4 Things to Do in Elias Mall Singapore

The glitzy, grand malls might first appear when one thinks of Singapore’s shining jewels of retail therapy. But there’s an understated charm in the quaint and cosy places like Elias Mall Singapore.

It is not another straightforward retail playground located strategically and cosily within the Pasir Ris’ heart. It’s, in truth, a beloved and cherished community hub.

So, are you ready for a slice or four of this local shopping pie? Read more below to get you started!

About Elias Mall Singapore

Elias Mall is not only a sparkling building on the block. It is a mesh of stories, memories, and countless shopping bags. Established in early 1995, the mall has seen families grow, trends change, and numerous satisfied shoppers walk its corridors.

As the mall has grown over the years, it has not only expanded its retail footprint. Still, it has also incorporated eco-friendly initiatives, affirming that it remains a sustainable part of the community. It’s where memories are made, stories are shared, and communities thrive.

Find out the essential details for this smaller yet tad cosier mall:

Address623 Elias Road, Singapore 510623
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours
Contact Number+65 6582 9767
Official Website https://www.eliasmall.com/
Best ServicesBasic Necessities

1. Shopping

It’s time to address the wise shopaholic in you. At this mall, you are not simply buying things. Oh no, you aren’t.

You are collecting stories. A faithful shopper’s anecdote with the bonus of dopamine! From fashion finds to home treasures, every corner promises a find you would proudly brag about.

Here’s a quick peek at the mall’s shelves:

For the Fashion Forward
  • Jun Xiang: Forget all about those fashion faux pas. Get into the actual fashion scope that will have heads turning.
Quirk Up Your Nest
  • Japan Home: Where function meets fabulous. Every item you purchase here will add that much-proposed touch of ‘wow’ your home deserves.

2. Not Only Shops, and is a Life Saver!

Shopping is fun, that’s a fact. But sometimes, you would yearn beyond it. The Elias Mall transforms to become the mall in shining armour, especially when you need that late-night ice cream fix or that elusive utility bill payment.

Trust science: Having everything under one roof is not lazy; it is the supreme efficiency.

So, here’s how this mall makes your life much easier:

Grocery Galore
  • U Stars Supermarket: Do you have plans to sort your pantry? Don’t worry, at this supermarket, you can have gourmet to everyday selections.
  • Sheng Siong Supermarket: Budget-friendly and vast, it is a wonderland for grocery geeks.
Essentials & Beyond
  • DBS ATM & SAM: Cash or card, they’re at your service.
  • United Home Employment Agency Pte. Ltd.: For when your home needs another pair of hands.
  • Wonder Wash: Because your clothes deserve a spa day, too!
  • AXS Stations: Bills, tickets, and more. No more hunting around the town.
  • SPH Buzz: Snacks and scoops, all under one roof.
For the Furry Companions
  • Pet-Zotic: From pampering to pet food, they’ve got tails wagging.

3. Culinary Carousel

After all that shopping and errands, you need to hold on to your taste buds because the gastronomic experience that awaits you in this mall is enough to make a foodie like yourself dizzy with delight! Just when you thought Elias was all about shopping and services, it serves you various savoury flavours that promise a bellyful of satisfaction. Here, dining is not merely an afterthought but an experience worth savouring. 

As you would have guessed it, every meal is a story waiting to unfold on your plate. And at this mall, there’s a narrative for every craving.

Beyond satiating hunger, dining – especially when done right – can sprinkle a touch of magic on any ordinary day. Whether you are out to celebrate or need a good meal, here’s the mall with the culinary spectacle that delivers a day worth remembering.

What’s on the menu:

For the Asian Palate
  • My Little Coconut
  • 623 Elias Wanton Mee
  • Ju Fu Yuan Vegetarian
  • Meng Long Pao Fan La Mian
  • Hup Lee Bee Hoon
  • He Jia Huan Ban Mian
  • 喜庆海鲜小厨 Seafood
The Global Gourmet
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • West Grill Station
  • Popular Food Japanese & Korean Speciality
  • Wendy’s Kitchen
Comfort Bowls & Quick Bites
  • Wu Fu Fishball Noodles
  • King Grouper Fish Soup
  • Coffee United
  • De Sinn Chicken Rice at Pasir Ris
  • King of Fried Rice
  • Xing Le Xing Hainanese Chicken Rice
Swift Snacks & Sips
  • Drinks Stall
  • Ming Hui Roasted Delights
  • Jamira Indian Muslim Food
  • Seri Serai Malay Rice
  • Da Cheng: Mixed Rice and Porridge

4. Pamper Time

After indulging your tastebuds, it’s high time to give the same TLC to your locks, looks, and limbs! This mall is more than just playing around regarding grooming and wellness.

There’s more to beauty and wellness than merely looking good in selfies. Science shows that taking care of your appearance and health boosts self-esteem, reduces stress, and promotes a positive outlook.

Plus, when you feel good, it radiates on you. So, here are your top hair, beauty, and wellness choices you can choose from:

Locks to Love
  • E-Jean Hair Beauty and Design
  • The Roots Unisex Hair Salon Pte Ltd
For that Healthy Glow
  • Dr Belter
  • Wellness de beauty
Feet First
  • Donglin Foot Reflexology
Healthcare Heroes
  • Kidneycare Dialysis Centre
  • Yen Dental Surgery Pte Ltd

The Savvy Shopper’s Travel Guide to Elias Mall

Don’t you hate it when dressed to impress, but your GPS wants to play hide and seek? Thankfully, Elias Mall is not pulling any tricks.

Here’s your foolproof guide to making a beeline straight to retail paradise:

  • Board the East-West line and alight at Pasir Ris (EW1). A 10-minute walk, and voila!
  • Service numbers NR7, 358, 58, 359, and 518 will usher you to the mall’s doorstep.
  • Type in “Elias Mall, Singapore” on your GPS. Follow the celestial voice from above or the GPS. For the tech-less, head towards Pasir Ris Drive 1.
Taxi & Ride-Shares
  • Mention “Elias Mall” and enjoy the ride. Remember, backseat karaoke is optional!

Maxing Out Elias Mall

You know that rush when you score the last piece of that limited-edition item? Or when you snag the perfect table at those cafes everyone raves about? Make sure you feel that every time with these tips:

  1. Weekend morning shopping often means first dibs on new arrivals.
  2. Join the mall’s exclusive rewards program. Points, discounts, early-bird sale alerts! It’s like being part of an exclusive club.
  3. Found a space to relax? Recharge, yes, that means both you and your phone. There are charging stations around; keep an eye out!
  4. Still trying to figure out where something is? Mall information is your best buddy. They’ve got maps, store directories, and that ever-elusive Wi-Fi password.

Ooopps, Cashed Out at Elias? You’ve Got a Plan B Here!

If your wallet’s giving you the silent treatment after a spectacular spree, do not pout. Elias Mall might have dazzled you, but there is a terrific way to ensure your sparkle right back!

For the closest cash fix, there are ATMs spread throughout. But what if you need more than a cash withdrawal?

If so, you have the Accredit Licensed Money Lender at the nearest branch of your services. Located only a few hops, skips, and jumps away. If you need a trusty backup for those ‘oops, I did it again’ moments, with personal loans made easy, secure, fast, and no judgy looks, promise!

You may require that extra purchase or are planning another visit soon; click here to apply for a loan and discover what else you can purchase now!

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