Where to Get a Personal Loan Fast in Singapore?

Life’s unexpected emergencies, from medical bills to car repairs, often leave us in need of extra cash. But have no fear! A personal loan offers the perfect solution for those who require immediate funding. And in this article, you’ll discover a curated list of personal loans in Singapore that boast quick loan approval and speedy cash disbursement.

Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to the peace of mind that comes with fast personal loans in Singapore.

How do I quickly get a personal loan in Singapore?

The time you spend applying for a personal loan towards receiving the cash might take some time. So to cut this short, here are the following factors to get your loan fast:

#1 Make sure you have an excellent credit score 
Your credit score is the first thing a lender will examine, so make sure it’s excellent. If your credit score falls within the range of 1911 to 2000, your chances of a quick loan approval skyrocket. A good credit score conveys financial stability and the ability to repay debt.

#2 Submit your loan application one at a time 
Applying for loans from multiple banks at the same time could slow down the process. Each bank will request your credit report, resulting in multiple inquiries on your file. Opt for submitting one loan application at a time and avoid hindering your loan approval speed.

#3 Quick loan approval with SingPass MyInfo
To have a smooth process of getting a personal loan, you can start by filling up the details in SingPass MyInfo. In doing so, the bank can easily get the information needed for your loan application, which will definitely save you loads of time. 

#4 Check the time it takes to acquire cash
When you need cash fast, be sure to review each lender’s offer and focus on the time it takes for them to provide cash disbursement. To receive funds immediately, consider opening a bank account with the lender where you applied for a loan. This way, you’ll receive the money the next business day once your loan gets approved.

Where in Singapore can you secure a personal loan fast?


Banks in Singapore offer personal loans with competitive interest rates and a relatively simple application process. Many banks allow you to apply for a loan online, making the path to funding even smoother. Simply provide proof of income and meet the bank’s criteria, and your loan application can be approved in no time. And, once approved, you can expect the funds to be promptly deposited into your account.

Licensed Moneylenders

If you’re in a rush to get a personal loan, licensed moneylenders may be a good option. They offer loans with quicker disbursal times and less stringent eligibility criteria than banks. However, the tradeoff is higher interest rates. Be sure to work with a reputable licensed moneylender to avoid loan sharks.

Singapore Personal Loans: A Comparison of Approval and Cash Disbursement Speeds

Here is a list of the finest providers of personal loans in the market, known for their exceptional speed in loan approval and prompt cash disbursement. Give some thought to each potential choice before making a final decision.

Personal LoanLoan Approval / Cash Disbursement 
Accredit Personal LoanSame-day loan approval and cash disbursement 
HSBC Personal Loan1-minute approval & 3 to 5 business days for cash disbursement 
Standard Chartered CashOne Personal Loan15-minute loan approval 
CIMB CashLite Personal LoanUp to 10 working days of approval & instant cash disbursement
UOB Personal LoanInstant loan approval and cash disbursement for existing UOB customers 
DBS/POSB Personal LoanInstant loan approval and cash disbursement for DBS & POSB credit card/line of credit customers
Citi Quick Cash LoanSame-day loan approval and quick cash disbursement for existing Citibank customers
OCBC Personal Loan Instant loan approval and cash disbursement for existing OCBC customers


In times of unforeseen circumstances, it’s imperative to secure the right personal loan that meets your requirements. You may find solace in the HSBC Personal Loan and the Standard Chartered CashOne Personal Loan, both offering quick loan approval and cash disbursement.

In the event that you are ineligible for these loans, turning to licensed moneylenders such as Accredit can be a game-changer. Accredit specializes in prompt loan approval and disbursement, making it an ideal solution for Singaporeans in urgent need of financial aid. Don’t let financial difficulties hold you back.

Take charge of your finances today and apply for personal loans in Singapore with Accredit.

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