5 Things to Do in 888 Plaza Singapore

Wah, 888 Plaza! If you have been to Woodlands, you might have heard of this shopping gem.

Tucked strategically within the northern heartlands of Singapore, this mall has seen many Singaporeans coming and going, creating their memories and stories. Maybe you went there as a child for your favourite fishball noodles or moved to the neighbourhood.

Either way, this place has a unique charm that’s hard to resist. So, you might ask, “What’s all the fuss about?” Glad you asked!

Come on and discover the top five things to do at this mall. Are you ready to move forth on a little local adventure? Go on!

About 888 Plaza

Before you deep dive into your mini-adventure, here’s a cheeky trivia: Did you know that 888 is a lucky number for many Chinese cultures? 

Representing prosperity and good fortune, it’s no wonder this plaza attracts both the young and old. Established in 1996, this shopping centre has been the go-to spot for many residents around Admiralty and Woodlands.

So, you see, it’s beyond any mall; it’s a treasure trove of memories. Here are the details you need:

Address888 Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore 730888
Operating Hours24 Hours
Contact NumberN/A
Official Websitehttps://www.888plaza.net/
Best ServicesCustomer Service Desk, Lost & Found, Mall Directory

1. Shopping

Who does not love and enjoy a good shopping day? Especially at places where the variety meets value. At 888 Plaza, the shopping affair is like no other. 

From the thrill of snagging the best deals to finding that quirky item you did not know you needed, it’s all part of the charm. Shopping does not necessarily revolve around purchasing things but rewarding yourself after a long week or getting your necessities.

Here are the shops where you can attain value:

Daily Essentials & Groceries
  • Valu$
  • Radha Exports Pte Ltd (ValuDollar)
DIY & Home Solutions
  • Zener D.I.Y Store
  • H/S Hardware & Household Department Store
  • Siang Mu Furniture
  • Pet Lovers Centre
  • Game Addict
Cycling Enthusiasts
  • Elite Bike Trading
  • A-Express Photo Centre

2. Learning Enrichment

Beyond shopping, 888 Plaza also provides for its visitors’ enrichment and holistic needs. Whether sharpening the mind or honing a new skill, there’s something for everyone.

Here are your best learning enrichment choices:

  • Champkid’s Academy Pte Ltd: Specialising in many courses to boost your child’s potential. From Math to Science, they’ve got it all.
  • Star Learners Pte Ltd: This place is not simply about textbook knowledge; they go the extra mile to ensure holistic learning for your little ones.

3. Dining In

Okay, you’ve covered shopping and learning, but what about makan? After all, everyone loves food, especially Singaporeans, right? At 888 Plaza, prepare to be spoilt for choice.

Besides, when it comes to dining, taking it for granted is like leaving your umbrella at home on a rainy day – it just does not make sense. From a quick munch to a full-blown feast, this plaza has an array of tempting options that’ll make your taste buds thank you.

Eating is not simply filling up your belly but an artful affair, a burst of flavours dancing on the tongue. And in this arena, this shopping centre stands tall. 

Here’s where you can attain the best culinary journey:

Local Delights & Coffee Shops
  • Amigo’s
  • Shun Li Mixed Vegetable Rice & Porridge
  • 888 Kopitiam Pte Ltd
  • 888 Eating House
Seafood & Specialities
  • Wang Xing Seafood
  • Soon Heng BBQ 顺兴烧烤
Western & Fusion
  • Tea Time
  • Western Food
  • KFC
Bakeries & Sweets
  • Hong Chen Bakery
  • Swee Heng Bakery
  • Ethereal Bakehouse
  • Moon River Cake Shop
  • Likyo Confectionery
Internation Cuisine
  • Taj Indian Food
  • Kimly Handmade Tim Sum
Hawker Centre & More
  • Wan Shun Foodcourt

4. Convenience and Reliable Services

Life’s about convenience, especially when you rush or juggle multiple tasks. And in Singapore’s busyness, who does not appreciate a one-stop centre where you can get everything done?

Enter the 888 Plaza, a two-storey shopping centre – where convenience meets quality. From home essentials to essential services. It’s the plaza that guarantees that every little thing you require is only a stone’s throw away.

So, imagine, amid your hectic day, being able to grab your groceries, withdraw some cash, and even get your favoured outfit cleaned – all under the same roof! And here’s a lowdown of the go-to spots in the plaza:

  • NTUC FairPrice
  • Manjari Mini Mart Pte Ltd
Banking & Services
  • Singapore Pools
  • 7-Eleven
Cleaning & Laundries
  • Dobi Express Woodlands 888 Plaza
  • Flexi Laundry Service
Home Improvements
  • Nippon Paint
Interior Design
  • I.D. Note Design & Build
Maid & Employment Services
  • Budget Maid Agency – Woodlands
  • Budget Employment Service Centre
Pawn & Trade
  • Joo Chong Pawnshop Pte Ltd
  • Pod Contact Communication

5. Hair, Beauty, Personal & Healthcare

Have you ever walked past a mirror and thought, “Eh, who’s that dashing individual?” Only to realise it’s you! That feeling is priceless, and at this shopping centre, you won’t only shop for products; you are investing in a better version of yourself.

In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of your external appearance is not mere vanity; it’s self-confidence and wellness. Beyond looking good, it’s about feeling fantastic inside out.

Personal care boosts mental well-being, and who can put a price on feeling fabulous? Here’s where to go:

For Your Crowning Glory
  • Viva Hair Studio
  • Sizzler Hairdressing Professional Hair Salon
  • Mei Tai Wan Unisex Hairdressing & Beauty Saloon
For That Fresh-Faced Glow
  • Dolish Body Face Eyebrow
  • Perfect Cut Beauty & Nails
Eyecare and Sight
  • Tampines Optical and Contact Lens Centre Pte Ltd
  • Wandee Optics
Health & Wellness
  • Victoria Medical House
  • 888 Plaza Family Clinic
  • Massagez Kaki Wellness
  • Wandee Foot Reflexology
  • Guan Ann Tong Bird’s Nest Medical Hall
Essentials & More
  • Guardian Health & Beauty

Getting to 888 Plaza

Everyone knows the pain and problems of getting lost. Those extra minutes to determine which way to go can test your patience.

Nobody wants to wander around aimlessly when you could be shopping or grabbing a plate of your favourite hawker food, meet friends, or enjoy a family date. So, you need to get straight to it – how do you get to this shopping centre without a hitch?

  • The closest station is Woodlands MRT. You can take a short bus ride to the plaza from there.
  • Multiple buses like 900, 951E, and NR2. Alight at the bus stop B46691. Just keep an ear out for “Woodlands Ave 9!”
  • You can use the CTE SLE and take the Woodlands Ave exit if you drive. There’s ample parking space, so do not stress about finding a spot.
  • Mention “888 Plaza at Woodlands” to the uncle or auntie; they’ll know where to take you.

Tips for Maximising 888 Plaza

You see, shopping malls like this resemble a treasure hunt. If you know where to look, you find gold.

So, here are some savvy tips:

  1. Weekends can get crowded. Try visiting on weekday mornings.
  2. Before diving in, spend a minute with the directory. It’ll help you strategise your visit.
  3. Use the plaza’s free Wi-Fi. This way, you can look up any promos or deals in real time.
  4. Are you hungry? Peak meal times can mean longer queues. Time your meals a bit earlier or later than usual for quicker service.
  5. Many shops have loyalty programs. Sign up, and you might snag some exclusive deals.

Need More Cash for 888 Plaza?

Wrapping up your adventure at 888 Plaza and realise you have gone over budget? Hey, it happens to the best of everyone. Especially with all those irresistible deals and that food! But what if you didn’t have to end the spree?

Imagine a solution right around the corner. It’s us, Accredit Licensed Money Lender, offering personal loans with minimal fuss. Why cut short your plaza experience when an easy solution is at hand?

So, do you need that slight financial boost? Apply now with us and keep the fun times rolling because every moment at 888 Plaza should be nothing short of fantastic!

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