4 Things to Do in Bugis Cube Singapore

Ah, Bugis Cube – not just another square in the game of malls in Singapore! This shopping oasis has long charmed locals and tourists in the heart of bustling Bugis.  It’s an actual trendy spot that every auntie, uncle, hipster, and student seems to know about. 

Located a few steps from the teeming Bugis Street, the mall is a modern counterpart to the traditional charms of the surrounding area. 

You may have walked past it a couple of times, maybe even snapped a selfie in front of its striking exterior. But are you wondering about the treasures that lie within? Put on your best shopping shoes, grab a mate, and go on an unforgettable trip through this mall’s corridors.

About Bugis Cube Singapore

Now, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Bugis Cube was not always the vibrant mall it is today. Before it became the hipster hangout everyone knew and loved, the shopping centre had an intriguing history that dates back years.

This mall might not be the most prominent and tallest in town, but it does pack a punch! Since its establishment in 2013, it’s become the beacon and evidence of the island city’s love for diverse shopping ventures. 

With a history shorter than some of its peers, this mall has quickly captured the hearts of the shoppers. It continues to become an iconic spot for every eager mall-goer.

Here’s what you require about the mall at a glance:

Address470 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188735
Operating HoursOpen Mondays to Sundays between 10 AM and 10 PM.
Contact Number65 6338 8331
Best ServicesKaraoke and Dining

1. Entertainment in Bugis Cube

You agree that shopping is exhilarating, but sometimes you cannot help but look for additional malling oomph, right? Something more than just retail therapy? Enter the world of entertainment in Bugis Cube.

Believe it or not, the science bit is clear: A dash of entertainment sprinkled into your daily routine can significantly boost your mood. It’s like the secret sauce to a more triumphant life. And what better place to unleash your inner diva than at the HaveFun Karaoke in this mall?

What can you expect from this place?

  • Vast Song Selections
  • Private Rooms
  • Tech-Savvy Equipment

Whether you are into the latest hits or golden oldies, they’ve got it all here. You can now sing your heart out without judgment.

2. Dining In Bugis Cube

It’s the perfect moment to talk tummy treasures, isn’t it? After flexing those vocal cords at HaveFun Karaoke, you are bound to have worked up quite an appetite. And when hunger strikes at Bugis Cube, it does not merely whisper; it roars!

Any epic day requires some equally epic eats. From the fragrant wafts of spices to the sizzling sounds of grills, at this mall, you will receive an array of restaurant selections that dance around your palette, making every meal memorable.

The Gastronomic Guide:

HUSK Nasi Lemak
  • Cuisine: Traditional Nasi Lemak with a twist.
  • Must-Try: Their signature coconut-infused rice with crispy fried chicken.
Bugis BBQ and Hotspot 武古士烤涮
  • Cuisine: BBQ and Hot Pot.
  • Must-Try: Freshly grilled meats and many soup bases to choose from.
Jiu Gong Ge Hot Pot 九宫格火锅
  • Cuisine: Traditional Hot Pot.
  • Must-Try: Their spicy mala broth paired with tender beef slices.
 Wah Kungfu 蛙功夫
  • Cuisine: Frog Porridge and more.
  • Must-Try: Claypot Frog Porridge with their signature spicy sauce.

You will always have your fill here. In truth, your soul will feel full from the satisfying tastes this mall has to deliver.

3. Hair, Beauty & Spa Bonanza in Bugis Cube

From dazzling dining, you have to shift gears to dapper and de-stressing! Every mall day deserves a dash of self-care. Whether adding a bounce to your tresses or unwinding those knotted muscles, this mall is the pit stop to pamper yourself.

It’s scientifically proven: looking good makes us feel good. Caring for your body and hair is not about being vain; it’s about wellness. Serotonin, the happiness hormone, spikes when you feel content with your appearance.

So, it’s a no-brainer why beauty and wellness establishments have become an essential part of modern shopping termini.

The Sanctuary Spaces:

V.E Hair Salon
  • Services: Haircuts, Colouring, and Perming.
  • Notable Mention: Their expert stylists and top-notch hair treatments.
Haven Spa
  • Services: Massages, Facials, and Reflexology.
  • Notable Mention: Signature relaxation massages that melt the stress away.
Hair Space Salon
  • Services: Haircuts, Treatments, and Scald therapies.
  • Notable Mention: Personalised hair treatments tailored to your needs.
#teyelash – Bugis
  • Services: Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifts.
  • Notable Mention: Natural-looking lash extensions that last.

So, the next time you’re in the vicinity, remember an adventure of sights and salon sensations awaits you here.

4. Global Consulting in Bugis Cube

Thus, here’s the path of transitioning from the frivolous fun of shopping and dining; it’s the right moment to touch on the somewhat unexpected offering at this mall: Professional services, particularly global consulting. You see, snuggled among the colourful stores lies a corner that means serious business.

It’s unconventional but incredibly genius. A mall is more than just a space for shopping or grabbing a bite. It’s about convenience. 

And what’s more convenient than having a top-notch global consultancy like Global Link Asia Consulting right where you shop?

Global Link Asia Consulting is a beacon for all budding businesspersons and enterprises seeking expert advice, specialising in advising on company setups across ten countries, including the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Getting to Bugis Cube:

In this busy and teeming city lives, time is of the essence. No one fancies being lost or getting late, especially when there’s malling to do! So, how do you get to the hive of excitement known as Bugis Cube without missing a beat? Read on below!

  • The most straightforward way? Hop on the MRT and return to Bugis MRT Station (EW12/DT14). A breezy walk from the station will bring you to the mall’s entrance.
  • If you enjoy scenic routes, various buses will get you there. Simply alight near Bugis Junction and saunter across.
  • With GPS today, it’s a cakewalk. Key in ‘Bugis Cube’ and voila! Remember, weekends can be crowded, so aim for those early-bird parking spots.
  • Just tell the friendly uncle or auntie to head to Bugis Cube. They know the drill.

If you are feeling adventurous, rent a bike, put on those rollerblades or simply walk. After all, this mall is centrally located, making it a pleasant destination from multiple points in the city.

Maximise Bugis Cube The Right Way

Everyone loves pro tips, ensuring your trip to Bugis Cube is legendary. Here’s how you can maximise your time in this beloved mall:

  1. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the best deals! Or at least, a great parking spot.
  2. Wear those comfortable shoes because it will be a shop-hopping marathon, not a sprint!
  3. Have you got some shops in mind? Plot them out so you don’t miss a thing.
  4. Be mindful of your body. All that shopping can be exhausting. Grab a drink now and then.
  5. The mall staff know their turf. Feel free to ask for recommendations or directions.

Need More Cash for Bugis Cube?

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