewellery
Department Stores & General Goods
  • United Dept Store
  • Saint Textiles
  • Katong Textiles Pte Ltd
  • RCD Trading
  • Nanyang Store
  • Textiles
  • Shining Handbag Centre
Tech & Electronics
  • Vartronics (S) Pte Ltd
  • SLC Computer Services
  • Gin Kee Electrical Co.
  • AL Mobilelink
Florists & Decor
  • Violet’s Florists
  • Passion Florists
  • Popular Philatelic Agency

These are only a few and skimming the surface!

2. Enriching Education and Entertainment In Katong Shopping Centre


One might think, “Katong Shopping Centre is only good for shopping lah.” But wait, because to be wiser, you should not put your eggs all in one basket. That’s precisely what this mall has done. 

It’s the place that does not simply focus on the latest fashion finds or those adorable shoes you’ve been eyeing. As you dive deeper, you will uncover rewards for educational and entertainment treasures.

Here are the places where you and the ones you love can enrich their education:

Education Centres
  • Educare4U Pte Ltd: It’s a holistic education hub for all ages. Think maths can be a bore? Not here!
  • Olour-Vision Learning Centre: Delivering a colourful approach to studies. Because black and white textbooks are so yesterday.
  • Amalgamated Technical School: Where technical knowledge meets practical application. Genius in the making? It’s the place!
Entertainment Spots
  • Teo Heng Karaoke Music Centre (KTV): Unleash your inner Beyonce because everyone needs a little song in your life.
  • Teo Heng Trading Pte Ltd (Karaoke): Another karaoke sanctuary for those who cannot get enough of their voice.
  • Musicene Audio Pte Ltd: It’s the world of sound, and here you can elevate your audio experience.

3. Dining In Katong Shopping Centre


Have you ever heard the saying, “A way to someone’s heart is through their stomach?” Well, in Katong Shopping Centre, they will take this quite literally. From quick munch to full-course meals, the place is an oasis for all foodies.

Now, listen up! A splendid dining experience beats everything. And come on, everyone deserves to treat themselves to some tasty delights. Thankfully, Katong services them up heaps.

Quick Munch
  • Miki Snacks: Perfect for an on-the-go treat.
  • Heng Heng Snack Bar & Choon Heng Snack Bar: Snacks that remind you of your grandma’s kitchen.
  • Ho Ann Snack: Just when you thought you knew all about snacks.
Dining Delights
  • New Café: The name says it all. Fresh, innovative, and downright delicious.
  • Katong Gourmet Centre: For those who believe in fine dining without the hefty price tag.
  • Mei Fang (Chicken Rice): Arguably the best chicken rice in town. Don’t believe the talk? Try it!

Do not simply walk past these choices the next time you’re at this mall.

4. Professional Services, Employment and Agencies In Katong Shopping Centre


Picture this: A place where you can grab a pair of heels, munch on some chicken rice, and – wait for it – sort out your housing lease! Yeah, you read it right. Katong Shopping Centre isn’t the typical mall; it’s practically a one-stop hub for every essential service you need!

Property & Realty
  • Alsovec Property Network
  • Upland Realty
  • Management Pte Ltd
  • Ridgevale Property Pte Ltd
  • Hoe Soon Development Pte Ltd

It’s where you can make your property and home dreams into reality. 

Employment & Agencies
  • Paramous Maids Agency
  • Raymond Maids Agency
  • Faith Employment Agency
Other Essential Services
  • Gin Kee Electrical Co.
  • Kew Lights
  • Aroma Stationers
  • Dowell Photocopy Service
  • Mitaka Printing & Photocopy

5. Beauty, Wellness, and Healthcare In Katong Shopping Centre


If the eyes are the soul’s window, give them the frame they deserve! At Katong Shopping Centre, beauty is not skin deep – it’s a journey from head to toe, inside and out. And while you’re at it, why shouldn’t a massage or health check-up be on the cards, too?

Here’s where you can take your time for self-care that’s an actual necessity:

Optical Services
  • Jamco Optical Co.
  • Southern Optical House
  • Sintat Optical House
  • Luster Optical House
Health & Dental
  • Glory Dental Surgery
  • Chan Family Clinic
  • Lin Feng Health Products
  • Foot Reflexology Centre
Beauty & Wellness
  • Best Foot Care
  • Bodicaire Therapy Circle
  • Silver Comb Hairdressing & Beauty Saloon
  • Jen-Fanny Unisex Salon
  • Millan Hairdressing Beauty Salon
  • Chris Salon De Beaute
  • PTC Hair N Beauty Workshop
  • Edral Beauty House
  • Flowwisimme Beauty Centre
  • Ayurvedic Life and Beauty
  • Viva Salon
  • Celestine Hair Studio Unisex

Getting to Katong Shopping Centre

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you’re all set to go out, outfit on point, and suddenly realise you don’t know the way? Yep, it’s as if Google Maps has failed you.

Knowing your routes is not only smart – it’s the key to reaching the promised land of shopping and services: Katong Shopping Centre!

  • The nearest MRT station is Dakota (CC8). Upon exiting, you can take a short bus ride to this mall.
  • Buses are a dime a dozen here. Critical bus services stopping near the centre include 12, 10, 14, 32, and 40. Just give the bell a ring when you spot the mall. 
  • Are you driving down? Use the postal code 437844 in your GPS for pinpoint accuracy. And remember, the early bird gets the best parking spot!

You can also take a ride-hailing or taxi service and walk or bike to this mall. All of which will lead to a breezy path.

Tips for Maximising Katong Shopping Centre

Have you ever had those moments when you “came out for one thing and returned with ten” moments? Who’s counting? To get the most out of your Katong adventures, here’s the lowdown:

  1. Start your journey early to dodge the crowds and snag those early bird deals.
  2. Begin from the top floor and work your way down. Organised shopping is smart shopping. 
  3. Check out those cafes and stalls. Remember, shopping is cardio. So, hydrate and snack up!
  4. Many shops have loyalty cards. Remember to ask for stamps or points.
  5. A pro tip from the seasoned shopaholic: only wear comfy shoes. Your feet will love you for it.
  6. List it out. Yes, it sounds tedious, but having a list can help focus your shopping time.

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