4 Things to Do in Duo Galleria Singapore

Ah, Duo Galleria Singapore! Its structural beauty has no boundaries.

With its elegance and magnificence, it’s like that jigsaw puzzle perfectly fitting Singapore’s hectic yet vibrant cityscape. Bursting at the seams with culture, glamour, and excitement, it isn’t a simple and ordinary mall.

So, the time is now! Unfold the four fabulous things you can do in this mall and see what the buzz is all about!

About DUO Galleria Singapore

As a shopper, many things must be kept popping into your head. Among the thoughts that came to mind was probably wondering, “What’s so special about DUO Galleria?” Well, folks, strap in for a joyride through Singapore’s retail heaven. 

Established only a few years ago, the mall quickly rose to prominence. It became a landmark on every savvy shopper’s map. It’s breathtaking to everyone’s eyes, an authentic boutique retail plaza with the famed Ophir-Rochor strategically complementing the Marina Bay and Raffles Place business districts.

Its architectural design whispers a blend of modern elegance, while its array of stores makes it a shopper’s garden of Eden. You’ll find the Galleria and the Tower near one another. Thus, everyone seems to find a piece of themselves here, from the young teens to corporate honchos.

Here is a quick image of what you need to know:

Address7 Fraser Street Singapore 189356
Operating Hours10 AM to 10 PM
Contact Number+65 6386 6865
Official Websitehttps://duosingapore.com/
Top ServicesCustomer Desk, Concierge, Deals and Promotions

1. Shopping In DUO Galleria

Alright, shopping enthusiasts, it’s time to talk business. When you enter this shopping mall, your perceptions of it will change. 

You will realise that the shopping mall is more than its gleaming tiles or the shining lights. It’s about the euphoria of finding that perfect dress, stumbling upon that limited-edition watch, purchasing the best wine in town, or the satisfaction of bagging a good deal.

Now, for the part you have been waiting for – the stores! While this shopping mall houses numerous brands, both local and international, here’s a list of some stores that stand out:

  • The Social Space: If you are aiming for the best fashion choices, supreme homeware selections, and gifts, it’s the store you have to check out. They have a broad selection of products from local and international designers. 
  • Naiise: Are you searching for an exciting concept store? Then you have to visit this store. Here, you will find various products that local and international creators have created. They also offer workshops and events all year round.
  • 1885 The Bottle Shop: Have you been craving some wine time? You must purchase the best choices from this wine shop on days like this. The options are from all over the world. What’s more exciting is the number of wine-tasting events and classes!

Each shop has been carefully curated to ensure that visitors get a wide selection of picks, from the trendiest buys to timeless classics.

2. Dining In DUO Galleria

This shopping mall is a sight to behold for sure. It is a spot so iconic no one can ever resist its charms and offerings.

It is a culinary utopia, granting you the VIP table for that sumptuous palette of irresistible food selections.

Flavours to Savour

Food is not only for filling up your tummies; it’s an encounter to memorialise, an experience, a story on a plate, especially when the ambience sings harmoniously with the flavours. At this shopping mall, the plethora of food choices is simply divine:

Asian Delicacies:
  • A Poke Theory: Dive into the Hawaiian classics.
  • ChaoNiu Hot Pot: Warmth in a pot, the Chinese way.
  • Dosirak: A delightful taste of Korea.
  • Killiney: Singapore’s favourite breakfast spot.
  • Man Man Japanese Unagi: Authentic Japanese flavours.
  • Seroja: Indonesian goodness with every munch.
  • YEN Social Yakiniku: Grilled perfection from Japan.
  • ZEST Taiwan Cafe: The Heart of Taiwan on your plate.
Western Charms:
  • SO France: Bringing the French gourmet occasion.
  • Fraser St. Brothers: Get the juiciest with bon vivant burgers and more. 
  • Joe & Dough: Sip, bite, relish, relax.
  • Pizza Express: A slice of Italian heaven.
  • St. Marc Bistro and Bar: A symphony of European dishes.
  • The Gong by Drinks & Co: Sip on curated drinks and munch on international bites.
Cafes & Quick Bites:
  • Kaizen Ryori JJ: Snappy and fresh seafood treats.
  • Kopi Place: Your local coffee spot.
  • Nana’s Green Tea: A touch of Japanese in your tea.
  • SaladStop!: Freshness in a bowl.

3. Entertainment In DUO Galleria

Step into this shopping mall, where the fun isn’t a mere option – it’s a guarantee.

The idea of entertainment is beyond just watching movies or playing games. It’s about creating new moments you’ll remember forever, cherishing them, and making memories. 

Here, fun isn’t a choice – it’s a mandate, such as:

Arts & Culture:
  • The Arts House: It’s the cultural centre that hosts a variety of art shows, performances, and workshops. You will enjoy various free events, such as film screenings and memorable talks.
  • LASALLE College of the Arts: The art school offers free gallery admission. They have several permanent displays, as well as temporary exhibits.
  • Singapore Art Museum: The museum shelters an assemblage of Southeast Asian art. 

Whether you are up for a solo venture or a day out with family and friends, there’s something for everyone.

4. Hair & Wellness In DUO Galleria

After all that excitement and indulgence, it’s time to give yourself the pampering you truly deserve.

Because You’re Worth It

Beauty and wellness aren’t mere hobbies; they’re actual necessities. It’s about loving yourself, giving your body the care it deserves, and feeling your best from:

  • Absolute Wellness: Where relaxation meets perfection.
  • Kaloe: It’s your time to go through the world of beauty treatments.
  • The Sloane Salon Pte Ltd: A haircut, a makeover, a new you.
  • The Company Store (by Estee Lauder): International beauty brands under one roof.
  • HAIR DE MAX: Because your hair deserves the best.

Getting to DUO Galleria Singapore

Ever thought about the thrill of unboxing a gift? That’s the sentiment when heading to this shopping mall in Singapore – a venture waiting to be unwrapped.

The Journey

So, affirming that you’ll get there quickly makes your trip as exhilarating as the destination. Depending on your starting point:

  • The most eco-friendly and quick option. Just hop on the Downtown Line and disembark at Bugis Station. A short walk, and you’re at DUO Galleria.
  • Several buses ply the route with stops near DUO Galleria. Check your local transit app for the speediest way.
  • If you prefer the comfort of your vehicle, there’s abundant parking available. Remember to check out early-bird parking deals!

Pro Tips to Maximize Your DUO Galleria Experience

Imagine turning up to a grand buffet without a game plan. DUO Galleria is such a spread, so prep up for a full plate!

DUO Galleria 101

To affirm you don’t miss out on anything:

  • Check out the mall directory online. This way, you know where to head out first.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, because there’s plenty to explore.
  • Arrive early, especially on weekends, to beat the crowds.
  • With all that shopping, keep a water bottle handy.
  • Some stores have apps offering exclusive deals. It’s worth a quick download!

Need more Cash at DUO Galleria Singapore?

After a day at DUO Galleria Singapore, with its broad selection of shops and tempting eateries, you might have needed more time with expenses. And who could blame you? The captivation of the mall is undeniable. 

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